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  1. I've taken a look around and can't find a thread about what you are listening to, so i thought i'd start one up and see how it goes on here. Basically, as the title says. What are you listening to?


    Only rule is one post an hour. So as this is my first, i can't post again for an hour. Gives everyone a chance to post.



    Bon Jovi - (You want to) Make a Memory

  2. I've changed a lot during my life. Back in Junior School, i was shy and only really spoke to one or two people. When i got to the comp, there was a lot of bullying going on towards me because i was shy and people thought i was a coward and childish until about year 9 when i beat one of the bullies to a pulp at lunch once, then all the bullying stopped and people began to respect me more.


    My confidence grew and by year 11 i was one of the popular guys in school. Then i left and went to college where i grew more confident and lost my shyness and became more mature than ever before.

  3. Women drivers who hog the roads by taking their kids to school when they might just live round the corner. Then they have the decency to stop in the middle of the road, get out and have a chat with a few other ladies before they move. And they don't take kindly to "Move your f**k**g car out the way so i can get to work"


    Customers at tills that take a lifetime to sort themselves out before they leave the tills. At least when i was on the tills, i'd wait till the customers were not there before i sorted the till out.


    Chavs/Townies (Need i say more)


    People who slam on the brakes at traffic lights when it starts to change from Green to Amber, then when the lights change back to green, they don't move for half an hour then they move when the lights are about to change again.


    People who don't indicate and expect you to realise they are turning.


    When you leave a car park space, people take their time walking with trollies past your car when you are leaving. Are these people oblivious to moving cars. Serious now, i purposely reversed slowly into a shopping trolly someone put behind my car while they were chatting to someone who stopped their car in the middle of the lane to teach them a lesson in awareness.


    Senior Citizens counting their pennies by the bus driver or at a cashier when you are in a rush to get somewhere and you are either behind them or on the bus waiting for them to sit down.

  4. Depending on how old the PC is, it might be worth considering getting a brand new one. Works out easier this way as well.


    But if you are still wishing to upgrade your current PC, then depending on how old it is you might have to upgrade the motherboard as well as the RAM and other parts to be able to get these to work effectively

  5. I upgraded to Vista last month and it is a lot better than using XP. I've had no problems with any of the hardware i've installed on the PC. I actually found that my wireless adaptor linked up and was working a lot quicker than it did when i set it up on XP. Only trouble with Vista is that it is memory hungry and i need to up my RAM a bit to make it a little faster.


    Just got to wait and see when the Wi-Fi dongle has a driver update for Vista so i can get back on the DS online

  6. If I Look Left I see the left speaker, my 360, GC and a Fosters Pint Glass and my bed.


    If I Look Right I see my PC bass box, right speaker Storage tower with DVD's, games and books and my wardrobe along with a fan and Rocky Poster


    If I Look Down I see my PC tower, Keyboard, Adidas T-Shirt and Joggers


    If I Look Straight Ahead I see my PC screen, DVD player, Freeview and TV


    If I Look Behind me I see my DAB Radio w/t CD Tower, mirror and Drawers.