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  1. The Wrasslin' thread

    I'll give WWE credit for keeping Punk coming back pretty quiet. But looking at his recent AEW run, he caused a lot of issues with talent there. To the point he had to have a separate show created just for him and those willing to work with him on his last run. There are certainly talent and backstage personnel not happy to see Punk back on the roster, we know Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre are two such talents who have issues with CM Punk, and no doubt there's plenty of others. Will be interesting to see how things pan out over the weeks and months. Hopefully WWE can keep Punk under control, i'm guessing he's on a "one last chance" kind of deal.
  2. Oh jeez. I remember they used to post pictures of themselves in the "Post a Picture" thread. Yeah........
  3. Spider-Man 2 (20th October 2023)

    I've hardly touched the main quests, only on mission 4. Been doing some of the side stuff as it's been popping up, instead of waiting until the end as i did with the 1st game.
  4. This thread reminds me, i really ought to go back to get the Plat for this. Maybe after Spider-Man 2
  5. Welcome back Adam. Hopefully you stick around for a while, nice to see another familiar face return.
  6. CMA finally approves the deal Nice news to wake up to. Edit: And......it is done.
  7. Wii U General Discussion

    It was coming eventually, still very sad to see. Reminds me to dig out the WiiU at some point.
  8. Superman 64. I mean, i can't find a single thing that is good about this game. Except one, which is the cartridge made a good stencil for something i was making at one point. Perfect Dark Zero. Bought it pre-loved, still have yet to get off the 1st area/mission. The original Perfect Dark took the GoldenEye formula and made it better, this felt like it was pulled through dog mess.
  9. I'm not expecting any announcement on Switch 2 (or whatever they'll call it) later. They'll probably hinder any current Switch sales over the holiday period, especially with the new Mario OLED model out now. Hopefully the rumoured Metroid Prime 2 and 3 remakes are incoming (possible shadow drop)
  10. Fitness Boxing

    Not really. As Ashley mentioned, the 1st and 2nd games are very similar. Just the music between both is different, so you may as well dig into the 2nd.
  11. Job woes/wins

    I just don't understand their logic at times. I just chuckle when i see things coming out about issues i've raised, but they deny it's happening until it is too late. It's quite funny seeing management running around in a frizz, when if they acted upon issues earlier it would have been much better.
  12. Job woes/wins

    You know as they say, snitches get stitches. That's true. Most of the screw-ups are happening on cases worth half a million in revenue, which in turn is costing us through fines and penalties for not completing on-time.
  13. Job woes/wins

    We have this new policy on the team. "Screw up everything, get even more work to do. Work well to a degree, get your work taken off you" It's happened on a element of a project i do. Two others have not been doing their parts (at all or correctly), so i raised my concerns about it and asked if their part of it could be transferred over to me. Resulted in those who screw up their part getting the whole lot. Great.
  14. Strange how the deal between Microsoft and Sony doesn't specify a time compared to other deals agreed. Based on Monday, it would seem that there are some legal things left to tidy up only between CMA and Microsoft. CMA sort of has had enough of the mess they created.
  15. Be interesting to see what happens the next couple of days. Microsoft could close this deal by Friday at the earliest. I'm assuming they'll be in discussion with the CMA imminently (if not already)
  16. Tetris 99 -- Available Today

    You can, yes
  17. The death of Twitter

    I'm in the boat of "Elon forgot to pay the bill" Was funny, i reached the tweet limit Saturday evening during the "Money in the Bank" Premium event. Both amusing and frustrating at the same time.
  18. E3 (1995-2022) Memories

    It's dead. It's not coming back (at least as it was).
  19. Job woes/wins

    Got my usual reward for my hard work this past month. Another security incident raised against me, one i can't appeal or do anything about as it's locked down. Cheers for that. Nice to know I'm appreciated. Shame similar isn't done to my so called colleagues, who will literally act like petulant children when asked to do anything outside of "browse the internet"
  20. Just had a thought. They'll have to re-work the Psycho Mantis battle in MGS1 into something different. Realistically, as it stands it would be difficult as controllers are now wireless and memory is built in.
  21. Yeah, that was a weak(ish) show. Seeing how fluid Spider-Man 2's transitions from Spidy to Miles though, that was impressive. Can see why Insomniac said it's only for PS5. Nice to see that Snake Eater remake is real, and a nice surprise to see a MGS Collection coming in Autumn. The Project Q device, yeah that's not for me. Nice cheeky tweet from Xbox there. Outside of that though, that was about it for what i was interested in games-wise. Few games i'll be interested in seeing more of as time goes on, but the whole thing felt a little flat. Fair enough, Sony have come out the PS5 gate strong in the 2 1/2 years or so it's been out, so expected some slowdown here. Showcase felt more of a Indie+ showcase, which overall isn't a bad thing.
  22. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    If PlayStation offered a cloud-based service akin to Xbox (e.g. not needing the PS5 to play PS5 games) with this new Project Q device, i'd probably be more interested. But as it is, it's not something i'm overly interested in.
  23. Hoping they've done something more than a simple re-release with graphics as are, but a framerate/HD boost.
  24. Metal Gear Solid Δ: Snake Eater

    It's going to be weird playing a MGS game without any Kojima input, Snake Eater is my favourite of the whole franchise.
  25. Old NE Members

    36, nearly 37. Jeez. And i'm 3 years off being on N-Europe 20 years. Actually, probably over that if you add in the previous iterations of the site as well.