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  1. I'm fortunate that my employer is letting me work from home for the foreseeable future, which puts my mind at ease.  Last week, i was getting increasingly anxious about using public transport and was asking to work from home then as to avoid using it.  I'm keeping roughly to my usual routine as much as possible (up at the same time i normally get up on a weekday etc) just so it stays fresh and when i do eventually get called back to the office, it won't be a shock to the system.

  2. Works half given the go ahead to work from home, however I need to talk to my line manager tomorrow to discuss my options.  My opinion, it'll be the best option as I'll avoid the train to/from the office (and those who refuse to stay off when ill).  However, it'll depend on what my manager says tomorrow.

    If it goes well, should be working from home Wednesday onwards


  3. I'm waiting on being told to work from home.  Everyone is expecting it, which would make perfect sense in the current climate.  We all use laptops to work from, so that isn't going to be an issue taking it home.  We had a scare on Monday when someone came in and left an hour later coughing and spluttering, luckily the test they had done confirmed a chest infection and not Corona.

  4. 6 hours ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    It depends if you are feeling burnt out by them. If not then just plough through your final game. Will you be starting it again or just picking up where you left off?

    I love AC: Rogue The game is brilliant but was sadly overshadowed by AC: Unity and many people passed on it due to it being stuck on the PS3/360 for so long.

    I wasn't too far in, checked last night and i just got my Templar attire.  Think i'll continue on where i left off whilst III is still fresh in my mind, then that'll be the final one (i still have Odyssey to finish, think i'll wait until summer to finish this one) available on PS4.  I still kind of hope they bring the 1st to the modern consoles, but i'd not mind if they don't.

    Same as you, i liked Rogue for what it was, it was definitely overshadowed by Unity (again, a decent game once the bugs were mostly fixed (and by that, the faces stayed on).  I felt it more enjoyable at the time as i just finished Black Flag and was hungry for more, Rogue filled the hunger.  Plus, it was nice to see the world through the eyes of the Templars over the Assassins (and i wish Ubi would do something similar again).

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  5. Assassin's Creed III finished.   People have said this is the weakest in the series down to certain elements like Connor.  However, I enjoyed it as I did on the Xbox 360.  It's got it's glitches like the NPC's walking backwards, randomly just appearing and carrying crates sideways.  Story is decent, but not a patch on II.

    The question is, do I play Rogue and finish the final Assassin's Creed game in what's available on PS4 (going from II to Odyssey) or take a break.


  6. Finished Assassin's Creed Revelations on Wednesday (had a day off work).  Comparing it to II and Brotherhood, this is definitely the weaker of the 3 games.  Still a good game, but it's noticeably shorter and parts do feel a little tacked on to add depth to the game (Animus Island for one).  The last quarter felt rushed (in my opinion).

    Was going to take a break from the Assassin Creed franchise, but went straight onto III (which people deem a weak entry due to Connor).  Luckily for me, i had an old save which meant i skipped the early parts and ended up in Boston in Sequence 6

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  7. Went to the cinema twice this weekend.  First up, saw Sonic the Hedgehog.  Not a bad game adaption of the blue hedgehog, personally i enjoyed the movie.  Jim Carrey made a good Robotnik (in my opinion).  If you do see it, stay for the credits.

    Birds of Prey was next on Sunday.  Usually, DC don't make good movies as they feel rushed and a bit out of place.  But this wasn't too bad, dark and gritty with some light humour to it.

  8. On 09/02/2020 at 4:59 PM, Happenstance said:

    Project A Parts I & II

    Been in a Jackie Chan mood again lately so as a load of his older movies have been getting re-releases on blu ray thanks to Eureka Classics and 88 Films I’ve been able to start watching more of them.

    The Project A films were pretty great with Jackie’s usual amazing fights, stunt work and comedy along with some pirates thrown in this time.

    I’m looking forward to working my way through more of his films. Planning on getting Drunken Master next while I wait for more of the Police Story series to get released.

    I got a bunch of them from when they were produced by Hong Kong Legends, absolute classics.

    Which isn't what i can say about Rambo: Last Blood.  I get why Rambo was bought back in 2008/9, it was brutal and hard hitting but was a decent movie.  This however wasn't, and i agree with some of the reviews which said it felt more like someone hit the "gore" button over the "decent story" button.

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  9. Finished Assassins Creed Brotherhood earlier today.  Nice follow on from II, few weak points which include locking weapons and armour behind early versions of a paywall.  The Romulan armour looks pretty decent, even of the above weakness.  Final part felt a bit rushed, but none the less decent enough.

    Quite enjoyed the random attacks around the countryside part of Rome, keeps you on your toes at least.

    Moved right onto Revelations, thought might as well finish the Ezio trilogy straight off


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  10. As the Withdrawal deal has gone through and signed by both parties, there's not a lot for the media to go for.  Pretty much after the GE, things went quiet.  Did hear the first Parliamentary vote went in Tory favour, but after that pretty quiet.  I had to dig a little to find out how the Lords voted and the signing of the Withdrawal deal.  The real battle happens after January 31st when the UK starts sorting it's deals out with everyone including the EU, so expect media coverage to strike up between then and January 1st 2021. 

  11. So, who watched the Rumble?


    Having Charlotte winning the Women's Rumble, meh.  Wasn't happy with this result as she didn't need the win, but probably only got it to keep Ric happy.  Honestly should have been someone from NXT personally, but that's just me.   Thought for a second they might do a double with Mighty Molly as one entrant and Molly as another (ala 3 faces of Foley from Rumble past).

