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  1. It works no problem, make sure you get the 2010 version of it though. 2009 has compatibility issues.


    I should know, i'm using Windows 7 with Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

  2. Just a few issues, waited an hour and a half for no train to arrive. I'm hoping to get my money back, but i doubt it somewhat. Spent the rest of the night listening to the new album as well as some Shinedown, not the same as being live.


    Lucky her indeed, wouldn't blame her getting it tattoo'd onto herself. A nice permanent memento indeed, didn't you go as well?

  3. Ola ReZ.


    How be it this fine day (weather probably not that fine tbh)

  4. Windows Firewall is decent enough as a free firewall, as it comes with Windows (located in the Security Centre). If you don't wish to use this, then as a guess i'd go for the one that PC Tools offer




    I'm not all hot on the Firewalls as such, as i use Kaspersky Internet Security, which is an all in 1 Security pack. It's a pay per year one.

  5. Added you via 3DS

  6. As i mentioned, the 10 with him is the tricker part. Being the random team placement the game gives you.

  7. Aye, i've rekindled Soul Silver at the moment. Planning on getting either Diamond, Platinum or Pearl once i've finished, could be a while yet. Only on badge 4 of 16 at the moment.

  8. Aye, it's providing me the knowledge and information i require anyway.

  9. Aye, only side-effect is that you gotta look at my ugly mug for a few minutes. But i'm sure a few minutes of that is a small price to pay.

  10. Birthday wishes me ol mucker.

  11. Cheers for advising me on which Pokemon game to get, having played a few hours last night i do like the fresh feeling im getting from White. Already linked up to the Dreamworld and acquired a last gen mon from there, and someone is offering a starter Pokemon from Kanto in exchange for a Chivey, so it's working out pretty good.

  12. Cheers Jay, didn't recieve anything my end first time around. Might have been server-related or something, not sure. Got it now. Cheers.

  13. Cheers, i'll add you when i get near an internet connection.

  14. Cool, shall be voting right away.

  15. Jimbob

    Ditto, i found that the 360 has games like Bioshock, Gears, GTA, Rainbow Six and Soul Calibur which are suited to my gaming needs as well. Its not to say i don't like Nintendo games still, because i am fond of Mario, Zelda and Smash Brothers to name a few. You can really get the best of both worlds from owning a 360/PS3 and a Wii to be fair.

  16. Draw for the cup is tomorrow @ 8:30pm

  17. Expect some random videos appearing of other "local" hotspots (aka parks to walk in)

  18. Fable III patch is out, perhaps it could fix your issues. It fixed mine, Jasper talks again. Only problem is he is talking non-stop with all actions i've done since he went silent.

  19. Forum telephone 6, sign-up if you wish to my friend.

  20. Forum Telephone 6, you interested my friend!!!

  21. Frankly surprising with the name change. Proves how much i notice things, thought you were a new member.

  22. Got him finally, he's signing up now

  23. Got my code for Gears 3, pity i still can't play it until Monday even though the code worked.