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  1. Drunken Master II


    The sequel to the original Drunken Master. To fully get this film, you must watch the first one. Really good film, some good comedy parts in. 8/10


    The Man with the Golden Gun


    Good Bond film, Roger Moores second outing as 007. Contains the usual 007 humour. e.g. I'm letting him hang around (camera moves out to see someone hanging in a crab catcher on a ship) 9/10


    Die Hard with a Vengeance


    The final film in the Die Hard trilogy (not the last, i've heard there is another in the works). Contains moderate language, blood and a couple explosions here and there. 8/10

  2. Went out and bought a Zen Micro 6gb version. Got it with a black front to it. Quite small, but it is nice


    Looks : Came in a nicely packed box, which was nice. Black cover and blue lights look nice when charging. Has a nice Creative logo on the back.


    9/10 for looks


    Memory : 6gb of space, used about half of it with 24 albums already. Still got about 3gb left on the player.


    8/10 for memory


    Features : It has a FM Radio, calander, address book. It can also be set to display the lights for 5 seconds up to 2 minutes if required. Also has the ability to not switch off when you press pause and leave it for 5 mins


    8/10 for features


    Software : Creative's own software is really usefull. Not only is it a media player, it can also add new tracks to the player with minimal effort. One button pressed and it scans the music folders for new tracks



    A very good MP3 player i think, which i would reccomend to people wishing to buy one. Good features, memory and looks

  3. The GC was both a failure and a success.


    The failure bits were


    • Allowing games developers to slip away without any fight to keep them
    • Not advertsing properly for the GC
    • Showing the cel shaded Zelda before console launch
    • Acting all kiddy towards "adult" games, not allowing them to be developed
    • Making too many Mario sport themed games (Kart, Tennis and Golf were enough)


    And now for the success bits


    • Games like Wind Waker, Metroid Prime and Smash Brothers: Melee sold by the bucket load
    • Advertising did happen a couple of times on TV (pity it was on a kids channel)
    • Metal Gear Solid was made for the GC, sold well


    Next Gen, here is hopin that Ninty don't make the same errors as before. They are learning with the DS, advertisin it well.

  4. "Helloo"


    Don't understand why people diss Chucklevision, it's great. I still watch it from time to time.


    Anyway back on topic, i could list loads of TV programs i hate, and here we go:


    • Big Brother
    • X-Factor
    • Weakest Link
    • Modern Kids TV (Tweenies, Teletubbies, Balamory) ahh, they're polluting the airways
    • Eggheads
    • Funhouse (wtf)
    • 50-50 (that kids show where the presenters really rub it in to the losing team)
    • I'm a celeb, get me out of here (or as i call it, "i'm a derelict celeb, give me back my fame ©)
    • Lost (?????)
    • All Home programs DIY shows etc.
    • All other reality TV shows, modern kid programs and golf


    Thats all i can think of at the min, the rest are mainly watchable

  5. Just a small list of annoying ads that come up all the time in my area


    • The Esure ads (every single one, even with that bloke saying "calm down dear, it's only a commercial)
    • Sheilas Wheels
    • Diamond
      (Using Women and Safe drivers in the same ads and in the same line??, yeah right. Women drivers in my area are blind stupid, they drive into the middle of the road right in front of another driver, usually causing an accident)
    • The new "Frosties" ad (They're gonna taste great, what did they taste like before then, horrible??)
    • Halifax ads (i'm sick of Howard appearing on TV)
    • Those new Nationwide ads, hate them so much
    • Cillit Bang ads (Barry Scott, p*ss off mate, your crap)
    • Ronseal ads, does exactly what it says on the tin. No it doesn't, trust me.


    But as for a good ad, the Strongbow ads that end with "Taste that hits a little deeper", they're good. So is the Woolich "Honymoonin for bout 15 year now" ads.

  6. Lets see:


    Nintendo should have carried on advertising using similar adverts like the ones used at the beginning of the GC life, advertising games like Rouge Leader and Melee sold these by the bucket load.


    They really ought to have advertised games like Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, Pikmen, Hitman 2 (it was a GC game) and Metal Gear Solid. If advertising was kept up, sales of GC's and games would have been higher, then maybe games companies like Rare, Eidos, Capcom and EA would have made more games for the GC, or possibly stayed exclusive (Rare, Capcom) to Nintendo. If advertising was used more (even have demos of new games at stores more often), we would have seen sales of these games skyrocket.


    More third party games would have been good, games like Tomb Raider (coming too late now), Far Cry and Hitman Blood money would have helped sell the console more. Less Mario themed games would have been great, they should have stopped at Tennis. More FPS, racing and fighting games would have been awesome. Less games like Woody Woodpecker (who gives a ****) and kiddy film franchise games would have helped sell the console more because no-one buys these games anyway (except mothers who want a cheap, easy game for the kids to play on)


    Also, the colour choices of the GC being purple and black at launch wern't too good. Possibly it should have been black and silver at launch. Also maybe a choice of either having the Wavebird or standard GC controller bundled with the console along with game bundles like Metoid Prime 2: Echoes, Metal Gear Solid and Timesplitters.


    The big thing that would have sold the GC well would have been ONLINE gaming. It was launched with PSO (thats when GC sales increased a bit due to the promise of online gaming), then it slipped and dissapeared into a hole. No-one who i now who has a GC has a GC modem. Online gaming made gamers buy an X-Box or a PS2 because the GC was not online.


    Nintendo need to learn from these mistakes to make the Wii a good console to buy, they seemed to have learned with the DS, that is selling very well. With the launch of the DS lite (advertising well), this is one killer handheld (same can't be said about the GBA sadly)

  7. Drink Red Bull, it helps for a couple of hours. Or take Pro-plus. I took some when i had to do an exam and course work, managed to get a C and a B in the exam and coursework.


    But you should really have some sleep, i can have about 4-5 hours sleep and feel fine afterwards.

  8. I'd like to see the new ECW, see what it is like and how it compares to the old days. But, after what i read in here, i don;t think it is that good anyway.


    Just watched the Vengence press conference, like what Triple H said about the ECW/WWE title "Great thing about having an ECW title match in a ballroom is not only can you win the title on a Tuesday, you can also win it in Bingo on Wednesday"

  9. I got the following autographs


    Chris Barrie

    Craig Charles

    Jim Carrey

    Tim Allen


    It was hard to get Tim Allen's and Jim Carret's autographs, but i got them by sending a letter with a request for an autograph. Got 2 personally signed photos back within 2 months.


    Got Chris Barrie's and Craig Charle's autographs at Dimension Jump last year

  10. I used to collect 2 magz, these are:


    Official Nintendo Magazine - Great mag, much better than the old NOM. Great reviews and good articles


    NGC - Before they went under - Heres hoping that the new one is better than previous


    Still collect ONM, but stopped NGC since it is no longer on sale