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  1. 2 hours ago, Kav said:

    So after the indicative votes we now know that there’s:

    No majority for May’s deal.

    No majority for a customs union.

    No majority for a 2nd referendum.

    No majority for revoking Article 50.

    No majority for no deal.


    A General selection is looming more than ever. A change in Parliament may give a majority for one of the above and seems to be one of the only ways to resolve Brexit now.


    So MP's can't decide what they want

    Just bring it to the people, who are speaking quite loud and clear at present.  Then once that's done, call a General Election.

  2. The way Sony and Microsoft have handled their more powerful PS4's and Xbox One machines, everything worked on any PS4/Xbox One right down to accessories.  So it didn't matter which version of those machines you got, everything worked.  Games were more optimized for the more powerful machines, but they worked on the lower tier models.  Which is perfectly fine and it won't alienate the install base.

    However, they did replace the OG models with the Slim and S respectively, so i'm expecting the Switch mini to replace the current Switch.

    Maybe a lot of 3rd party accessories won't work on the new Switch models at the start, but i'm almost guaranteeing that 1st party stuff will work no problem.  So Joy-cons, Pro Controllers, Docks and the GC adaptor will be fine.  I'm guessing they'll provide iterations or updates to allow the 2nd and 3rd party accessories to work.

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  3. As long as all current and future Switch games work on all models of the Switch, i can't see an issue.  It does sound like it will, so that's a good thing.

    Making a Switch-lite and a Pro model, and discontinuing the current Switch is the most logical way forward.  keeping the current model about will just confuse things.

  4. The saying "You'll vote, and keep voting until we get the right answer" gives meaning after yesterdays vote.

    I'm pretty much sick of Brexit now, either we'll extend Article 50, withdraw it or leave with No Deal.  If we extend or withdraw, there will most certainly be a General Election to follow.  The Tories don't know which end their heads are these days.

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  5. It does feel like a slap in the face, seeing as basically 4 games have vanished from PS+ and now we only get PS4 titles (ok, 2 or 3 of the Vita/PS3 titles were cross-play with PS4, which bumped up number).  And the price remains the same.

    On the opposite side, Xbox has 4 games all compatible with Xbox One (and the service is £10 cheaper a year).

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  6. Finished 2 games in February, the first being Pokemon Let's Go Eevee.  Nice remake of what is basically Pokemon Yellow, had to play it entirely in handheld mode as i was getting annoyed with using one joy-con (and i didn't fancy buying a £40 Pokeball for one game (and Mew)).  Taking the simple catching mechanics from Go, it serves as a good intro to the mainline Pokemon series for people who've only played Go.  We know we're getting a new mainline Gen8 Pokemon game later this year, this sufficed.  Beat the Elite 4 with relative ease, caught Mewtwo (and all 3 Legendary birds), cleared the challenging trainers across the map.  Was decent, not rushing back to play a 2nd time anytime soon.

    However, the big highlight for me is this.  After buying it initial release in 2011. and after buying it a 2nd time on PS4 in 2016, i've finally finished The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.  Played it on/off for 8 years though, probably would have cleared it sooner if i focused all my efforts on the game.  The Dawnguard DLC was pretty good, loved being a Vampire hunter.  Dragonborn was pretty good as well in terms of missions on offer, didn't finish this until i got the Drauger armour/weapon set.  Hearthfire could have been better.  Saw a video on YouTube the other day explaining that if they let you build a village surrounding your manor, it would have been better.

    Even though i owned a fair few houses, i kept my family in Whiterun as i felt it was home.  A good central location, which favored my character.  I did turn Nazeem into a set of clothes for hilarity mind.

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  7. Got my Vita initially just after my PS4 purchase, loved that handheld.  Very underrated, shame it wasn't supported as fruitfully by Sony directly with 1st party games.  It could have been better and probably better received if you could use different memory cards than the ones that had the Vita logo on.

    It's a shame, but i'm thankful to have owned a Vita.  Such good gaming memories from that machine.

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  8. Super Mario Maker 2.  Never played the 1st, well never owned it but have played it.  Probably will pick this up around launch.  Bloodstained: Rituals of the Night looks interesting, i'll consider a purchase.

    Loved the Smash update.  What's coming to 3.0, you'll have to wait.

    Assassin's Creed III.  I'm already getting it on PS4 as part of the Odyssey season pass, but that looked terrible on Switch frame-rate wise.  Unraveled two, already own it on PS4 on my backlog.  