    Daniel Bryan vs The Fiend.  Actually thought this was a decent match overall, but i can't see this feud going much further unless it's inside Hell in a Cell

    Men's Rumble, Brock literally dominated until Drew McIntyre came out.  Could tell the fans were happy to have Brock eliminated and not go on to win.  Nice to see MVP making an appearance (all but brief).  Apparently he's on a short term deal with the WWE as he was on RAW last night, so watch this space, but the big one was Edge.  After 2011 and being told to retire, thought he could never come back.  But he was taking bump after bump, but obviously protecting his neck.  Did hear AEW were trying to get him, but WWE offered more and he took their deal.  Heard he's going to be a special attraction, which makes sense.  Nice to have Drew win, and he's going to Mania to face Brock.

    Becky vs Asuka was a highlight for me.  Great match, but with Charlotte winning the Rumble it's looking set to be Becky vs Charlotte and we can probably guess whose going to win this one.

    The Smackdown Women's match was a little meh, but can't blame it as it followed the Women's Rumble.

    Reigns vs Corbin.  I'm a fan of Baron Corbin, but this match was close to fast forwarded.


  12. 3 hours ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    I played through both of these last year and you are spot on about the faces in ACII. Some of the animations are absolutely hilarious. :D It really does show you just how far we've come in terms of graphics and animations. I think more often than not we forget what older games actually look and ran like and it's not until you go back and play them that you realise that certain things are pretty rough when compared to what we have now.

    Are you rolling straight into Revelations once you finish Brotherhood? I planned on finishing the collection last year but was completely burnt out by the time I got to it. It's certainly on my to do list this year though as I want the collection stuck on the complete shelf, after owning it for a number of years.

    I plan to get Revelations done straight after Brotherhood, then i'll probably take a break before cracking on with Assassin's Creed III

    It's the remaster face animations which are hilarious, i did hear that II's faces in the original game were decent.  But they look hilarious in the remaster, Brotherhood faces at least look tidier and more fluid in comparison.  Going back to the older formula Assassin's Creed games took a little getting used to, playing Origins and Odyssey with the refinements i've taken as standard now.

  13. Finished, and Platinum'd Assassin's Creed II Remastered over the weekend.  It's not the hardest game in the world to Platinum, but as i enjoyed this game a lot i thought it was worth doing again.  Did originally get 1000/1000 gamerscore on Xbox 360 when it first came out.  Game was as good as before, the facial animations however are something to be questioned.  Some of them look freaky at the best of times, however looking past that and you've still got a great game.

    Made a start on Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Sunday.  Up to Memory 3 so far, have approx 35% Rome rebuilt already and most Borgia towers down.

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  14. 1 hour ago, bob said:

    So I think i'm up to 12 or 13 shrines now; three towers and around four or five of those korok turds. 

    The last shrine I did was pretty hard. Rather than being a puzzle, I had to fight a robot spider with a sword and shield. I do not like the combat in this game. It is complicated, and fiddly, and I am shit at it. Luckily, I had some haute cuisine packed away that gave me a shit-ton of yellow hearts, so I had enough life to fail my way into beating the spider-knight. It did end up destroying most of my shields, and all of my swords. By the end, I was wafting it with a leaf and chucking bombs. 

    Not sure where the best place to get new swords is? They don't seem to appear with the same frequency that i break them. Most of the time I seem to be using skeleton arms since they are the only thing that ever drops from enemies.


    I've had some luck in the past finding swords around Moblin camps and various treasure chests dotted around the ruins of military camps, they refresh after a blood moon.  I've been fortunate to get a sword from one chest, the blood moon came and i got another soon afterwards.

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  15. I have a plan to not buy any games until Spring, i want to at least make a dent in my backlog.  Which grew a bit at Christmas, the Mrs bought me Doom on PS4. I also had a PS4 voucher and i picked up the Ezio Collection and Shadow of War.  Did finish Concrete Genie just after Christmas, and i had planned to finish another game, but this blasted bug hit and knocked me for six (still have the remnants now)

    Probably halfway through Assassin's Creed II now, and have made a start on Doom.  Hoping to get both done by the middle of the month.

    Games i'm looking forward to this year, there's a few

    • Animal Crossing New Horizons
    • Cyberpunk 2077
    • Last of Us Part 2
    • Doom Eternal*
    • Watch Dogs Legion**

    *Possibly birthday present

    **Possible PS5 launch title.

    Probably be a few Switch titles in the mix, that would depend on any upcoming Nintendo Directs

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  16. The past few months I've been noticing how lazy some people on my team are.  Instead of actually doing work, they've spent half the day on Reddit and Wikipedia.  Even going as far as hiding any piece of work that involved effort into a folder marked "can't work due to lack of info".  The lack of info part is incorrect as if you look on the document, it has the piece you need to be able to link it to a case.  Outside of 2/3 people out of 10, no-one else searches for the case.

    I note that this post is ironic as i'm posting online over doing work myself, but i'm off work today myself.

  17. 6 years ago today the PS4 came out in the UK.

    Still got the launch model, still working well.

    Resogun was one of the first games i played on the machine, and it still looks good to this day.  Couldn't quite hit the high scores people were getting, but it was a fun experience none the less.  Another of my highlights include Horizon Zero Dawn, that was just a fantastic experience throughout.  I plan to replay it before the PS5 comes out, and hopefully Platinum it.

    The PS4 was my first proper experience of a PlayStation machine, and can't fault it.  Got a Vita soon afterwards on a recommendation from @Sheikah

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