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  1. Still want to post a picture? I'm thinking of letting one of the runners-up have a turn otherwise!

  2. Dude, the Christian God and the Muslim God are one and the same! Didn't Southpark teach you anything! :p

  3. I hate to pass it back to you.. But I genuinly think your caption was the funniest. The first entry no less. See thread.

  4. (or upsetting the balance..)

  5. Nah, I just meant, that yes, if I had to choose, I'd signed up for jayseven's game, but I don't expect him to start any time soon. And I'd like to play most games, but preferrably not more than 2 at the same time.


    Anyway, PM sent.. If a new role isn't too much effort, I'll gladly join.

  6. That would be a yes :).

  7. A winner is you! Regarding the N_E caption contest!

    (God, your profile is annoying :rolleyes::D)

  8. Haha, sorry man, forgot all about it.

    I should see the episode myself, it's possible you found a mistake, or perhaps you've understood it wrong. The way that ship works is, they constantly need to refill their resources, food, fuel, and water. They can't store water for several years I think. I think what they meant was they can keep going on for several years with recycling / refilling water with the storage they had. and just for several days with the storage they had after the explosion. But again, I'll have to rewatch the ep for all the details, I can't really anwser your question just from the top of the head ;).

  9. I'll look for a picture!

  10. No it's funny, ReZ and I had a little conversation on keyboards.. It appears we have the same brand :D.

    And the way I do accents is with a specific language setting. My keyboard setting is set to US international, which lets you combine certain keys to make accented letters, although you have to settle for a delay in those cases. But in order to make the infamous é, I type ' and then e.

  11. Haha, did ReZ gave you any pointers by any chance?

  12. Yo..

    Never use this actually (?)..