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  1. Happy Birthday, have a good day.

  2. I booked into a hotel to avoid the late travelling back home, booked into one of them IBIS budget hotels so i could get myself into work after a good nights rest and without worrying about getting home. That's another £20 lost, joyous indeed.

  3. Just a few issues, waited an hour and a half for no train to arrive. I'm hoping to get my money back, but i doubt it somewhat. Spent the rest of the night listening to the new album as well as some Shinedown, not the same as being live.


    Lucky her indeed, wouldn't blame her getting it tattoo'd onto herself. A nice permanent memento indeed, didn't you go as well?

  4. Probably will, i have 2gb left on the WiiU storage at present after the downloads i've made of Super Mario World (deleted the Wii version afterwards), Mario Bros II, Super Metroid (30p, daft to miss out on that one) and Kirbys Adventure. I will need one though, with all the DLC coming on the U

  5. How much did that HDD cost for ya Wii-U

  6. Happy Birthday dude.

  7. Sweet, i'll look into that as long as my mate doesn't pop over and ask for it back. Still, White 2 is heading on being better than White story-wise so far. Only just done the 2nd gym. The Pokeradar is ok, liking the linking for GenIV games to it. And Dreamworld seems better already, getting some better 'mon earlier is a plus.

  8. Quick question, I managed to borrow a dsi from a friend and I transferred pokemon from silver to white using the poke transfer feature. Can I WiFi trade them over to white 2 from white from a poke centre or do I need to use a poke transfer station like before

  9. Got him finally, he's signing up now

  10. I am considering that one, looks better from what i've seen of it.

  11. Aye, i've rekindled Soul Silver at the moment. Planning on getting either Diamond, Platinum or Pearl once i've finished, could be a while yet. Only on badge 4 of 16 at the moment.

  12. Hey there. Just finished White, a very good game indeed. Your articles on Black/White 2 are just edging me nearer to purchase on release. They sound good so far.

  13. Welcome back!!!


  15. Aye, only side-effect is that you gotta look at my ugly mug for a few minutes. But i'm sure a few minutes of that is a small price to pay.

  16. Draw for the cup is tomorrow @ 8:30pm

  17. I do like this "Dreamworld" they have on White, snagged 3 'mon in total, 1 from Johto and the others from Gen IV (including the event one). I'm quite glad you recommended this title for me, even the new 'Mon are great. 2 evolutions and i'm not even at the 2nd gym yet.

  18. Sweet, i'll pick myself one up later. Cheers for the code

  19. How long does the event last?

  20. Aye, it's providing me the knowledge and information i require anyway.

  21. It must be a very popular site, Google searches on info comes up with your nice site 4th at least.

  22. Of course, i've got a Chivey of my own @ level 16 (the other i snagged in Dreamworld) and have 4 other new "mon" at my disposal at levels 11 and above. I'm planning on mixing the old with the new, i'm not diminishing the new. By the way, your site comes in a lot of use for my questions, so good work there all round.

  23. Cheers for advising me on which Pokemon game to get, having played a few hours last night i do like the fresh feeling im getting from White. Already linked up to the Dreamworld and acquired a last gen mon from there, and someone is offering a starter Pokemon from Kanto in exchange for a Chivey, so it's working out pretty good.