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  1. This is looking and sounding better and better each week. If done right, this could be the best GTA Rockstar have ever made. This will be one game that i will be picking up at launch.

  2. These make me happy


    • Watching Manchester United win
    • Watching the Chicago Bulls win
    • Spending "quality" time with my gf
    • Playing Snooker
    • Chilling out with mates down the club
    • Doing my duties down the club
    • Playing Rainbow Six Vegas and actually staying alive longer than 10 mins
    • Going to Inverness on a weeks holiday with a group of mates
    • Getting a job that lasts


    And thats just a few things that make me happy

  3. I live in Caldicot which is a reletivley small town/large village. About half the people wo live here are nice enough to talk to, the other half are chavs from Newport or want to pick a fight.


    Only good thing about where i live is that it has a members club which i am a member of and it is also where you can find the only people worth talking to as well and it has snooker/pool tables with regular tournaments. The other pubs tend to have fights every night of the week and one or two are dumps anyway.


    There are no real good shops, just recently the film rental place shut down and is now an estate agents. We got 4 banks/building societys (HSBC, Halifax, Barclays, Nationwide, Lloyds TSB) why that many i don't know. We got more takeaways per mile than Rogiet, Magor and Undy combined.

  4. The box art does look impressive, wouldn't mind if the official box art looked like that or similar to it.


    I'm pumped up about this game, it has to be one of the main reasons why people bought a Wii to experiance using the Wii-Mote to control Samus's arm cannon.

  5. Sounds like there is no real problem with this, if the mother wishes to donate eggs for her daughter then thats her decision and it is up to the daughter to decide if she wants to use her mothers eggs or use someone elses eggs to have a child. At least if she uses her mothers eggs then there is more of a chance of having a child that looks a bit like her and the father of the child.

  6. New Police Story


    A return to form for Jackie Chan as he re-launches the Police Story franchise. None of the original Police Story cast are in this film as was first thought, but this does not let down the film as there are some new supporting actors who do the job just as good or better. The action sequences are awesome, note the bus scene and the store sequences. Only bad thing i can say about the film is that one or two parts do go on a bit which tend to get a bit boring. Other than that, this is a great film and i'm going to give this film



  7. It will be different playing a wrestling game using the Wiimote instead of a controller. It will be interesting to see how it plays during the development of the game