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  1. I watched this program the other day and it is interesting seeing the whole process of getting meat from the living animal to the dinner plate. As long as the animal that gets killed is killed humainly and it didn't suffer, then i think it is ok for the BBC to keep showing it.


    I remember watching a similar one off documentary about slaugher houses and how staff tease the animals before they slaughter them. It was quite horrific watching that.

  2. As long as they remove or cut down a bit on the urban gangs inc Ballas that will be an improvement. Also i would like to see Rockstar give us a choice for our character so we can choose if he/she is either black or white.


    Improve the flying, add some more assets that actually have things to do inside. I don't mind if they include the main characters family/friends for story missions like in SA. And take out the g/f's that require your body to be different sizes which did drive me bonkers.


    As for the size and time area for the game, maybe a little bigger than SA but set in either the 80's or in a modern era. And add a Zoo and make it more realisic by having more trains in the game either sitting in sidings (like cars in carparks that you can "borrow") or moving along the rails at more regular intervals. And have ships arriving and leaving port and planes landing and taking off from airports, which would be nice.

  3. 2 moments come to mind


    One of them happend about 6 years ago during school. I decided to try out for the basketball team and i got in. Anyway, the team made it to the finals and we were against Newport playing at home. What i remember of it was that i got a three pointer which resulted in the team winning the tournament. And being Newport, they couldn't handle losing so they kicked the tar out of me after the game. They beat me badly enough that i had to quit due to injury. At least i achieved one of my proudest moments that year.


    The other moment is that i won a snooker tournament the other week in which no-one thought i had a chance. I have to hand it to who i played, they were very good players. I sure did rub it in afterwards to them. Got a nice prize as well.

  4. The last films i have watched over the past couple of days


    Jungle 2 Jungle


    Quite a funny film starring Tim Allen. Tim plays Michael Cromwell, a coffee salesman who needs to get a divorce from his ex-wife only to discover he has a son living in the Amazon with her. Good laughs expected when Michael brings his son to New York.



    The Pink Panther


    The latest version of the classic film. In this version, Steve Martin stars as the clumsy, yet whitty Inspector Clueso as he goes on a case to recover the missing Pink Panther diamond and solve a murder along the way. Great laughs and a good film.




    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


    Watched this when i was half asleep one night, so i didn;t see all of it but what i did see of it was good. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet star in this.




    Warrior King


    This has to be one of the most brutal martial arts films i have seen in a long time. Tony Jaar stars in this breathtaking epic as a village warrior who sets out to recover two elephants stolen from his native Thailand and taken to Austrailia to meet dismal endings. This film apparantly has no wireworks or stunt doubles and some of the fighting looks too real to be faked (you actually see bones breaking)



  5. MK-DD was an alright game, but it was missing that "special" feeling that MK-64 gave me. When i got this game, it was good but it was missing the free race feature (not time trial) that was in MK-64, so really this game wasn't worth playing all the time like MK-64 was. Plus it didn't have enough tracks, and the idea of having 2 people per Kart made it feel like a different game than a Mario Kart game. Multiplayer mode was ok if i wasn't playing.


    MK-DS is 10 times better than the dismal MK-DD, which is why i play the DS version more often than the GC version

  6. Sunshine is a very good game, but it is not as good as SM64. It is harder getting some of the shines in Sunshine than getting some stars in SM64 plus one or two of the tracks in Sunshine are better than in SM64.


    But SM64 is better than Sunshine because it involved skill to get some of the stars instead of a water pack.

  7. If the government bring in this road tax that will charge people per mile they travel, i'm moving out of this country. I think that the government tax people enough as it is on everything and with the already high council taxes in force.


    Car tax at the moment is good enough and it will be cheaper to keep this running instead of the new system which can charge up to £1 a mile. Over a course of a year, this would come to roughly £20,000 a year per car if someone traveled 50 miles a day at £1 a mile. C'mon car tax is roughly £150 a year which is a snippet of this cost. How rich do the government think we are.


    As i said earlier, i'd leave this country if it came into force and go somewhere where this system isn't and where they speak English or a language that is easy to learn.