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  1. I think I'm gonna buy this on ebay, just for the fact its a tiny glimpse of a series (thats good but most certainly overrated) that will never make it to Nintendo systems due to being in the clutches of Sony despite the no "only for" sign in the corner of the boxart in the PAL version... :angry:


    It's a very good game, it's worth getting for the great gameplay this game provides and it has very good replay value. I just beat the game on the weekend for the third time. There is a choice in one part of the game when

    Meryl gets kidnapped and you have a choice to save her or not in the torture room. If you cave in to the torture, the ending is different and Meryl dies. But you get the stealth camoflauge from Otacon if you give in to the torture. You get infinite ammo if Meryl survives by not giving in to the torture



    And i almost forgot, beat the game twice on any difficulty and you get alternative clothes in the third run

  2. At last, after what has seemed like an eternity Twilight Princess is nearly upon the GC. 2 days to go now. And the tin looks very good. I wonder if they send me a tin as well, it would be very nice.


    My order on Gameplay is now getting picked and packed. Just hope they send me the right version now. I remember i ordered Sands of Time from Gameplay for the GC and they sent me the game, but it was the PS2 version and not the GC version as i ordered

  3. 5 days to go!!


    I pre-ordered a copy of Twilight Princess in GAME ages ago, but since they stopped doing GC stuff, they cancelled my pre-order and refunded my deposit for the game which infuriated me. I didn't know that they could do that. They told me as the game was going to the Wii, they didn't see any point getting the GC version in. So i pre-ordered the game on Gameplay, which turns out to be cheaper.


    Just checked on my order on Gameplay. On the GC page on the site, they've increased the price to £34.99 due to the game being a huge hit on the Wii and everyone wants a copy of it. Lucky for me, i'm only paying £29.99 for the game on Gameplay as i ordered it 3 months ago.


    Play have sold out of the GC version already, and it isn't even out yet.


    Cheapest place to get the game if anyone wishes to get this version is Amazon, which have it for £29.99

  4. I'm in the process of completing Ocarina of Time. At the moment, i'm just entering the Shadow Temple. I've got 85 Skulltulas, 17 Heart Containers, 50 Arrow Quiver, 50 Bomb Bag. Lets just say that i've done and got absolutly everything up to the Shadow Temple


    Update: I've now got all 100 Skulltulas, all 20 Heart Containers, the Ice and Light Arrows, Golden Gauntlets, the last fairy upgrade and i've cleared the first section of Ganon's Castle. All in all, it will take me about 1/2 -1 hr of gameplay to beat the game again.

  5. Welcome to the forum lforster.


    Wind Waker was a good game in my opinion. It was a bit of a short game, i completed it within a week of getting the game (thats only playing 2-3 hours a day and only doing the main quest).


    I was kind of hoping that there were a couple more dungeons/temples in the game and maybe an extra town or two to pad it out a bit longer. I also thought the Triforce Hunt was good, but it could of been better i.e. a couple of mini-dungeons to get a map or a piece of the triforce.

  6. Well, the ECW PPV wasn't the best PPV i've seen. In fact, it was one of the worst i've seen in a long time. I was expecting the Elimination Chamber to be weapon fillled, not to just have one weapon locked in each chamber along with a Superstar. That was a let down for me. And what was with not putting Sabu in the chamber, he might have made it better than it was. The other matches were just a waste of time, no storyline to them at all.


    Glad Big Show lost the title, pity it was to Lashley. I think Lashley took the easy way to win a title, instead of fighting for it. When he was on Smackdown, they were working on his character to eventually win the World Title, but he took the easy way out and went to ECW, which is worse than Smackdown and practically took the title with no effort.


    I was on wwe.com earlier and wwe have dismissed Heyman from ECW.

  7. Sales of the 360 will go sky high next year. I read on the BBC site earlier in the year that Microsoft have managed to make a cheaper processor for the 360 that keeps the console from overheating and the 360 will drop in price early next year. Good news for those wishing to buy a 360.


    With all the new games (Halo 3 for starters) coming out for the 360 next year and a cheaper priced 360, Microsoft have nothing to worry about.

  8. I've seen enough dogs nd cats run over round my area. Last Dog i saw run over was a couple of weeks ago around a corner. Lets just say it was a sick sight to see. The eyes had popped out of socket, blood nd guts were sprawld over the road and the whole lower jaw had been crushed.


    At least someone had the decency to move it to the pavement.

  9. I'm in the process of completing Ocarina of Time. At the moment, i'm just entering the Shadow Temple. I've got 85 Skulltulas, 17 Heart Containers, 50 Arrow Quiver, 50 Bomb Bag. Lets just say that i've done and got absolutly everything up to the Shadow Temple

  10. 1) The RGB cable wont fit in your Wii - different plug


    2) The Official Wii RGB Scart cable has also been delayed along with the component cable.


    Looks like its Composite for all.


    With an added addition that i got a scart block that the composite cables slot into i.e. it's a scart plug with three pin slots for the composite cables to plug into. It's pretty handy for getting a better picture out of composite cables. Plus, it supports 60 Htz games like MP2 and displays them with a crisp picture