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  1. Splatoon 2

    * ^ * This is one of those things that irk me...I'm all for team behind. Sadly I can't find an example of what I ranted onto @Glen-i about BUTT I did find this... ( maybe i've gone a little crazy from all the overtime at work to find this entertaining) See you guy's on Saturday You'll be seeing me in this. ( no not literally but i'm proving a point so shhhhh)
  2. Pokemon Gold & Silver (3DS eShop)

    @Glen-i * ^ * I need that shiny toto in my life...it'll be so so worth it...Just you wait i'll get it and rub it in your face...even though I have like...4 on sun and moon...
  3. The N-Europe top 10 Nintendo games of all time.

    10: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! Does anyone remember that one part where you were waiting for something to happen...and you waited...and waited...then pressed A and bam! God this game brings back so many memories...From chapter 3 with Rawk Hawk to chapter 5 with Cortez, The humor in this game is just BEYOND amazing! PMTTYD Is the second game in the Paper Mario series, And boy what a jump it was! When playing through the chapters, I would always look forward to seeing those little parts with the misadventures of Bowser. If you haven't played this I certainly recommend it. <3 9: Super Mario Galaxy Oh Mario Galaxy... I'm honestly not the best at platformers but this game just made me want to push on to see what lies on ahead. It also was the introduction to one of my favourite characters in Nintendo history. It's always fun to mess with gravity in this, getting a good run up on a small planet then long jumping and flying around and around! Mario Galaxy offers such a variety of level's, bosses and difficulty. It can go from as simple as getting to the end of the level to the evilness of Luigi's purple coins. It's as hard as you choose. 8: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild * ^ * My goodness...This game...Where to begin...The game really is what you want to make of it. You have true freedom of what you want to do...Want to go straight to the final boss? Want to go and get the memories? Wanna go do a dungeon? You can choose what you like to do when you like! I also have to say that I ADORE how Zelda alone is represented in this game. She's my favourite Zelda out of every Zelda throughout the series. You can literally spend hours traversing the world or even playing around with physics. 7: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Aaaah DKC2 I remember hours and hours of my childhood spent on his game..arguments on who got to play as Dixie. This game had just the right amount of secrets, It looks absolutely amazing, the music is still as fantastic as ever, even now I enjoy dipping into it now and again. 6: Fire Emblem Awakening Psychopaths obsessed with death, the plain invisible, to creepy stalkers and a guy that has a twitchy sword hand, all these are your team members with many many more options. If you're looking to get into the Fire emblem series, this is honestly the go to, to get you started! If you're looking for a good story this game can offer that. You can choose to stick with the original difficulty from it's previous games in the series, or if you're looking to start out, you can enjoy the game without perma death. Once again the game is as difficult as you like it, with a great story to indulge in. One that I personally enjoyed very much enough to make this list. 5: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Mario?! Square Enix?! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?! Only just one of my personal all time favourite games! The humour, the characters...this is also a game that has one of the most requested Smash characters to my knowledge! This is the start to Mario games in the RPG genre and also the start of that clumsy, silly and down right lovable side to Bowser that we've grown to love. Without this game, there is a lot that we wouldn't have, I feel. Not forgetting to mention the controversial use of the word bugger. 4: Super Metroid Atmosphere, That general feeling is consistent throughout this whole game. I remember playing this when I was very little and even to this day I still learn neat little tips and tricks! This game is a real hit in the nostalgia and I remember crying as a kid at Crocomire...Which still to this day is incredibly morbid I might add, However this game to this day is still my favourite Metroid game. 3: Banjo-Tooie Humour, difficulty, just generally a good feeling. This game is like that favourite movie that you've seen and over and over...but it's so familiar that it's just a joy to watch over again. The humour in this game has not aged one bit and how can you not love a game that you play as a bear, bird and can transform into a T-rex in little yellow shorts and a blue backpack! This game got a lot of crap past the radar in it's time and well...Us Brit's have a great sense of humour! 2: Pokemon Crystal Day, night, mum spending your hard earned cash...but you let her in those slim chances she get you that plushie to decorate your room. This game sure added a lot from the original R/B/Y. It was a HUGE part of my childhood, heck it pretty much is my childhood. Memories of rushing to battle against my brother, Then that mind blowing realization you could go back to Kanto! Being young at the time, this was absolutely amazing! For some reason, as much as I love other games. With G/S/C I just have such a rush when playing this again. Maybe it's the nostalgia rush, but even to this day when I pick up this game I still feel like my young self once more and look forward to start my Pokemon adventure once more 1: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky This game...gosh...this game...Story, difficulty, characters, humour...This game does it all...I'll try not say spoilers...but this game has the challenge, and heck...not only is there a good amount of post game, but this game can be dark, seriously dark. It'll toy with your feel's, chew them up and laugh as you weep. The games only get darker from here. Future PMD's do get darker, but this game is the perfect mix of difficulty, story, gameplay and more. It's also the game that inspired me to delve into the world of drawing more pokemon fan art and even pokemon OC's... Hounourable Mentions are Pokemon Black and white, Super Mario world, Zelda Skyward sword, Kirby Super star Ultra, Lylat wars, Earthbound, Kid icarus uprising, Xenoblade Chronicles, Golden Sun lost age, Banjo kazooie, Splatoon 2, Miitopia, Mario & Luigi super star saga and Panel de pon. ; w ;
  4. Project Octopath Traveller

