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  1. I can't remember if i posted in the last thread or not, but never the less.

    • I'm James
    • 34 years of age
    • In a happy relationship of 4 1/2 years
    • Currently living in Newport, South Wales with my partner
    • Currently working in the Civil Service, have done for 9 years
    • Working at home at the moment (which i'm hoping becomes permanent, as i love it)
    • Don't have as much time for gaming as i used to, but still have time to put in a few hours a week.  Home working is helping add the hours on as i'm not commuting
    • Have a hamster which prefers me over my partner (it's her hamster, and keeps biting her)
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  2. Social media seems to be the way forward, however even that isn't the best place to go.  Forums can be moderated, so any toxicity can usually (i say usually, there are forums out there which allow it more frequently and challenges to this results in a ban) be stopped in their tracks.  Facebook is a great tool for keeping in touch with people, however some group pages certainly don't seem to be moderated and can provide a toxic environment.

    I'm sort of 50/50 with forums and social media.  I like forums still as they can provide a good base for conversations and can be friendly places, however social media does have the ability to provide breaking news faster.  You can find some people who'll happily have a conversation, but most of the time you'll just see spam messages akin to a streamers chat on Twitch.

  3. Felt some more normality today since lockdown eased.  Ventured out of Newport for the first time since March 22nd and went to my parents house, but made a visit to a friends house first.  He's been stuck in his parents place since this all started, only seeing the same 2 faces day in day out.  Took a bottle of rum over, we shared a drink (I bought a glass, he had his own too).

    Spent the rest of the afternoon at my parents, sister popped over (say popped over, my Dad went to get her, her baby and her partner).  Had a BBQ and a few beers, the day felt like a piece of normality (at 2m apart in the garden)

  4. Started and finished Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero on the Switch this week.  It's easier than previous entries in the series, however it's not bad.  Decent bosses with some element of a challenge.  Finished with 86% of everything, all powers but not all collectables.

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  5. The rumours of Boris relaxing some lockdown measures has caused some friction between the Welsh Government and Westminster.  There's a press conference today from the First Minister announcing how Wales will deal with the lockdown, and if it'll be extended it further like Scotland or follow suit with Westminster.  Who knows, all i hope is that any restrictions being lifted doesn't cause another spike.

    It's not phased me as much as other people, don't get me wrong i'd love to see friends and family in person instead of over video calls.  But it's given me more time to get things done around the flat that i'd have not had the time to do so.

    Edit: Wales has extended lockdown another 3 weeks, but Garden centres, Recycling centres and Libraries can re-open (councils have the power to decide on this one).  And we can go out more than once a day for exercise as of Monday

  6. Last Friday, i was watching a PlayStation Access stream of Uncharted 4.  Which got me in the mood to play said game, and as of yesterday i finished.  I'm still amazed at how great this game looks and how much detail went into everything, right down to the mud graphics.  Played it with headphones so i enjoyed the sounds and audio in more detail than i did before, and i honestly can't fault it.  Naughty Dog went all in on this one, and i thank them for it.

    Most likely will replay LA Noire this evening onwards.  I'm still taking an Assassin's Creed break, tried to get back into Odyssey (might just play the story and a few side-quests as the game feels overwhelming at times).  Don't get me wrong, i love the setting and Kassandra is a great character.  But after Origins, this feels more padded out than prior entries.

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  7. Finished Days Gone yesterday.  It started off a little slow, but the story picked up and was extremely satisfying (for me at least).  Deacon is a decent character overall, and each of the camps provide something different (be it weapons, bike upgrades and missions).  The world is certainly full of opportunity for exploration, but with the right upgrades on the bike you can go further and faster.

    The big challenge comes from the Hordes, which vary in size (50 to 500) and the location.   Best to leave the Hordes until later in-game, when you get (literally) the big guns.  They provide a lot of satisfaction, especially if you use strategy over the run and gun method (nothing wrong with this, the Horde just will be relentless in getting you.

    I enjoyed it that much, i platinum'd it in 1 play-through.

