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  1. Happy birthday

    Don't tell me what not to do!
  2. Happy birthday

    You should make a "Belated happy birthday" threads for both.
  3. AI: The Somnium Files - nirvanA Initiative

    The game's slightly delayed. I think the original date was in June, it's now 08-07-2022. https://www.spike-chunsoft.com/news/ai-the-somnium-files-nirvana-initiative-eu-release-date-change/
  4. Happy birthday

    Are you going to do this everyday?
  5. Lego!

    Whoo, it's official! Looks great!
  6. I find this interesting purely from a business perspective. I don't think this will cause EA much trouble, they can probably still say "from the makers of FIFA 23!", and be done with it. The only way this can cause trouble is if another (AAA) studio comes with a competent (prefferably even better) football game, and snaps up the FIFA license, in 24. Honestly I don't see that happening.
  7. Netflix

    This looks cool, love the variety. Think I'll do get Netflix for a month in June to watch this and Russian Dolls.
  8. The Stanley parable

    This used to be a thread about a half-Life mod. Now it has been made into a stand-alone game, with more content. The original post can still be found below in the spoilers. This game is about a man named Stanley, and you have to help him on his epic quest to find his co-workers.
  9. Nice. I haven't been following releases lately, but I saw it pop up somewhere recently. It's coming out tomorrow right? As it's probably not much affected by drift, I may actually just get it.
  10. A Moon Knight thread for Dr. Bob

    I suspect not, but don't take my word for it.
  11. Lego!

  12. Criterion Collection

    I bought some Criterion releases a while ago. In the Mood for Love and El Laberinto del Fauno. They don't ship outside of the US on their own site, so I bought them from Amazon back then. There are quite a few films I want from them, but I'm currently not buying blu-rays. I still keep an eye out on their new releases, they recently released Shaft, which is cool.
  13. Draw a pig

  14. The Stanley parable

    I bought it on Steam on day 1, with a significant discount (33% off for owners of the original), but as expected, it doesn't run. Maybe I'll get it for Switch, but probably not, or only after I get all my controllers fixed. But I think I'll wait for news on a physical release before double dipping.
  15. General Movie Thread

  16. Marvel's Phase 4

    In short: not as good as the last Spider-man. But pretty entertaining. Story-wise and character development-wise it's lacking. The characters are moving around a lot, but there isn't much room for interesting dialogue. America Chavez is wasted, her introduction is lacklustre, she's more or less for most of the film. Wanda's also wasted.. She's What I did like were some of the (trippy) visuals, and the fact Sam Raimi managed to sneak in a straight up horror vibe into a Marvel film in some of the scenes, The infamous Illuminati scene offered some cool fanservice, but other than that, the scene was pretty memorable for other reasons besides the cameos. I'll let you find out for yourself for now.
  17. Marvel's Phase 4

    I definitely won't watch that trailer. I've got my tickets reserved for tomorrow, so I'll see it then. Think I'll go to bed now and get up when it's time to go. I hear there are some spoilers floating around the internet so be careful!
  18. Yeah, that's one of the reasons why I can see myself quitting gaming altogether in several years.. I think it's a question of when rather than if.
  19. The Netherlands lost one of its 80s pop icons today. R.I.P. Henny Vrienten.
  20. Not a lot known at this point, new characters, and made by Gearbox themselves, and apparently releasing this year (Summer). Tales from the Borderlands might be my favourite Telltale game, if they do this well then I am excited. But that's going to depend on who's writing this.
  21. Ideas so weird they shouldn't work

    Let's maken an adventure / railshooter / racing game! It did none of those things particularly well, but that didn't stop it from being highly entertaining.
  22. Netflix

    They shadowdropped the 2nd season (2nd season was confirmed a long time ago)? I ended my Netflix subscription, but this was one of the things I actually wanted to see. But there was no news about a releasedate. I re-watched season 1 not too long ago. Maybe I'll ctach up in the Summer or at the end of the year (more likely). I don't feel like renewing Netflix for 1 month right now.
  23. Looking forward to it! In this case I'm sure a distributor over here will pick it up for a cinema release, that said, I don't know how quick they'll be (but I hope very quick). If I had the money I'd buy a ticket to Japan. That said.. The dimensional door premise is doing my head in haha. I saw a anime shortfilm a long time ago, about a person who traveled to other places using a mysterious door. That's all I can remember, and I desperately want to find out what it was and see it again.. So this reminded me of it once again.
  24. General Movie Thread

    I just wanted to mention that The Northman is my favourite film of this year so far. It's pretty epic. And a bit bloody.