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  1. amiibo (NFC)

    I've been staring at that Mega yarn Yoshi amiibo on and off for the most part of the day. The sheer temptation to just pre-order it is insane. Those things are going to just fly off the shelves, especially with Christmas just around the corner. That's also the issue money wise! *sighs* The struggle is real.
  2. Nintendo Badge Arcade (eShop)

    :P It's ok...I've had plenty of crane grabbing experience. I can help you out to get that Grumpig... Just don't judge me on how much I'll end up spending on Badge arcade myself! .__. You know me, take me to an arcade with crane grabbers and I'll be at them for ages.
  3. Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow (3DS Virtual Console)

    LOL! Well it's true I actually do prefer Blastoise to Charizard! Heck I'm not gonna lie... I even prefer Mega Blastoise then and mega Charizard! That goatee is just too amazing! XD It's too true...every pair of siblings/friends did that to get all the starters. Are you going to be the one to get Yellow? Or do you think that we're all gonna fall into temptation and buy it? D8 Hey! some funky stuff happened! It's not just me! It's sorted now though and now everyone knows that my gender is mareep! * ^ * PMD is AMAZING...not just "quite good"!
  4. Nintendo Badge Arcade (eShop)

    @RedShell 8D Why thank you VERY much! XD My brother and cousin have mentioned you several times! I also witnessed the shenanigans of the Mario kart weekly tournaments on several occasions! Psst I have to agree with you about the loading times being far too long
  5. Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow (3DS Virtual Console)

    ^_^ Yeah they're the same game for the most part at least! XD That's true! In the end it's just convenient to have both games int the same house...That and it's handy for Glen since one of us will have the game he's missing! It's always fun to have someone to play with and compare. When ORAS came out Glen and I played through it with a team of Pokemon we wouldn't normally use. It was actually really fun. I had no idea what I was going to be stuck with, and since we both took on the challenge it gave the game a different feel. Even though he's recently moved out there's still wifi too! Although having that to look forward to on visits from your little brother would be nice too! Not forgetting that little hit of nostalgia trading locally. 8D i'm so glad that you had fun on the stream! We were about 4 hours late starting and we didn't plan anything till that morning, XD But it seemed to go well! AH! YES! I remember that you were playing along with us! XD Glen was just playing too fast ( ironically on the slowest Kirby game. ) But i'm just glad that it was fun! 8D I'm honestly still shocked how much money was raised in the end! Especially when he didn't plan the event till that morning. It's honestly shocking that it's been 4 months already. ;__; Honestly it's still hard to take in. Honestly I think that he would just be happy to see people playing his games. I think he would also enjoy seeing the newer generation of gamer's playing these classics too! I sure do hope that Gold, Silver and Crystal do get released! <3 that would be amazing! XD Thank you! I feel a little silly for being so worried over nothing now! I'll have to try and convince Glen to get back onto monster hunter again! Not only the DLC but there's still a lot of quests left to do! AH! Thank you ever so much! > W < It would be great getting the group back together and hunting again! I normally work early mornings so evenings are usually free. Though my work shifts aren't exactly set...That and they like to change the rota without warning T_T. ^^; Oh gosh...That feeling of too many games, not enough time! I've honestly lost track of all the games I have on the go... There are at least 3-4 RPG's alone. You'll find a way to play all them games! ^_^ Honestly I already have! Heck you've given me an amazingly warm welcome alone! XD So thank you for that! There's no such thing as perfect! AH! I was actually looking to share some art but apparently you need to make 15 posts before you can link to a URL ( Heck I couldn't even quote it now! ) XD So alas I have to play the waiting game! XD Thank you ever so much, I shall make sure to get in the way and make a huge mess for my brother :P
  6. Nintendo Badge Arcade (eShop)

    8'D Well I've not gone to the "real grabber" and come out of it empty handed at least. I prefer to think of it as the derp force. There's never any team work involved! It normally ends up with two of us trying to play whilst the other goes off and makes a huge mess! I hear of something called "family synergy" however that's non existent for us. ;D I also Remember playing a good amount of Monster Hunter with you! How could I remember you you hitting on me... ( and sending me flying half way across the screen/over the monster ) XD
  7. Nintendo Badge Arcade (eShop)

    Three days in a row and no bonus catches on the dummy grabber. Yesterday I got 18 dummy badges, then today 12. Those Splatoon badges are making it awfully tempting to spend that cash!
  8. Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow (3DS Virtual Console)

    XD It's so true, What other job is there when you're the younger sibling? It's always been the same with me and D-cubed He would go for the Red version of the game, whilst I would get the blue. The only cast that was different was Pokemon X and Y. I can't remember why exactly but he was happy betting Xerny. 8'D Wow you remember me from that stream? I gotta say i'm surprised! That was such a fun stream! XD Glad we weren't boring at all! I made an account here soon after the stream... but something happened and it's only now that I could get on here! Well... with the help of my brother that is! 8D Well I'd be up for a game at some point! Well if i'm not working...Or drawing! XD It would be lovely to play again! ^_^ Thank you ever so much! I have to say I was worried about posting, but then my brother managed to convince me to post! XD
  9. Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow (3DS Virtual Console)

    Knowing my luck I'll have to get Pokemon Blue because my brother @Glen\-i will wanna complete the Pokedex... BTW, This is my first post sooo <3 hey there! Some may know me from the Kirby stream that happened a few months back, Or from Monster hunter!