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  1. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    ShopTo delivered early, which surprised me. Just as i was going to go out for lunch as well, so decided to put an hour in. So far, so good.
  2. The Wrasslin' thread

    Night 1 was the better night. Someone compared it to Night 1 run under Trips, Night 2 under Vince. Wasn't a bad show overall, like you said, there were some definite wrong results.
  3. E3 (1995-2022) Memories

    There were people saying that just these 2 minutes won Sony that entire generation. Coupled with this There were rumours (how true they are, who knows) that Sony were going the Xbox route, but changed to what we saw after the backlash.
  4. E3 (1995-2022) Memories

    First memories of E3 was late 90's. Didn't know what it was, but the gaming magazines were usually bumper editions filled with all the news on games and hardware coming soon. I remember the E3 edition of N64 Magazine around June 1999 when they had a huge piece on what would become Majora's Mask just 4-6 months later. Didn't really start to watch the conferences until around 2004, but even then i watched highlights. Wasn't until 2008 onwards that i started watching them live. Used to book a few days off work to watch E3. I know in the UK, most stuff didn't start until 5-6pm. But i used to work until 8/9pm then, so i used to miss a chunk. Soon as i knew the E3 dates and leave was available, i booked it. There are so many highlights, both good and bad. Just some spring to mind for me Mr Caffeine E3 2013 Peggle 2 Konami's infamous E3 Kinect (you know) Wii Music Always tried to watch the Giant Bomb coverage as best as possible, that was usually pretty entertaining to say the least. And Nintendo's Treehouse after it's bumper Direct aired. In more recent years, PlayStation Access used to do something similar to the Treehouse with live demos and interviews as the day went on.
  5. I read the same. Someone i know in a local gaming groups WiiU had this very error happen to them. Could be anything that's caused it, but it is definitely worrying if you want to replay Xenoblade or Wind Waker HD (or anything that wasn't ported to Switch).
  6. Did pick up BoxBoy on the 3DS eShop, final purchase i think. Good prices on the Steamworld titles, would pick them up but already own them on PlayStation. Won't pick up anything on WiiU, my power cable for the console snapped and i don't think i'll be getting another one anytime soon.
  7. Your Gaming Diary 2023

    Two more games completed this past week. A Memoir Blue - Short and sweet interactive poem-esq game (about an hour to play through 1st time). Recommended by some, so thought i'd give it a go before it left Gamepass. Gears of War 4 - Been on my Gamepass list for a while. More of what makes Gears as it is, with some nice additions. I did notice though that it seemed to end abruptly, was expecting another chapter or two.
  8. Your Gaming Diary 2023

    Working through my backlog still. With that said, i can tick Death Stranding off that list. A game made by the great Hideo Kojima, it's definitely got the weird and the wonderful all encapsulated into one showcase. Interesting story, once it got going. Didn't fully understand it going in, nor still do I fully understand it now. Over my adventures of Postal Delivery with Norman Reedus, I left the world a little easier to get around at least for other players. That's one good feature of this game, and one that is optional as well. There's still bits to do, but I think I'll leave it for now
  9. Hogwarts Legacy

    Outside of NPC's, yes
  10. Wonder if the Fusion suit will be patched into Prime now that Fusion is coming to the NSO app?
  11. Hogwarts Legacy

    Finished my playthrough yesterday. Pretty good game overall, however i have hit 2 bugs which (unless i replay the entire game and hope they don't pop up again) will stop me from earning several trophies. Hopefully they get patched and i can finish mopping up trophies, otherwise i'm pretty much done.
  12. Yeah, they'll be a decent chunk for PSVR2 as it's new, they'll want to get sales in and show off what's coming. Still, interested in what indies are shown myself.
  13. Your Gaming Diary 2023

    Two resolutions. 1. Try to buy less games at launch. I guess this will be an ongoing debate. So far, i've only bought 1 game being Hogwarts Legacy. Been considering getting the Metroid Prime Remake, but that'll depend on how my next resolution goes. 2. Clear through my extensive backlog With this one, i can add two more games cleared. Yoshi's Crafted World and Link's Awakening (2019). The plan is to clear a few games off before buying any others. There will be some exceptions, for example Tears of the Kingdom is a cert purchase.
  14. Not expecting a huge amount on Tears of the Kingdom, i'm pretty sure they'll have a focussed Direct or Treehouse. Maybe we'll get news on a Collectors Edition and Amibo alongside a new trailer. Maybe we'll have Advance Wars finally getting a release date.
  15. Your Gaming Diary 2023

