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  1. If the government bring in this road tax that will charge people per mile they travel, i'm moving out of this country. I think that the government tax people enough as it is on everything and with the already high council taxes in force.


    Car tax at the moment is good enough and it will be cheaper to keep this running instead of the new system which can charge up to £1 a mile. Over a course of a year, this would come to roughly £20,000 a year per car if someone traveled 50 miles a day at £1 a mile. C'mon car tax is roughly £150 a year which is a snippet of this cost. How rich do the government think we are.


    As i said earlier, i'd leave this country if it came into force and go somewhere where this system isn't and where they speak English or a language that is easy to learn.

  2. I don't watch a lot of TV because i got an annoying Sister who hogs the remote control all the time so i tend to watch DVD's in my room most of the time or Freeview which has limited channels (it has all the BBC and ITV channels, News, C4, More4, E4 and Sky Three)


    When i do watch the TV, i mainly watch classic comedies like Red Dwarf, Home Improvement, Blackadder, Men Behaving Badly, Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses, Mr Bean (now and then), Brittas Empire and pratically any other comedies i can find on UKTV Gold and G2.


    I also watch other programs like Top Gear and some of the BBC and ITV dramas and crime dramas that i find interesting. I also sometimes watch the music channels as well and some of the documentary channels as well (they have good things on sometimes). When there is a good game on the sports, i watch that as well.

  3. I see that the next generation of gaming won't revert back to conventional controls for Nintendo. If they did this, then there would be many dissapointed gamers and Nintendo would sure flunk in the home console areas. I see an improvement with the Wii coming with an option for conventional controls built into the games. This will give gamers a choice if they want to use freehand controls or pad controls when playing games.


    Plus the next Nintendo home console will have a vast amount more power and more graphical improvements then ever before.

  4. it snowed where i live as well, but only about 2 inches. It was all gone by 3pm this afternoon. Probably won't see it again for another year and it most likely won't snow next year because my town is too near the Severn

  5. Depends on the type of Ham. If it was Gamon then i would prefer it to Chicken. But would prefer Chicken to all other Ham Types.


    As for Pizza toppings, then Spicy Beef (with Jalopeno Chillies) or Ham and Pinapple

  6. Is it still on??. Havn't seen it for a while, i don't usually get home to see it at 6pm (if it still airs at 6pm).


    Loved it when i did see it. Bridge Ball, High Rollers and Skipping Stones are my favourite games to watch. Just love watching the Japanese get hurt.

  7. Great episode, glad it's back on.


    Loved the whole roadworks bit, laughed a bit during it all. "Can i have Cod and Chips 75 times?". Wonder what the chip shop bloke was thinking when Richard said that.


    And seeing the whole crash footage showed just how bad it was. Richard was lucky to survive that or not get lasting brain damage. Clarkson had some good quotes during the episode as well as during the crash footage.

  8. Royal Rumble results are in


    • The Hardys def. MNM
    • ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley def. Test (Countout)
    • World Heavyweight Champion Batista def. Mr. Kennedy
    • WWE Champion John Cena def. Umaga (Last Man Standing Match)
    • Undertaker wins the Royal Rumble Match