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  1. Perhaps the same plan as last year could be in order (same hotel etc).

  2. Still need a bed for the meet this year??. Looking at places, as a back-up.

  3. Of course. Special is good.

  4. How much did that HDD cost for ya Wii-U

  5. Probably will, i have 2gb left on the WiiU storage at present after the downloads i've made of Super Mario World (deleted the Wii version afterwards), Mario Bros II, Super Metroid (30p, daft to miss out on that one) and Kirbys Adventure. I will need one though, with all the DLC coming on the U

  6. Special is live, check the b-day thread.

  7. Made 26 kills with the Retro, way above my average. How far you got to get Cole now??

  8. Windows Firewall is decent enough as a free firewall, as it comes with Windows (located in the Security Centre). If you don't wish to use this, then as a guess i'd go for the one that PC Tools offer




    I'm not all hot on the Firewalls as such, as i use Kaspersky Internet Security, which is an all in 1 Security pack. It's a pay per year one.

  9. It works no problem, make sure you get the 2010 version of it though. 2009 has compatibility issues.


    I should know, i'm using Windows 7 with Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

  10. As i mentioned, the 10 with him is the tricker part. Being the random team placement the game gives you.

  11. The camera i got is actually a web-cam, best £40 i've spent. I have to tweak it for night-time, as you saw on the video thats the quality i get at night.

  12. Quick question, I managed to borrow a dsi from a friend and I transferred pokemon from silver to white using the poke transfer feature. Can I WiFi trade them over to white 2 from white from a poke centre or do I need to use a poke transfer station like before

  13. Draw for the cup is tomorrow @ 8:30pm

  14. Sweet, i'll look into that as long as my mate doesn't pop over and ask for it back. Still, White 2 is heading on being better than White story-wise so far. Only just done the 2nd gym. The Pokeradar is ok, liking the linking for GenIV games to it. And Dreamworld seems better already, getting some better 'mon earlier is a plus.

  15. Aye, only side-effect is that you gotta look at my ugly mug for a few minutes. But i'm sure a few minutes of that is a small price to pay.

  16. Jimbob

    Welcome aboard sir. Some nice quality of postings happening on your front, with that quality as such from a new-comer that i also hope that you remain. Hope to see you around at some point again (well, as long as you hang in the Chit-Chat area really.

  17. Ola ReZ.


    How be it this fine day (weather probably not that fine tbh)

  18. Jimbob

    N-E seems to have 2 or 3 different groups to be fair. You have the ones that only chat in the Gaming sections, then the ones that only chat in the General Chit-Chat. There is a 3rd group who chat in both areas, the ones who have a console and a social life really.

  19. Telephony game thingy, uploaded.

  20. Happy Birthday dude.

  21. Jimbob

    Ditto, i found that the 360 has games like Bioshock, Gears, GTA, Rainbow Six and Soul Calibur which are suited to my gaming needs as well. Its not to say i don't like Nintendo games still, because i am fond of Mario, Zelda and Smash Brothers to name a few. You can really get the best of both worlds from owning a 360/PS3 and a Wii to be fair.

  22. I'll give it a go dude, have posted where needed.

  23. Oh rly. And in case u didn't know, i'm too drunk to type. This msg took 10 mins to write.

  24. Happy Birthday, have a good day.

  25. Birthday wishes me ol mucker.