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  1. Managed to finish the upgrades to the camp last night, thanks to a treasure map i bought.  Also mangaged to get a few bits for my horse, a new gun for myself and stocked up on provisions in-camp to keep everyone happy.  Seems to work, overheard Dutch talking saying they've got money, food and guns.

    Found a random hut on one exploration trip South, had 3 or 4 random enemy NPC's who were drunk.  They went to bed, i killed all bar one.  They told me where more money was in the hut when i scared them outside.  And in Strawberry, one NPC let me pick anything up in the store as a thank-you for saving his life from an attack.

  2. 4 hours ago, MindFreak said:

    Attended a Raid for Giratina yesterday and got it on my second-to-last ball. Phew. It was at an Ex Raid Gym so I hope I get a pass for the next Ex Raid - however, they tend to be on work days around noon so I won't get my hopes up for being able to attend.

    I got a Ex Raid pass............for next Wednesday at 4pm.  If it was my RDO (Rota Day Off) i'd be able to go, but alas i cannot

    The Adventure Sync update is out for players of level 35 and above (at present).  So, get those candies earned and eggs hatched.  Perfect for Meltan candies.

  3. 1 hour ago, Goron_3 said:

    A lot will depend on how much of a system seller Pokemon Let's Go turns out to be. I have a suspicion that it may perform similiarly to the NSMB games, in that it will sell well to people who own the console already but may not become a system seller, especially compared to a next gen Pokemon RPG.

    I have a lot of friends who still play Pokemon GO and none of them plan to shell out £300 for a Switch and Let's Go. In a perfect world, we would be getting a traditional Pokemon RPG this year and LG in a few years time, when the install base was already massive and it didn't need to be a system seller.

    Smash will probably be the one to sell more systems over Let's Go.  Many people who pay Go in the raid group i'm in don't want to shell out £300+ for a Switch and Let's Go, however some have in preparation for it.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Ronnie said:

    Tips wise, remember to use your binoculars if you're trying to hunt perfect pelts. You can check what quality the animal is before you hunt it. Apparently there's also info you can learn about which weapon works best to get a perfect pelt.

    Sounds like you and I are at the same place. Did you loot money that was lying around in the camp after the mission and suddenly became Wanted? I kind of feel like I missed out on a lot of good stuff because of that. I did a fun one after that with Charles, which made me really appreciate the scenery.

    Yeah, tried looting the camp and came up Wanted.  Same happened on an earlier mission when i looted a shotgun from a cabin.  Hid over by the rocks, waited until the wanted cleared and resumed my looting.  Nearly have enough for another camp upgrade.

  5. Been on/off this all weekend.  So far, so good.  For me anyway, it's living up to the hype in places.  Loving the missions, the world and the characters i'm coming across.  Per mission i'm completing, i'm hunting rabbits and deer on my way back to camp.  Already got into a bar fight, and various people have attempted to kill me out in the wilderness.

    And faceplanted myself into a tree.

    Loving the game so far, plenty to see and do.  Certainly playing more this evening.

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  6. 1 hour ago, MindFreak said:

    Yeah, in the Raid group I'm using on Facebook, a lot of the active players are actually women. Funny how that goes - even though the average gamer is actually a middle-aged woman playing something on her phone.

    I have a problem with one player and one gym. She has three accounts and takes that gym back within minutes every time someone else takes it - we're talking all times a day, and the gym is not even in a place where you can get it from any apartment. So I tried addressing the issue on the raid group on Facebook and was surprised that others had the same problem with her at other gyms. However, the post was deleted within an hour by an admin - only raid relevant posts are allowed. I really wish I could do something about it. :/

    Only one solution is to report them to Niantic, probably find they are spoofing to the location.

    On the last community day, went around with a number of people in the Newport group.  Was pretty good, kept doing loops around from the river to the castle via the Salvation Army building.

  7. Smaller forums are dying off slowly.  N-E is one such forum, and it's down to a few things which include (and not limited to)

    • Social Media
    • Lifestyle

    They are the big two i think.  With lifestyle, that can fall with the fact that we've all grown older and life changes for many of us.  More responsibilities meaning less time for the hobbies we love.  bob pointed that out himself.  When we all joined up, most of us probably still lived at home with parents and didn't have a lot of responsibilites outside of making sure you got up, went to school/work etc.  Now many of us have moved into our own places and have responsibilities.  With that comes being more social with work colleagues, meeting new people and getting on with life.  That is unfortunatly the way things are going for many.

    Many members don't come on often anymore for the above reason, and a few other reasons which are personal to them.  You can't pursuade them to return, but many do when there is a direct or a big gaming event like E3 or a console reveal for a short while.

    Social Media (which includes YouTube here) is much easier to run a discussion about games.  The likes of facebook have thousands, if not millions of gaming-related pages for people to be able to discuss what games to play and all that.  Social media is also partially to blame for many gaming print medias being discontinued.  Outside of some of the big forums about, which are thriving still, a lot of others are dying off.  Many have moved onto social media platforms and members have followed, it is again how life is changing.

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  8. Opened up most of the 1st island, only have 1 question mark left to uncover.  Reached level 5, so can now use the bow and sword i got from UPlay.  Still need to clear out the hideouts on the 1st island, and get the treasures dotted around.  Did notice Evie on the list in Uplay, so of course she's ready for when i get to the ship.

  9. Tried getting the Friday off to have a long weekend on this, but have had no luck.  Can't wait for next week.

    Having some missions locked on the "Special Edition" is annoying.  Rockstar will make a killing on the multiplayer, so i don't see a need for this to happen.

    Edit: Confirmed info that no-one should be getting this game early, Shopto sent out an email stating that Rockstar have imposed a restriction on early releases.

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  10. Made a start last night.  Went down the Kassandra route to play, feels like i'm playing a version of Xena in terms of her tough physique.  Havn't done too much, only about an hour or so (first mission and a few of the ? on the 1st island).

  11. Finished last night.  Was enjoyable, but nothing special about it.  I got worried when the game went Gold in July, considering it wasn't meant to be out until September.  I enjoyed the stealth aspects, and the combat when it came about.  However the story wasn't anywhere near as good as the 1st, not the 2nd.  The world felt more alive, but that's about it.  For what the story was about, the number of collectables and side missions felt tacked on, like they needed to pad out the campaign.  Some of the side-stuff was good, and some of the main missions were decent. 1 or 2 of the missions felt Uncharted 1 in places.

    The final boss felt weak in comparision to Rise's, but the camera made the battle frustrating at times.  Once i saw the credits, i don't feel the need to mop up the collectables or finish the remaining few Tombs.  I might do if i get bored, but i'm not in a rush.