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  1. I respect gays.

    However gays who just want attention for it...ugh.


    I have a few friends who are gay, they are a great laugh until they start seeking attention because of it in front of me, then i start to feel un-easy about it. I don't have a problem with gay people, it's freedom of expression in this world and if people want to express themselves that way, then that is their decision and i respect that.


    BTW, i'm straight in case you were wondering.

  2. POTC - AWE


    Quite good, cheesy wedding scene but overall a very good film with what i thought an ending that i'd never thought would happen. 9/10


    Licence to Kill


    Timothy Daltons best 007 movie. Licence to Kill shows a new side to James Bond, a vengefull side. It is also the first James Bond movie not to be based on a book completly. Awesome action sequences and a great story plot gives this film 9/10

  3. If you have a router, you don't need to share the connection. Plug the 360 into the router, change all the settings on the Xbox to automatic and that should work. That is unless you've changed the router settings to manual where you'll need to put in different numbers on the 360.


    Sorry, forgot to mention, the router is downstairs under my stairs and the PC is in my room across the landing so a direct connection to the router is not possible.

  4. I'm having a problem sharing my Internet connection to my X-Box 360. I've got a Netgear DG834GT router and my PC Internet connection comes in via a Netgear WG111T Adaptor. My PC O/S is Vista and the connection encryption is WPA


    I have managed to get the 360 online using another Internet Connection and been able to keep the Internet going on the PC, but when i try to share my own Internet Connection with the 360 a message box sometimes pops up with an "Error, unable to complete this operation, please try again" message or changes to shared connection but cuts off the net but keeps the connection to local. Does anyone know how i can get around this?

  5. I;ve stocked up on 360 games to keep me going throughout BB season. I also have enough money to go down pub nearly every night to avoid BB talk.


    Anything is more exciting to watch than BB, which involves people watching people in a house talking all day. This year, we have a women-orientated house with 1 man going in soon (and twins!!). I'd rather gouge my own eyes out or watch Titanic or paint dry than watch BB. Real life torture is better for you than BB torture, trust me!!.

  6. "Quickly, you've got to come with me!"

    "I can't they've.... they've tied my shoelaces together."

    "A double knot? Those bastards."


    lol, awesome quote from the awesome Hot Shots Part Deux, best part of the film was the whole breaking into the complex and rescuing the prisoners. Bloodiest Movie Ever!!! lol.


    And personally, i think Truman Show is Carreys best work. Cable Guy is worth watching, but only as a rental or something. Liar Lair is awesome, can't tell a lie for a whole day, lmao throughout.


    Watched all these yesterday


    Die Hard


    Used this film to test my new PC sound system and i don't regret buying it. The explosions made my speakers shake a little and made the film even more enjoyable. 10/10


    American Pie 2


    Great sequel to the first film, enjoyed it a bit more than the original and it had a few more laughs in than before 9/10


    Rocky IV


    My personal favourite Rocky movie, great songs featured which i tend to sing now and again. Also one of the best montaiges showing training with modern and old-fashioned equipment. 9.5/10




    Great gangster movie, currently playing the game that follows the movie 9/10

  7. Terminator 2


    What can i say was actually wrong with this film, not a lot really. But what is right about it is a lot. This is better than the first Terminator movie and it is not because of the improved CGI, which i don't mind in films. As a whole this is an awesome film and it gets 10/10.

  8. Well, i won't be getting this game mainly for the reason that i already have it on the GC under the name Two Thrones. It is good though for the new gamers who never played it on the GC.


    And using the - button for camera isn't too good at all, looking at the above pic of the attachment might make it easier to control some parts of the game.

  9. Apart from the Office. How is that ever funny? EVER?


    I've tried many times to get into the Office but i cannot get into it same as Extras, it's not funny and that dance was not that funny at all. I prefer watching other stuff like Red Dwarf, Men Behaving Badly, Home Improvement, Scrubs, 2 Pints, Fawlty Towers, Family Guy and American Dad among others.


    I do like watching 2 pints it is funny in a lot of places, thankfully i get BBC 3 in my room so i can watch it up their along with other great shows that appear on BBC 3.

  10. EB Games UK was set up in the UK on it's own - it just borrowed the name and logo from the US stores. The US Chain doesn't own anything in this country.


    Then GAME bought out EB in the UK and made all the stores GAME, and now bought out Gamestation which is a good move in my opinion. And Gamestation still get to trade under the Gamestation name.


    I got better service in GAME than in Gamestation when i was purchasing my 360 and got a better offer as well in GAME which was even nicer.

  11. I use the classic controller for many VC games except the N64 and NES games, for which i use the GC pad and Wiimote for these games and i have no problems with using the classic controller. And i've yet to find a game that uses both sticks on the classic pad.