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  1. Wild Hogs


    Didn't know what to expect with this film, heard mixed views about it. Very good film in my opinion. Great starring line-up and there is some great humour throughout. Basically, the film is about 4 guys taking a road trip on bikes and it follows what they get upto. Stars John Travolta, Tim Allen, William H Macey and Martin Lawrence



  2. Sonic 2 was awesome back in its day. The levels were awesome, and the introuction of the revvin Sonic made it better than the first. I dug out my old copy and Megadrive to play on it and i beat it after a few attempts on the final level. Took me since 1994 to beat the game.


    And i also liked playing as Knuckles when i combined Sonic 2 with Sonic and Knuckles and beat the game with him as well as Sonic.

  3. I'd recommend the following


    Wind Waker

    Metroid Prime 1 and 2

    Timesplitters 2 and Future Perfect

    Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes

    Mario Sunshine

    Super Smash Brothers Melee

    Soul Calibur II


    Thats all i can think of for now out of my collection

  4. Entirely depends on which version, the original version was awefull so that gets 1/10.


    The new version was awesome, shows a more dark and aggressive Bond than the one played by Pierce Brosnan so that gets 9/10


    Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves

  5. Don't think i'm doin too much over the weekend, apart from finishing off a racing tournament that i organised with a few mates which we have been working through for the past couple of weeks, the final is on Monday. Apart from that, nothing much else i don't think

  6. I watched these 4 over the weekend


    Mr Bean's Holiday


    Surprisingly good, kept to the original key elements that made Mr Bean so good in the first place. A very laugh out loud sort of film in places. The earning money bits were great among other parts.






    Saw this on Channel 4 on Sunday, very good film and slightly better than the 2nd film in the series. Nice surprise at the end as well. Was surprised by Mini-me joining Austin to stop Dr Evil




    Naked Gun 2 1/2


    Funny sequel to the first Naked Gun. Great laughs throughout, the comedy fighting scenes were great along with the bits where Drebin tried to cut his ropes using a shelving unit and also tried to disarm a nuclear bomb sequence as well.




    Casino Royale


    Saw this today, very good film. Was amazed on how well Daniel Craig played Bond in the film, great film keeping close to the book as they did in the previous Bond films bar the last Dalton and Brosnan films.



  7. Um, that was one wierd programme. If i was one of there children, i would have rebelled against them and would have tried to have a "normal" life and make friends outside of that circle.


    I laughed when the families got insulted by passer-bys, how can anyone not be tempted to punch one or two of these "supporters". I know i was tempted. I was surprised that no-one came up to them when they were protesting a funeral and told them to clear off.


    Otherwise, a good program overall.

  8. Most annoying are the clueless users who actually believe stuff like Nintendo buying Square-Enix or Lego Zelda, and spend the next ten months talking about it. Like if it was real or something.


    :) lol, i know of a few people who will talk about this for a few months. Even i know that these stories are fakes, like the "realistic" Wind Waker back last year.

  9. Would be a nice idea, don't mind either Alton or Thorpe cos they are both roughly the same traveling distance from where i live.


    Havn't been to Thorpe Park before, but i have been to Alton Towers before on a couple of school trips and both of them have turned out to be great trips except for the idiots from my class who nearly got us kicked out of the park.