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  1. Tomorrow Never Dies


    A great original 007 movie, starring Pierce Brosnan. In my opinion, it is his second best movie behind Goldeneye. It had great supporting acting from a great line-up. The bad guy in this wasn't as obvious as some movies, it made you think it was someone else for a while until mid-film. This gets 9.5/10




    Set in the 1930's, starring Jackie Chan. This movie is one of the best classic Chan movies i have seen, and any Jackie Chan fan must see this movie. It has all the humour, crazy stunts and martial arts that he is famous for throughout. I'm giving this a 9/10




    What can i say bad about this movie, nothing. What i can say about this is that if you havn't seen this, where have you been. Al Pacino portreys Tony Montana perfectly. He does the cuban accent well, and it has one of the best endings in film history to me. 10/10.

  2. Just saw the Wales-Australia game and they got beat by the Aussies 32-20, but got to give it to Wales for fighting back.


    Not commenting on the England-South Africa match, except England need to pull their fingers out their backsides otherwise they won't win against Samoa and Tonga, who are also great sides.

  3. The films i have watched over the past few days


    The Number 23


    Great movie, made me think in places. Shows Jim Carrey in a serious role for a change. This gets 8.5/10


    Ace Ventura -Pet Detective


    Watched it tonight, great movie with some great humor throughout. A humorous Jim Carrey movie which he portrays so well. 9/10


    Wild Hogs


    Tim Allen joins this star studied movie. A great bike movie and one of Tims best non-animated or Disney movie. 9/10


    The Lord of The Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring


    Saw it on Sunday, great movie by Peter Jackson. Is better than the book 9.5/10

  4. I have a MySpace, Bebo and Facebook accounts, use the Bebo and MySpace once a week or so and the Facebook when i get a message from a user.


    But i mostly use MSN (Windows Live) to keep in contact with my chums. Also the forums as well.

  5. Never had that problem before. If that is the case, then i think the wrong serial number was printed on the laptop.


    Just saving a bit of cash ready to get more RAM for my PC, should make Vista run smoother and quicker as i am fed up of it taking forever to mearly load up.

  6. Top 5 Comedy Stand-ups


    1 - Lee Evens

    2 - Jasper Carrott

    3 - Peter Kay

    4 - Tim Allen

    5 - Freddy Starr


    Top 5 episodes of Red Dwarf


    1 - Back to Reality

    2 - Polymorph

    3 - Blue

    4 - Gunmen of the Apocalypse

    5 - Backwards


    Top 5 games


    1 - Ocarina of Time

    2 - Goldeneye

    3 - Scarface

    4 - Metroid Prime

    5 - Sonic 3

  7. I've met Jackie Chan at his film premier of New Police Story in London, really nice bloke if i do say so. I have also met the Red Dwarf cast and producers and got autographs from Robert Llewellyn, Craig Charles and Chris Barrie. All really nice and are a great laugh.


    I also won a competition on the radio with the prize being a personally signed picture and DVD from Jim Carreys film Bruce Almighty a few years back. And i saw Jeremy Clarkson in Oxford and got a signed copy of The World According to Clarkson back a few years ago.


    My Mums claim to fame is that she nearly got run over by Jeremy Paxman on the way to work.

  8. I can't believe people really think this one of the best cube games ever. I don't think it was a bad game by any means, it just wasn't amazing at all. I played through it once and then sold it.


    Same for me really, it is one of them games that is worth playing through once or twice only really.

  9. I'd ask for a working gun with live ammo to eat, but then use the gun to break out.


    Na, not really. I'd go for an all you can eat Chinese buffet along with an all you can drink beer. I'd eat myself to death before i'd get anywhere near the chair