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  1. So is it dead? Or are those reports greatly exaggerated?

    I was actually considering getting rid of my account at some point, but for other reasons. I think Twitter's getting more and more annoying, on the other hand, it still occasionally keeps me in the loop on certain things, so I'm not sure yet.

    What are you guys doing?

  2. I'll keep it short:

    I believe I'm in the minority, but I actually though Wakanda Forever was disappointing. It didn't really feel like a Black Panther film to me. Everything regarding the politics didn't make sense to me, I'm not sure why Aquaman thought it was a good idea to attack Wakanda, in order to stay hidden. Or something. Wasn't a fan of Irongirl's introduction. And.. I'm not sure why Wakanda thought it was a sound tactic to counterattack the water people.. By sending one boat to the middle of the ocean.

    I'm still looking forward to Ant-man and now.. Guardians of the Galaxy.


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  3. I've been thinking about magazines in general lately, I even ordered one this month, a Dutch magazine about outdoor lifestyle en sports.

    Gaming magazines? I don't see me buying any of those. I've never bought them regularly anyway. I had a subscription to the Dutch official Nintendo magazine in the 90s, but apart from those I only have a small selection of gaming magazines like the Power Unlimited, which is the most popular gaming magazine here in The Netherlands (I assume, I don't have any statistics). I get all my gaming info from the internet.

    I do actually have a pretty large collection of.. Fashion magazines and men's magazines. Probably around 300. But you're talking about gamings magazines in particular, so I won't elaborate.

  4. i suspect unlike most of you, I haven't played this game in a long time. The Cube version is the only one I've ever played. That combined with my shit memory, and I'm all up for this remake. It looks great, and half the game will feel like new because of the tweaks of because I've forgotten stuff. Hmm. Just found out Ashley's face model is Dutch.

  5. So.. The CE was available, for 2 days at most? I saw the e-mail at work, but fell a sleep early that day so didn't take a look.Next day the site was down. The day after.. it wasn't available anymore.

    I've got the CE for 1 and 2, so now I'm missing out on the 3rd because Nintendo doesn't have its shit together? I'm pissed.

  6. On 15/05/2022 at 1:00 PM, Sméagol said:

    If you haven't played it I'd say go for it, but personally I don't have any need for a remake. I'll happily play the old version.

    Ok.. I'll take that back. Despite being a remake and despite being from EA.. This looks pretty good.


  7. 3 hours ago, Dcubed said:

    Fair play to them for refunding customers.  Most would’ve just taken the money and ran.

    But yeah… Add another one to The Google Graveyard.

    The cynic in me is assuming this is pure cheap damage control. Refunding the 10 customers they had is probably chump change for them while the positive image they create will offset the "killed by google" and "wow susprising" reactions by a tiny bit. Probably worth it.

  8. 7 hours ago, Iun said:

    Holy potatoes, are you alright?

    I'm fysically fine yeah, nothing serious. I seem to have hit my head on the pavement. I don't remember it, but my injuries seem t indicate this. Luckily I was always accused of having a hard head, and it definitely helped out here. I've got a concussion, resulting in a headache, but that's fading. A few scrapes, one of them on the top left side of my head, but nothing serious. And nothing visible thanks to my luscious hair. Got some blood on my glasses though, which miraculously also survived the incident. And I got some sore muscles. A few in my neck, but the worst are on the left side of my head. Chewing food hurts at the moment, this is the most annoying thing right now.

    No I seem to be able to sleep of anything. After I got home yesterday, I spent most time in bed. I got up to eat and check the internet (and post on NE about my adventure), but then headed back to bed early. I'm better now but I'll probably take it easy today as well. I'll probably go see a few films tomorrow, though I hate having to use public transportation. I have no other options currently without a functional bike. I'll probably be complete my old self after the weekend, or later this week. I'm more worried about the practical and financial consequences, that's going to be a hassle.


    Apparently, there's a video available.

    Edit: Oh the video is part of a (small) article). You can find it here (and run it through Google translate):


    And that roundabout seems to be notorious. You can find multiple videos of accidents on that location on the same channel.

  9. Got hit by a car today. it's not even the first time this year.:indeed: But the first time wasn't serious, this one knocked me out cold.

    That's me

    Luckily I seem to be built like a tank, and apart from minor stuff like scrapes and bruises there's only the concussion to worry about. CT scan didn't show anything serious, so they let me go.

    Just to clarify, I was on my bike. I remember approaching the roundabout, and I remember regaining conciousness in the ambulance, but nothing in between. My poor bike though, wasn't as lucky. I left it in Delft (where I had the accident but I don't live there), it doesn't ride anymore. That's not the first beating this year it got as well.

  10. Work in Progress pic:


    I got this one from my brother for my birthday a few months ago. Finally started building it today (after needing to unwind after resuscitating babies all day :indeed:. Doing a first aid course).

    I don't have much time the coming weeks, so I'll be doing this one in chunks.

    I did buy some other sets because of the increased prices and the discounts I could get at this point. Bought my first modern technic (won't be buying many of those), and my first modular (will be buying all of those). I'll post pics when I have them.

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  11. 51 minutes ago, Julius said:

    Looks good, but it was always to struggle to live up to the first game's pop-up:

    I prefer the new one (I don't like the pop-up book and I do like the artbook), but I'll skip this one as well as I have no use for the busts.

    This is simply what I want from a CE: artbook, physical soundtrack, and a nice box around it. I don't need anything else. Small trinkets like a pin are fine though I can do without. If you do a figure (and thefore increase the price by a lot), it needs to be high quality, and most aren't I believe.

  12. Yeah I've just seen them.

    I'm only interested in the babes, but this seems to be a duo.. Making this more of an all or nothing situation. But if I got them both, I'd also miss Ike in the collection, so I'm leaning towards getting neither.

    From the Radiant games I'd love a Titania, Lucia or Micaiah. From Three Houses I'd love.. well I'd love them all, but I'd love a Sothis, Shamir and Kronya even more.

  13. I have a preference for Penny Blood, but I like the look of both so far. Unfortunately I don't have the money for it now, but they already achieved their goal..

    I find the double kickstarter thing a bit convoluted.. Though it looks like it did what it needed to do, get the hypetrain going.

  14. 23 minutes ago, Dcubed said:

    Reduces rendering load and RAM requirements.  A smaller skybox is easier to render than a big one on such vintage hardware ;)

    A memory advantage is the only logical explanation, but I can't imagine how they achieve this. Then again I'm no expert. As far as I'm aware the actual size of the polygons don't matter (the number stays the same), and you can use the same size textures for both. As far as I can see, the Zelda skybox isn't rendering the bottom side, which would make things easier, but on the other hand they need memory and processing for the movement of the skybox this way.

  15. That seems like a roundabout way of doing a skybox? I'm not seeing the advantage of doing it that way.

    Back in the day I've dabbled in map making for Quake 3 engine games, Elite Force to be precise, and I actually managed to make a test skybox. It's exactly that, a box with sky textures, only it encompasses the whole level.