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  1. Only reason i wasn't subbing to PlayStation Now was because it was streaming only, and i guess many others were not either.  If it does introduce downloads, then i'll look into it and possibly re-sub.

    Still wish they'd put PSNow as part of PS+, seeing as next year the Vita and PS3 titles vanish.

  2. I ended up getting an official Switch Pro Controller.  Turns out some of the Shrines in Breath of the Wild require some motion control usage, and the cheap controller i got was missing the gyro, rumble and NFC features.

    Looking at the list of games coming between now and the end of year, i'll probably get Smash at the minimum.  Already have Mario Tennis ready for unlocking on Friday.  Sonic Mania Plus, i'll get on PS4 as i have the base game there.  As and when i run low on Switch games, i'll raid the eShop.

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  3. So, i finally took the plunge and bought myself a Switch.  Been meaning to for a while, but finally on-board.

    Bought it on Tuesday from our "lovely" friends at GAME.  Bought a pre-owned one as it was the only one they had with the grey controls.  They said it was pre-owned, but everything in-box was still wrapped up and sealed in the original packaging, so can't complain for getting it for £240.  Have also bought a copy of Breath of the Wild (yeah, i have the WiiU version but never got around to playing it properly), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Kirby Star Allies.  Also downloaded Fortnite, it's nice being able to play this without the PS4 fans going into take-off mode.

    Codes been updated on my profile.

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  4. Being moved from a department where i actually enjoyed the work (bar dealing with the crud the Swansea office kept passing to me) to one where it is literally a complete mess.  No-one knows who their manager is, the work load is unmanageable and mind numbingly repetitive

    Yay.  Was told on Friday last week i'm moving, wasn't happy about it and put in a transfer request immediately to move onto something else.  I'm basically going from a department where the work was a challenge, to one where it is zero challenge (basically, copy/paste from one spreadsheet to another)

  5. The way the game sets up, i like that.  Very original.

    Haven't done a lot, just got passed the demo (basically, what was shown at E3).  Very tense moments trying to get the right outcome.

    Edit: Just fired up this morning, the female android on the menu just wished me a good weekend in Detroit.  This is freaky

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  6. 2 hours ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    Apparently the game has sold over 5 million copies in it's first month. Crazy. I'm loving that Sony's single player, heavy narrative games are showing that there is a market for such games. It's great to see them do well when you have an industry pushing for multiplayer focused titles or the GaaS model. 


    And to believe some believed the single player genre was dying, Sony invested into this and it's paying off.  5 million copies in 1 month is beyond impressive.

  7. And that is God of War done and dusted (story-wise anyway).  Easily my favorite game of 2018 so far, and we've still got many months of 2018 to go.


    I agree with others, once you got the Blades of Chaos, it became a little samey.  With the Axe, at least the combat was varied enough and you had to consider your next move.  The final battle was easily one of the best moments in gaming i've seen in a long time.


  8. Ouch.  I still can't get over the hold-up with RoTTR on PS4.  And it seems with this, Square still have not learned.  There's plenty of games coming from September onwards, i can wait for a cheaper edition down the line.  Should have announced the season pass around launch, gives an impression that content was not ripped from the game to be sold back to us.

  9. Beyond Two Souls, nice addtion.  Already own Rayman through the Ubisoft giving away the first part of the Unity DLC after the monumental errors with the game (was my compensation as i owned the season pass).  The other titles, i'll check out down the line.

  10. Started the day on 220 Magikarp candy, by the time i got to work i have over 400 candy (and a shiny Karp too).  Just need to get to the mission to evolve Magikarp now, but this is good.  Up to 14 candy per capture, which is great.  Only need to see some Doduo now and (bar the region exclusive Tauros and legendary birds/Mew and Mewtwo) the Kanto dex is done.

  11. I'm not sure what to think with one of these matches


    Braun Strowman and a kid called Nicolas (honestly, plucked from the audience and he's about 11 or 12) are the new RAW Tag Team Champions.  I was in fits of laughter, not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

    Ronda can wrestle quite well, nice to see her win (surprised Trips and his ego allowed it)

    Lesnar vs Reigns.  Result wasn't as expected, but Reigns got busted up good and proper from a forearm.  Seems Brock isn't going back to UFC and has signed on again with the WWE (sigh!!!).  So who knows how long this reign as a part-timer is going to last.


  12. Thank god they didn't say Wailmer, that beast needs 400 candies and i hardly see that around.  My next Magikarp is over 200 candies, and i plan to walk it once i've evolved Chansey into Blissey (2 candies away, or less than 10k walking)

  13. Releasing a PS5 in 2018 doesn't seem logical, heck even 2019 doesn't seem logical.  I'm reckoning 2020 at the earliest for a PS5, probably being announced late this year or next year.  And if the dev kits have been sent out now this year, it'll take a while for anything to be even remotely playable.