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  1. I'd like to see the new ECW, see what it is like and how it compares to the old days. But, after what i read in here, i don;t think it is that good anyway.


    Just watched the Vengence press conference, like what Triple H said about the ECW/WWE title "Great thing about having an ECW title match in a ballroom is not only can you win the title on a Tuesday, you can also win it in Bingo on Wednesday"

  2. I got the following autographs


    Chris Barrie

    Craig Charles

    Jim Carrey

    Tim Allen


    It was hard to get Tim Allen's and Jim Carret's autographs, but i got them by sending a letter with a request for an autograph. Got 2 personally signed photos back within 2 months.


    Got Chris Barrie's and Craig Charle's autographs at Dimension Jump last year

  3. I used to collect 2 magz, these are:


    Official Nintendo Magazine - Great mag, much better than the old NOM. Great reviews and good articles


    NGC - Before they went under - Heres hoping that the new one is better than previous


    Still collect ONM, but stopped NGC since it is no longer on sale

  4. I just tell them that i'm not interested in them anymore, that usually works without them getting equal.


    Other times, i might just send crap to them from the internet e.g. free cat food or sample of bold. They soon get fed up with it and tell me its all over.

  5. Finished Echoes last week, my view on the game is that it is not as good as Prime. Prime was just mindblowing, great level designs, great enemies and great graphics.


    Echoes had great graphics, and there was no real amount of backtracking, like in Prime. But, Echoes was easier to beat than Prime, took me 2 days less time to beat it than Prime. Echoes had good level designs, but the enemies wern't that challenging compared to those in Prime.