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  1. Busy!!! How about you?! What ya been up to?

  2. Hey Stranger!!! Figured Id say hi :P

  3. pffft!!! i lurk i just don't post lol :D sooo how is life with you anyway apart from what ive already asked dear?!

  4. haaaaaai!!! i am very good ty. my font has changed to blue. im not sure why. oh lord. doing my masters =D hows you? hows uni? do you still play pokemon? i feel weird on these forums :P

  5. yes i am determined to wish you happy birthday in as many forms as possible... DUDE.. no one wears a toupee anymore... they just wear a reallly bad comb over!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY =) your gettin old! =)

  7. :'(... well my friend hasnt even started hers yet (ha) so i guess i can feel a lil better - but im so bummed about this essay its unreal!...

  8. oh i dont know whats happened :( my essay is going nowhere fast! - have you finished yours yet?

  9. :( you ok? I wasnt in the greatest of moods today myself so just sat around moping (dont think it helped that I had to fill up my car with petrol and it took £40 and it still wasnt full!)...I didnt scooby it up in the end - I watched charmed instead!
  10. hello! - how be the work going?

  11. Last Activity: Today 12:07 AM


    what happened to you working :P

  12. nite nite :D - i have to learn about linguistic theory over the weekend so im sure ill see you on msn procrastinating at some point :p

  13. yes you are awesome :P.. im just in my own catagory - we could never be compared!

  14. well to be honest i already had the notes just needed to type them up!.. and im a women - we can multi-task! (you killed a plant?!)

  15. i wrote 600 more words to my essay + i tidied my room + i had a shower = i think i deserve a rest :P... what about you mister!

  16. im back at uni! 3rd year is hectic! (also my final year :P) i swear i picked 2 of the hardest modules (hardest as there is more work ! :P)... me and nando are all good :) i turned 21 last week so im getting used to being old :P.. im tryin to stay offline cause its a very big distraction :P.. how are youuuuu?

  17. how did i miss this message?!... im guessing your still not playing pearl :P.. i played platinum a while ago but i got bored :p

  18. "I have a session with my multiple personality. Not to worry: if I'm late, he can just talk amongst himself. "

  19. "It's hard to believe that's the same frail woman who once sprained her wrist from having too much dip on a cracker"

  20. :o... sounds good.. i did make a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake once... but im open to variations!!.. would u believe the last slice of the cheesecake went to my dog >_>
  21. we'll see about that!... i can try and smuggle a cheesecake into london for the meet-up >_>


    I am Buttons... general person of Awesome

  22. ok - the first time i tried to post this one it went on my profile :P


    0_0... a bake off?!... i would so participate in that!...

  23. ill trade you battenburg for cheesecake?! .... deal?!... but my tummy is rumbling so i dont think ill be able to wait....

  24. white chocolate!...completly handmade by me!... and its damn tasty :P.. only got a slice left :(