    Yoshi, i'm already getting.  But a demo is good for those unsure.  Tetris 99, It's addictive, got to the final 17 before being taken out.  Deltarune i was not expecting anytime soon, but nice to see it on Switch this month.

    Link's Awakening, nice surprise.  Getting used to how Link looks in the game, but looks nice overall.  Will they keep the shopkeeper "Thief" in, who knows.

    That's what i got from the Direct, wasn't bothered too much about the rest.

  9. I for one never finished Super Mario Bros 2 ever, and i'm partial to a Kirby game.

    And they (Nintendo) really should sub the Japan exclusive title with something else for the US and EU/UK player base.  Having 3 released in Japan to only 2 over this way doesn't do the price much fairness (but then, it's still cheap none the less)

  10. For a change, my PS4 backlog isn't too big.

    • Assassin's Creed Odyssey
    • Skyrim (i'm determined to finish it)
    • Spyro Trilogy
    • SpiderMan DLC
    • Assassin's Creed Rogue

    That's about it from memory, it's going up in March and April with the arrival of Assassin's Creed III, Liberations and Day's Gone

    The Switch however, that's a different story

    • Breath of the Wild
    • Shantae Half Genie Hero
    • Pokemon Let's Go Eevee
    • Super Mario Bros U Deluxe
    • Axom Verge
    • Celeste (i'll finish it)
    • Undertale
    • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

    I'm working on Let's Go, got 2 more gyms then the Elite 4.  Then the end-game content.

  11. First game of 2019 done, which was Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2.  It's much the same as the first in terms of game-play, the story is a direct follow on and it's humor is typical for the game.  Can easily get this done in a weekend, and if you've not played the first, can do that in the same weekend.

  12. I've just come back to Odyssey from RDR2, and to be fair i echo the comments from @dan-likes-trees in terms of how the game sometimes freezes when riding the horse into settlements.   However, the controls are better than RDR2 in places.  I did have to get used to where the dismount button was, and was pleasantly surprised when calling for my horse that it just appears, unlike in RDR2.

    Exploring the Islands at the moment, unlocking various fast travel points and opening up the map as i did in Origins.  Once that's done, i'll get on with the game properly with missions and contracts i see dotted about.

  13. 1 hour ago, Ronnie said:

    Do you mind if I ask... I’ve got 4 missions left in Epilogue 2 and I’ve barely explored any of the new area. Does the remaining story missions take me that way or to the town(s?) past the valley or should I just go ahead and explore on my own before finishing up the last few missions. No spoilers please just a vague idea

    No main mission goes much further West of Beechers Hope, so explore away.

  14. Finished the Epilogue on Friday, now i can give my full impressions for the game


    For a game of this size, i was surprised how much content and touches that Rockstar put in this. If i focused on the main story only, i'd have missed some quite interesting side-quests (including "Oh Brother", which has 2 brothers competing for the love of a woman. And the Marco Dragic quest, which was interesting). I did find a woman up north near Dragic's lab, where i taught her to hunt to survive. And the many times of saving a random NPC with getting a massive discount at a local store next time i saw them.

    Watching how Arthur would be loyal to Dutch throughout the game until Chapter VI, when he realizes his plans don't benefit anyone crazy enough. Dutch abandoning Arthur in the oil factory, then leaving John was obviously the final point.  Even though i knew it was coming (as anyone who played the first Red Dead Redemption will know), seeing only John back-up Arthur with everyone else behind Dutch was showing the true colors.  Right up to the ending of the Epilogue where Dutch shot Micah, and you (as John) finished him off for Arthur.  I think Dutch realized that Micah wasn't showing his true colors, and it took right to the end to realize that.

    Overall, i played as a decent character. So for the ending of the game, man that was something. I had maximum bonding with my horse, and that scene was up there with Shadow of the Collossus's emotional horse scene. I knew Arthur dying was coming, so to get some redemption by helping John escape and having a brawl with Micah which ended with Arthur dying with the sun rising over the mountain. Read that was one of the better endings, have seen one with Micah shooting Arthur on the same mountain.

    The Epilogue itself was as expected, feeling more like the first Red Dead Redemption in the latter 1/2, and was slower paced than the rest of the game.  The ending was more like i was expecting, and it came about quicker than i was expecting.  Wasn't too bad overall, and exploring New Austin and visiting everywhere (i saved the Sheriff of Armadillo from being killed, and done a few bounties i saw dotted about)

    Taking the controls issues away, which i got used to.  I found this to be one heck of a good game, up there with some of the best games i've played in a long while


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