    Might have taken me 5 years (with my last save file from 2020 (i've got a seriously bad habit of starting games, putting them down and forgetting about it for a long time)), but can safely say i've beaten The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Switch. Would say i've done everything, but there are some side quests left and plenty of Korok seeds. But done the main (including all 4 Divine Beasts), plenty of side missions, the Trial of Sword, Ballard of Champions and a fair portion of Shrines
  16. Hogwarts Legacy

    It's looking good. For me, Friday can't come soon enough. I know, there is/was a Deluxe giving 72 hour early access. But gotta look after the pennies at times.
  17. General Switch Discussion

    Wouldn't be surprised if Tears of the Kingdom hits the Top 10 faster than Voilet/Scarlett.
  18. bad stuff thread.

    I did look through the local council noise complaint stuff, and DIY (well, the noisy bits anyway) shouldn't start before 9am and must stop around 6pm. Can't start it before 10am on a Sunday either, outside of these times is considered anti-social. Was an update. Yesterday, the tenant who vandalised the house doing DIY had their house raided by armed police and arrested. I don't think he'll be around for a while, however he was shouting abuse at the owners doing DIY so i expect this isn't over between them.
  19. Space and the Universe

    This is a subject/topic that i am fond of, and have a keen interest in. Not many of you knew that did you. I have been interested in Space since i was in Cubs back in 1994, where in order to get the badge for it i had to visit an Observatory and spot 3 star constellations and a planet using the telescope. I also had to see if i could spot the same 3 with the naked eye and the planet i saw (in this instance, it was Mars). Just this trip got me interested in Space and i tend to watch "In the Night Sky" on BBC every month. I'm also interested in what NASA will come up with to replace the Space Shuttle which is due to be dis-continued soon. Use this topic to discuss Space, the Universe and absolutly anything to do with Space.
  20. bad stuff thread.

    Next door has been ripping their house down to the foundations and doing it up for the last 4 months. It's got that bad, that i've been losing sleep because they like to start around 8am and work right through to 7-8pm most days. Doesn't help matters when i'm working and all i can hear is hammering, jackhammering etc. Have been considering moving back to my parents for a while until it calms down. They have been down every day the last 2 weeks, including Christmas Day working on that house. Next door hasn't exactly been making a lot of friends in the street, myself and my partner included. Their house has been targeted for a lot of vandalism and the like, and they've asked me to keep an eye out for any troublemakers and call the police because i have a camera on the house. The house next door to them, the tenant spent Christmas Day in a police cell because he decided to smash next doors car windows because of the ongoing DIY.
  21. Virtual Reality

    That's true. I was expecting it to be close to, or near the old PS5 price of £450. Price does sting a bit, I definitely won't be getting it Day 1. It'll sell slow for sure. The stinger ATM outside of price is no backwards compatibility to older VR titles unless patched for free or a small fee.
  22. Virtual Reality

    Think this is the first time something that needs a console to use costs more than the actual console itself. Pretty hefty price. Technology, it's high-end. But this thing costs £50 more than a PS5, combine the headset and console you're looking nearly £1,000 before taking into account games and PS+ costs.
  23. Was only a few titles of interest on the Direct for me. A new Splatfest coming end of the month, i'm in for that one. Interested in replaying Kirby's Return to Dreamland when it comes to Switch. Definetly getting the new Zelda when it comes out next year also, and have a soft spot for Pikmin. However, the rest didn't really pique my interest. Lot of farming sims, lot of RPG/JRPG reveals. I know many who are into the RPG side of things, so this would have been a great Direct for them.
  24. Stray (19th July 2022)

    For a game where you play as a cat, i thought it was pretty fun and an enjoyable experience. Had some good moments, nothing too frustrating.
  25. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    They made the Accolades a bit tricky to find, which is probably why people didn't use it.