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  1. I've been using RGB scart cables since the N64 days, and have been using the same cable when i got a Cube. So when i get a Wii, i'll be using the cable with the Wii.


    I've got a portable TV in my room, which displays the picture on-screen brilliantly. As and when i get a HD-TV, i'll get the component cables. I was reading somewhere that composite cables provide an ok picture, RGB provide a great picture and the componant cables provide the best picture possible for the Wii.

  2. This game is the worst game i've ever played on any system. I remember renting out the game, wanted to see what it was like n stuff. Within 5 minutes of gameplay, i ended up using this as a paperweight because that was the only good thing about the game in the end

  3. Ah, this brings back a lot of good memories about the game. Majoras Mask was, and still is one of the darkest thrilling Zelda games i've played. Last played on this game a couple months back, best bit of the game i thought were transforming into Zora's, Goron's and Deku's. This game has so much replay value thanks to the three day time cycle.


    Must get back to playing this game, still got a couple of heart pieces to get which are the ones in the mini-games that take three days to get.


    I found this out when i was playing the lottery in the game.

    Write the winning numbers down as and when they come up along with the day they came up as well. Play these numbers per day, i.e. day 1 numbers on day 1 etc. You will win all the time guarenteed. Reason, the numbers repeat themselves every three days


  4. Knowing our luck Nintendo will totally shaft Europe and we won;t even get a single copy!


    Not according to Nintendo Europe, they guaranteed that Europe will get Twlight Princess on the GC released in shops across Europe on 15/12/2006.


    At the moment, i've pre-ordered Twlight Princess for the GC from Gameplay, as i won;t have enough money saved up for a Wii and the Wii version until after Christmas.

  5. I've still got a couple of games i'm working through on my GC, which include Metroid Prime 2 and Timespliiters: Future Perfect (i'm doing both on the hardest mode available), so my GC still has plenty of life left in it yet.


    There is only one game i want for the GC atm which is Twilight Princess (due to my budget i can't get a Wii or the Wii version of the game till after Christmas)

  6. I don't see why people compare all three 3D Zelda games, each one is slightly better than the one before it in my opinion.


    Ocarina of Time introduced us to the Happy Mask shop and the mask trading which allowed us to wear masks to look like other tribes and it introduced us to Epona and songs that could transport us to Temple entrances as well as control day and night and conjour up storms if required. Ocarina of Time also gave us practice in stealth in and around Hyrule Castle and Gerudo Valley and gave us mini-games and side quests to distract us from the main story


    Majoras Mask improved upon this by allowing us to collect many masks, some of which had unique powers like controlling animals with song and others giving us the ability to transform into Zoras or Gorons. Epona was available much earlier in the game than in Ocarina and one song allowed us to travel to Town, Region or Temple entrances. Majoras Mask improved the stealth by using a vast area like Gerudo Fortress as a great place to sneak around as well as hiding from thieves. Majoras Mask also gave us even more mini-games and side quests than Ocarina did and it improved these as well by either making them harder or spreading them out over three days to make them more interesting.


    Wind Waker improved this further, even with one mask in the game, we could see the enemy health and see how much it had left. Transport was available earlier still with the introduction of the King of Red Lions, and more songs that allowed us to control the Wind were introduced. The sneaking around factor was brought back in the Forsaken Fortress and was also used on Windfall. Wind Waker also had it's fair dose of mini-games and side quests, which would make the game last longer and distract you from the main quest e.g. the Triforce quest


    So in my opinion, each of the three 3D Zelda games is slightly better in some ways than the one before it. Ocarina of Time set the foundations, Majoras Mask and Wind Waker built up on the foundations

  7. I think my first game was Astro Wars...




    That was my first game i ever played when i was about 3.


    My first ever console game was Super Mario Bros on the NES, it took me ages to complete it. I remember me and my Dad competing to see who could get further into the game than the other one, he won most of the time though lol

  8. My Cube works fine, plays all my games and i've had it about 3 years now. It is my second Cube, someone thought it would be funny to take my first Cube and fill it with polyfiller for an April Fools Joke. As i didn't have a screwdriver that fits the Cube screws, i couldn't clean it out. Funny thing is, it still played my games until it blew up because it got overheated

  9. I can't stand the Stars Catalogue. There is never anything decent to buy. Just look at NoA and Nintendo of Japan's catalogues. They got way better stuff than us Europeans. A tip NoE, improve the catalogue in Europe with permanant better items, not items that stay 5 mins in the catalogue then not update it again for months. By doing this, you will improve European Ninty sales and make us a whole lot happier as well.

  10. I've only used the Nintendo official memory cards, since i had a bad experiance from using non-official cards in the past. The first one i had never worked, the second one after i returned the first worked for a while, then it cloned all my save files, then corrupted. Finally, i got a third one which worked until i played on Wrestlemania XIX, then never worked after that.


    So since then, i;ve always bought official

  11. Some guys here say that Mission Impossible, Pokemon Stadium, Mario Party and Pokemon Snap are the worst n64 games? They're great games! Even worse, that automatically means they'r rating them below SUPERMAN 64?? Have you ever played SuperMan 64?? Fortunately for you, you never played that game for sure. I played it, for like 2 minutes and it was enough to mess up my life. It's been 6 years and i still have nightmares and seizures, and my throad was burned by my numerous throw-ups in these past 6 years.


    :horse: This game was so bad, i was starting to think of things to do with the game cart itself. In the end, i used it as a paperweight. Lex Luthor: Solve my maze. What friggin maze




    If anyone wishes to read the review of the game, i found it on this site

  12. 1. All annoying adverts would stop forever once they have appeared on a TV screen on the strongbow ads, then get destroyed by 2 arrows.http://www.strongbow.com/Downloads.aspx (click on watch advert to get what i'm on about). Frosties, Cillit Bang, Shealas Wheels etc.


    2. A fit Japanese girlfriend (age: 20-24), who would never get older as well as me never getting any older, we'd stay looking young forever)


    3. Aston Martin DB9 that never runs out of fuel (with £10 million in the boot)

  13. Ace Ventura - When Nature Calls


    Jim Carrey's second outing as the rubber faced pet loving detective. In this film, Ace must rescue a bat from another animal lover (he loves dead ones on the walls) before a tribal war breaks out. The second film is better than the first but only by a little bit. A good laugh if your in the mood for a comedy film. 8/10




    Pierce Brosnans first outing as the famous James Bond 007. If you've played the game (most people i know have) then the game and film follow each other perfectly. A good storyline with good acting makes this film worth watching again and again. 9/10