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  8. Even though it is Wrestlemania, it doesn't feel like a Wrestlemania.  No 80,000 fans in attendance, no epic Wrestlemania entrances.  It was good to watch, but WWE should seriously consider an off-season for a while whilst the world sorts itself out.  Most other sporting events have done so, and i believe a break might refresh creative a bit as the product hasn't been ideal in recent times.

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  9. Finished the final Assassin's Creed title ive not played on PS4 being Assassin's Creed Rogue the other day.  Can't fault it too bad, story is decent enough and I quite like Shay as a character.  A few people didn't like this title, but it's underrated as a whole.

    With that done, decided to give Days Gone another go.  Bit more into it, the story's coming out more.  Have upgraded my bike a bit, so at least I can travel further between fuel stops (a nice feature which at the moment I've been lucky on for refueling, but I guess you could be unlucky and have a horde come through as you need fuel).  Deacon seems a decent character, but I'll find out more as the game progresses.

  10. I'm fortunate that my employer is letting me work from home for the foreseeable future, which puts my mind at ease.  Last week, i was getting increasingly anxious about using public transport and was asking to work from home then as to avoid using it.  I'm keeping roughly to my usual routine as much as possible (up at the same time i normally get up on a weekday etc) just so it stays fresh and when i do eventually get called back to the office, it won't be a shock to the system.

  11. Works half given the go ahead to work from home, however I need to talk to my line manager tomorrow to discuss my options.  My opinion, it'll be the best option as I'll avoid the train to/from the office (and those who refuse to stay off when ill).  However, it'll depend on what my manager says tomorrow.

    If it goes well, should be working from home Wednesday onwards


  12. I'm waiting on being told to work from home.  Everyone is expecting it, which would make perfect sense in the current climate.  We all use laptops to work from, so that isn't going to be an issue taking it home.  We had a scare on Monday when someone came in and left an hour later coughing and spluttering, luckily the test they had done confirmed a chest infection and not Corona.

  13. 6 hours ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    It depends if you are feeling burnt out by them. If not then just plough through your final game. Will you be starting it again or just picking up where you left off?

    I love AC: Rogue The game is brilliant but was sadly overshadowed by AC: Unity and many people passed on it due to it being stuck on the PS3/360 for so long.

    I wasn't too far in, checked last night and i just got my Templar attire.  Think i'll continue on where i left off whilst III is still fresh in my mind, then that'll be the final one (i still have Odyssey to finish, think i'll wait until summer to finish this one) available on PS4.  I still kind of hope they bring the 1st to the modern consoles, but i'd not mind if they don't.

    Same as you, i liked Rogue for what it was, it was definitely overshadowed by Unity (again, a decent game once the bugs were mostly fixed (and by that, the faces stayed on).  I felt it more enjoyable at the time as i just finished Black Flag and was hungry for more, Rogue filled the hunger.  Plus, it was nice to see the world through the eyes of the Templars over the Assassins (and i wish Ubi would do something similar again).

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  14. Assassin's Creed III finished.   People have said this is the weakest in the series down to certain elements like Connor.  However, I enjoyed it as I did on the Xbox 360.  It's got it's glitches like the NPC's walking backwards, randomly just appearing and carrying crates sideways.  Story is decent, but not a patch on II.

    The question is, do I play Rogue and finish the final Assassin's Creed game in what's available on PS4 (going from II to Odyssey) or take a break.


  15. Finished Assassin's Creed Revelations on Wednesday (had a day off work).  Comparing it to II and Brotherhood, this is definitely the weaker of the 3 games.  Still a good game, but it's noticeably shorter and parts do feel a little tacked on to add depth to the game (Animus Island for one).  The last quarter felt rushed (in my opinion).

    Was going to take a break from the Assassin Creed franchise, but went straight onto III (which people deem a weak entry due to Connor).  Luckily for me, i had an old save which meant i skipped the early parts and ended up in Boston in Sequence 6

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  16. Went to the cinema twice this weekend.  First up, saw Sonic the Hedgehog.  Not a bad game adaption of the blue hedgehog, personally i enjoyed the movie.  Jim Carrey made a good Robotnik (in my opinion).  If you do see it, stay for the credits.

    Birds of Prey was next on Sunday.  Usually, DC don't make good movies as they feel rushed and a bit out of place.  But this wasn't too bad, dark and gritty with some light humour to it.