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  1. Best song mashups?

    Most of these are terrible but some are decent. Love this one. and here is imagine mixed up JUMP http://soundcloud.com/jackstanleywp/imagine-a-jump-john-lennon-vs-van-halen cool stuff! what are your favourites!?
  2. Job woes/wins

    I teach kids English in China. it's not that bad, but it has it's moments.
  3. Christmas Songs

    This isn't really about christmas but it has a very christmassy feel to it. I feel it's the far better song and it's the last song Freddie finished I believe.
  4. Halloween costume Ideas

    OH it's that time of year again ( well.. not really) If you take halloween as seriously as I do then it's time to start preparing your costume. Otherwise this can be a general costume thread where people post their silliest outfits. Last year for holls I did Club orange guy: The year before I did Scully from X-files and a friend did mulder. Trying to think of a good idea for this. I've narrowed it down to: 1: The penny from Ghost( the movie) 2: Misty from Pokemon 3: Staryu from Pokemon actually thats all I got so far. Anyone thinking this far ahead yet?
  5. Your Unlikely Likes

    ya this. Even when it's a mate it's pretty cool.
  6. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    Ok I do about 30 minutes of constant exercises per day over a period of an hour. I'll post up the details later. I create a new notepad document every day and take a break 2 a week. ya the breakfast i'm trying to work on. I never used to have it at all in the past. i think I'm starting to show improvement. i have 2 eggs in the morning and 2 yoghurts. i would struggle to eat anymore. Do you think that's enough? I was never in terrible shape per say. I'm just small is all. thanks for the help though. suppose I should point out that I'm China as well so i'm limited at times with what i can buy.
  7. Halloween costume Ideas

    Ah this old thread. Well need more ideas for next year anyway. actually ended up doing drag last year haha
  8. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    And i'm finding the 14kg ones pretty challenging. I'm not sure I'm making much progress. I know it's takes a while. I did a week of travelling last week and it destroyed my progress i must say. I'm back again now however. Anyone got an example of a good food plan for someone bulking up or where to look. Getting conflicting results from everyone. Some are saying now is the time to eat a LOT of your favourites food to gain weight and THEN work out to form it. Others say otherwise. it's a tough one. i get the feeling I am still eating enough. What's happening to me though is everytime I push myself, I get sleepy. What's also going wrong is when I exercise my lower body. I tend to get dizzy vision. is this normal? I wear glasses normally. I'm ok otherwise just my vision goes wonky.
  9. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    Thanks this makes a lot of sense. I've since been keeping up the usual routine. I'd have a glass of coca cola about twice a week. I'm worried about my teeth too hence why I cut coke almost entirely. I have bought some 14kg weights here and am going to start using them tonight. The most difficult thing is exercise in the morning. I have made some improvements that though. It's taking a little while. generally it's been 2 weeks now and although I don't look MUCH better yet. I'm starting to feel better which is good.
  10. General Movie Thread

    Airplane II is my favourite film ever. That William Shatner scene is gold.
  11. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    ok hey guys. Been a while since i've posted but I think I need some advice on how to gain some muscle and look pretty and stuff. So I've moved to China to do some teaching and have chosen this time to cut out all the negative aspects like alchohol and everything else and concentrate on getting fit. This is what I've been doing in a day for the past week. 1: i wake up, do some push ups and work the lower abs for about 10 minutes 2: I have 2 eggs and a banana ( may not be enough in the morning?) 3: have lunch school. It's quite healthy but changes everyday and sometimes I haven't a clue what I'm eating haha 4: I bring a packed lunch of a sandwich with more egg in it 5: I get home I do some push ups and some stretches etc for about 15 minutes 6: make dinner. Always potatoes, carrots and broccoli and whatever else I have.. steak or chicken 7: I do some workout again for about 20 minutes. 8: I'd have some supper usually some sausages. is this enough? I'm trying to gain weight to gain muscle. I weigh about 10 stone so I'm not trying to lose EVEN more weight. I cut out sodas from my diet which was very tough to do and never used to have breakfests. I think in a week I've made great progress, I can already feel a small difference.My 6 pack is coming back. it's the lower part that's stopping it being fully visible yet. A few questions. 1: is there any truth to this 6 meals a day stuff. I believe I can manage about 5. 2: Is there such thing as too much eggs for someone in my case 3: Should I be a lot of food to turn it into muscle? 4: how often can you 'treat' yourself with food is you're trying this. I would be one for the junk food but I've stopped completely in the last 7 days. There's not much advice online for someone in my case. Thanks guys.
  12. The Simpsons & Family Guy to do a full crossover

    haha desperate times for family guy i guess..... Who is writing this though? I've more hope for Seth Macfarlene to be honest.
  13. Super mario 3D world or a new Mario Galaxy? Wii U

    On the other hand though in Sunshine much of the Sun sprite stages were COMPLETELY different from the previous sprite. I'm not sure I would have preferred it if I was playing the exact same course 6 times over something with a twist each time. In 64 it was all generally the one area. I would love another 64 to be honest. A lot of that is nostalgia I know because i'm not sure we'll ever get a game with that much impact again. It was the first 3d platformer I've ever played, nothing will ever shock me like that again. actually did anyone read this article about croc originally being a super mario 64 prototype in a way? http://www.shacknews.com/article/80104/why-super-mario-64-owes-croc-legend-of-the-gobbos
  14. Super mario 3D world or a new Mario Galaxy? Wii U

    I think after sunshine they learned a valuable lesson about putting mario into 'themed' settings. Mario games should always have a snow level, forest, fire etc. Super mario sunshine was a mistake in that way. Sunshine just had so many problems to name but what it did right it did better than any other mario game. For instance for controls, it controls like a dream.
  15. New Miyamoto IP (2014)

    Chibi robo?...was that him?
  16. General Movie Thread

    not to mention to perfect soundtrack to accompany you in a gym.. This movie i think has 4 different montages. it's the king!
  17. Music/Games/Films - only two can remain!

    At this stage in my life gaming I would say. I would describe gaming as becoming more boring but that's a lot to do with myself. There just feels like there is so much more effort in playing a game for me.
  18. RIP Ryan Davis

    Apologies for the question but he was a forum member was he? Which one?
  19. Superman: Man of Steel (June 2013)

    Ya it's pretty much one of the better aspects of Man of Steel compared to the rest. Although I did miss Clark Kent in this one a bit.
  20. New Terminator Trilogy - June 26th 2015

    No I did too, it was fun but obviously disappointing compared to the first 2. At least it wasn't boring like salvation. it just had too many silly moments people like to pick on like Arnie wearing pick sunglasses or whatever it was.
  21. Superman: Man of Steel (June 2013)

    I never noticed the penis ships and I usually notice stuff like that instantly. I did however laugh at some of Lois' unintentionally hilarious dialogue.
  22. New Super Luigi U

    Not giving you the option to switch instantly? Instead of unlocking it.