    * ^ * I might of made the mistake of jumping into Primorose's story first. Not only is it much shorter then the dude's ( Shhh I can't remember his name) story...It's also A LOT harder then the dude. All in all though this game is a solid must buy for me. I knew that I would be getting this game just by seeing the first trailer released, however after playing the Demo I don't need to even consider it, It's a must buy for sure...( no...I'm not obsessed with Rpg's...not at all. )
  5. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    * ^ * I've..not played this game...but this song is way too epic... ( I really need to play these games but have so many to play already... )
  6. Miitopia (3DS) - 2016

  7. Monster Hunter Stories (3DS 2016)

    * ^ * This game...just...this game...Just....Just...yes...So much fun...I can see A LOT of hours getting lost into this! <3 Go Go rider ranger!
  8. good stuff thread.

    * ^ * Had my first day back at work after my holiday with friends and... 8D it wasn't too bad at all! Actually got a £5 tip <3 always helpful when you over spend on a holiday!
  9. Nintendo Direct - September 13th

    Guy's...Guy's...Mario's nips is a meme now... YES!!!
  10. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ...This is utterly beautiful... I'm going to have to stalk this thread! It shall give many chortles especially when I have to close the store on the weekends. Thank you for 40 pages of amazingness and I look forward to more. ( Ps I don't drink but my typo's are infamous! So I can join in on this too! especially if i'm tired! Just ask @Glen-i )
  11. Nintendo Direct - September 13th

    So Mario's 3D nips pushed it to a pegi 18 rating...I approve.
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes (Android/iOS)

    Oh God that Advert is so cringe... The Weapon Triangle is completely ignored too... * ^ * I've been pretty lucky with my summons though...The second last day of the first lot of summer summons I managed to pull Frederick and when the second lot of summer summons on my first attempt I pulled Corrin! As for the Brave unites I went with Ike Since I lacked a really good axe wielder.
  13. Splatoon 2

    D8 awww no Daytime Television Group? ; ^ ; Was working last night and couldn't play yesterday. D8
  14. Monster Hunter Generations

    *Pat's head* it's ok
  15. Monster Hunter Generations

    * 0 * I am back from my holiday! The monster hunter hype is real! Very real! * ^ *
  16. Mario Kart League 2016

    I may have lost completely ;D but I did SOME things in style...AKA I was just mean in places. XD That was a lot of fun though!
  17. Mario Kart League 2016

    8'D I played terribly...But @Glen\-i rightly called me out on how much of a jerk I was. I went so far as to hit someone with a star even though I only screwed myself over in the end. All I can say is looking back at some of the footage...I was laughing to the point I got a little teary with laughter. I may have to join in more of these nights.
  18. Mario Kart League 2016

    *poses dramatically* I've been summoned?! Asked to play in the Mario kart tourney?! Heaven FORBID i'm wanted to actually play! * ^ *...Warning I suck at Mariokart. I'll join 8'D but i'll have to play on @Glen\-i 's WiiU... Glen tempted me with Baby Rosalina though...* ^ *
  19. The N-Europe Smash Bros Tourney #2 Thread

    * ^ * What's this?! I didn't sign up for this! @Dcubed is abusing his powers in all of this signing me up against my consent! ( 8'D I actually don't mind one bit though this'll be fun! )
  20. Mario Kart League 2016

    8'D Alas I was [email protected] should have mentioned that...He knows all too well that I was working too...( shows how much he listens to his little sister. )
  21. Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow (3DS Virtual Console)

    8'D Oooh I know it's random. This is just kinda scary though. As Glen can vouch I've gotten another 2 triple bars since his last post too. Though as i'm distracted by all the lures of the game corner Glen is catching up to me and preparing for our second battle after getting our fourth gym badges.
  22. Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow (3DS Virtual Console)

    You must have JavaScript enabled on your device to view Miiverse posts that have been embedded in a website. View post in Miiverse What is even happening?! Edit: You must have JavaScript enabled on your device to view Miiverse posts that have been embedded in a website. View post in Miiverse ...
  23. Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow (3DS Virtual Console)

    You must have JavaScript enabled on your device to view Miiverse posts that have been embedded in a website. View post in Miiverse (Again thnak you Glen for inspiration! )
  24. Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow (3DS Virtual Console)

    It's as beautiful and poetic as the way you've pointed out the irony in all of this. Also Hazel was here Dean is a loser :p EDIT: You must have JavaScript enabled on your device to view Miiverse posts that have been embedded in a website. View post in Miiverse ( Thank's glen for the inspiration )
  25. Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow (3DS Virtual Console)

    The description of our battle is perfect...It was so poetic and beautiful. Oh and don't forget how I forgot to heal before our battle though. I clocked onto your little dig glitch plan and I foiled that plan like the foil of a packet of Walkers cheese and onion packet of crisps! hew hew hew. In the end it was a great match with much lols and I look forward to a battle in the future.