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  1. Lets see, my day was good


    Got up at 6:30am, got the bus at 7:20am and got to work about 7:50am, 10 mins before start time. Morning went a little slow but sped up later on.


    Got home about 5:15pm, played some PDZ on the 360 completed a mission on there. Now playing SVR 07 completing story mode and acquiring the WWE title and the achievement of getting all titles.


    May go out to pub later for a pint or two then shall watch Red Dwarf or Home Improvement before bed later.

  2. I own all the games that i wanted to get for GC, but there are some in the collection that i just haven't got round to completing as of yet, these include


    Metroid Prime 2

    PoP - Warrior Within

    Twilight Princess (yes, i haven't beaten it yet, but i will by Christmas).


    Other than the ones above, i have beaten all the games i own for GC multiple times now.

  3. I happened to be online last night for a while, and i believe that Ant and Harribo were not to blame for last nights abuse/flamming. And because of this, i would be surprised if either one of these members mentioned above would consider coming back when the bans are revoked.


    I mean, if i was banned for something i never done and with no reason to why i was banned, i sure wouldn't come back to this site and a few others would follow suit with me as well.

  4. I think including the terminator name in the title is a mistake, doesn't give a very good first impression. I can actually see good potential in the story, but the name Terminator Salvation just screams "cash-in"


    I have to agree with you, if the Terminator part of the name was dropped it might make people want to see it. At the moment, it may only be die hard fans who will be interested in the movie(s) and maybe the odd other non-die hard fan as well.

  5. These are going to suck, i just know they will. T3 was ok, but it was missing something unlike T2, which was a masterpiece.


    I know these are going to be set during the war era, so i will be interested to see how they are made and what will be done in each movie. Plus, the reason why the previous three movies were good was because the Terminators were sent back in time (and 1 human) to Terminate targets to change history, so Terminator can't really be used in the title if none of this happens in the new movies.

  6. Most of the teens i knew who smoked only did it because of


    A - It was apparantly cool

    B - Their mates did it


    I've never smoked and i get congratulated because of this all the time, and with the age now increased to 18 to buy them i can see a few teens struggling to buy them without getting an 18+ person to get them for them. I've already been asked numerous times to buy fags from these youngsters and i have never given in to getting fags for them.


    My mate is quitting smoking with the help from his mother, he is on 5 this week then it goes down by one each week. He should be off them by mid-November.