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  1. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    I'll give this an 8/10. This is because i love marshmallows mmmmmmm.

    I'm never online whenever they update the catalouge. Don;t go on much because of the cruddy stuff NOE sell, much better stuff in NOA and NOJ catalouges.
  3. They're gunna taste GREAT!

    lol, i agree. This advert is funny, but more of a stupid funny than a good funny
  4. Coca-Cola has a very bright idea...

    All i can say about this is........................... RIP-OFF. £1.69 for four of these, rather buy two 2 letre bottles for the same price
  5. Brutal fight scenes in films

    Most of Police Story (Jackie Chan) has some brutal fight scenes in. The biggest one takes place in a shopping mall. Watch the film to see all the scenes.
  6. Halogen Lights Confuse Wii! OH NO!!!

    Lucky for me i havn't got halogen lights, so it won;t effect me at all. Unless between now and Wii launch i get halogen lights fitted, which i most likely won't
  7. Wii for £120!!!?

    Good price estimates, i would have guessed it would sell around £120-£140 in Britain. A very good price for any console at launch
  8. I tend to use Fox a lot, very quick and he is an awesome character to use. Other times, i use Adult Link when i battle mates, i win most of the time if i use these two characters.
  9. How do I dump a girlfriend?

    I just tell them that i'm not interested in them anymore, that usually works without them getting equal. Other times, i might just send crap to them from the internet e.g. free cat food or sample of bold. They soon get fed up with it and tell me its all over.
  10. I won on Lotto! (with free mini-game)

    I've won about £80 on scratchcards, and about £20 on lotto. Thats only playing it once in a while, same with scratchcards
  11. Top Gear new series

    Awesome show on Sunday, it still shows that BBC can deliver a decent show on Sunday nights. Loved the "dampervan"
  12. What will you buy at launch?

    Most likely get at lanch TP Corruption Wii Sports Red Steel I will be getting other games as and when they come out
  13. Nintendo Wii Release Date Set For October ?

    If the news is true, it sounds very good bringing the Wii out earlier than expected. But even if it still comes out in November, it will still outsell the PS3 (now expected to sell at £425 for the basic one, read a piece in the Times)
  14. The Official Big Brother 2006 Thread

    I'm not sad enough to watch BB live like some people i know, but i do watch the highlights on C4 some nights. Now thats a crazy bunch of people in there lol
  15. I reckon when ECW returns, they'l put it on Friday nights, scrap Smackdown and put all superstars that are on Smackdown on RAW, thus bringing the WWE back into 1 and back into the attitude era by also bringing back DX.
  16. My thoughts on Metroid Prime 2...

    Finished Echoes last week, my view on the game is that it is not as good as Prime. Prime was just mindblowing, great level designs, great enemies and great graphics. Echoes had great graphics, and there was no real amount of backtracking, like in Prime. But, Echoes was easier to beat than Prime, took me 2 days less time to beat it than Prime. Echoes had good level designs, but the enemies wern't that challenging compared to those in Prime.
  17. What, they still update the stars catalogue. Wish they would update it with decent stuff other than mobile tones and wallpapers, which they seem to do a lot
  18. Sell my Cube off???

    I only sell if they are bust or i'm desperate for money. I sold my old cube because it broke, Gamestation never tested it and i got another cube for a small price of £20
  19. Games you regret getting...

    Die Hard - John Mclane moved too fast, well out of sinqe Star Wars Rogue Leader III - Land missions wern't fun, but the flying was ace Sonic Adventure DX - Camera angles made me sick Sonic Heroes - WTF was i thinking with this