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  1. The terms of smash

    B)(U)(N)(D)(F)air: Basically you will see aerial’s abbreviated this way. like a Bair would be Back Air, and Uair would be Up air, and so forth. Air Dodge: Essentially the same as a ground dodge/roll except in the air. Press R or L, and a direction if you want to move as you dodge. You must not be recovering from an attack or hit but instead just be jumping normally. Air Recovery: When someone sends you flying from an attack, you can tap back and forth on the joystick to recover faster in the air, without needing to use up one of your jumps. Auto-Float: Coined by SDM. Auto-floating is to hold down during your first jump in order to start floating at any desired height (This only works for Peach). Bomb Jumping: Samus can actually jump using her Bombs to propel her. She cannot stay in the air indefinitely, but it is very useful as a recovery. Basically, after being knocked off the stage, lay a bomb, fall a little, lay another bomb(causing you to stall long enough for the first bomb to explode), then push the control stick in the direction you wish to go (DI), then repeat the process. Samus can also grapple the stage when she gets close enough. Link also has the ability to bomb jump, but it is not quite as effective and much more difficult to pull off. Basically once you’re off the edge (from being hit), pull a bomb out, throw it, and proceed to jump and up B, if you do it correctly then the bomb will blow up on you and you will be able to perform another up B move. BYOC: Self explanatory: Bring Your Own Controller. IF you go to a tourney, don't expect a controller for you, bring your own. Same goes for fests. C-Stick: This is primarily a warning, if you have any questions or you want to debate about the 'junior varsity'ness of the C-Stick, feel free to PM me or another mod on the topic (me mainly, they don't wanna deal with that garbage). C-stick: The C-stick can be used to buffer attacks. Tapping A and c-sticking will make the smash come out at the exact same frame as the jab ends. Hitting the C-stick after L-cancelling will make you dodge/rolll on the very first possible frame. C-sticking after crouchcancelling an attack will do this too (unless the attack has multiple hits, then you have to do it after the very last hit). I'm not sure, but I think you can buffer rolls and dodges when shieldhitstunned. Chain Throwing: Characters such as Sheik, Marth, Ice Climber, and Mario (there are others too) can chain throw. This is just throwing the opponent at a given direction (up for Mario most times, down for Sheik, weird stuff for IceClimbers) in order to catch them again. The process is then repeated many times, but some characters can escape chain throws at certain (higher) percentages. Crew: Not much to it, just a group of people who smash together. Different from a team, in that there are more people. Of the more notable crews in the country there are the DA (Deadly Alliance) in NY, H2Yl (Ha Ha You Lose) in VA, Ship of Fools in the MidWest, and Socal Elite 5 in CA. Crouch Canceling (CC): If you crouch while your opponent is hitting you, you will get knocked back a lot shorter, and if the attack is weak you are unfazed and can counter attack. This is mostly used against people who spam dash attacks. Abbreviated as "CCing", this is a very useful tactic. Some people call the counter attack (if you counter with your downward tilt attack) a "CCC" (Crouch Cancel Counter). It is worth noting that if you have a very high percentage when CCing, you will do a grounded somersault which makes you very vulnerable to a follow-up attack. Dashattack-Cancel: If you dashattack and immediately hit Z, you will start your dashattack animation, but you straight into a grab. This is only useful if your dashattack makes you lunge forward greatly, like with Sheik. Dashing vs. Walking: If you lightly hold the joystick, your character will walk slowly. If you tap the joystick, you will run (dash). while walking, you can still perform any attack, but while dashing you can only do the dash attack by pressing A, grab by pressing Z, or if you get advanced you can roll the joystick up and hit A to do an upwards smash attack out of the dash. To smash attack out of a walk, use the C-stick. Dash-canceling: You can "cancel" your dash by crouching (down on the joystick). This works well as a fake out tactic or if you don't want to attack with the dash attack. Dash-cancel to get your opponent to shield (in an attempt for a shield-grab) and then dash-grab. Dash-dancing (DD): Lame name given by CORY to tapping the joystick back and forth quickly to keep turning around in the opening dash animation, used as a fake-out tactic because you can dash in either direction at any time. Dashgrab: While dashing, you can hit Z to perform a grab, known as a dashgrab. No dashgrab looks the safe as a standing grab. This will give (most) grabs greater range, but ALL characters suffer more startup and cooldown frames. Good examples are Luigi, Doctor Mario and Mario. DeSyncing: The process though which you separate the attacks of each individual IceClimber. Look in the character specific forums for more detail. It can be done in a variety of ways, most commonly with dodging or using your shield. It is one of the underlying techniques of an advanced IceClimbers. Directional Influence (DI): Will alter your trajectory to help you survive better. Easiest way to do it is to just DI everything that sends you in a somewhat horizontal direction upwards and DI upwards-sending attacks in the same direction as the opponent is facing (or the opposite if they hit you with the back of the attack). Also, DI can be combined with CC to help you survive upwards attacks better. CC the attack and immediately DI once you're hit. The window of frames depends on the attack. Disjointed Hitbox: A disjointed his box is an area that an opponent can attack without have to worry about being hurt. Marth’s sword is a disjointed hit box. His sword is not part of his body, and if someone hits his sword you will receive no damage. Doc’s Up-B Cancel: Doctor Mario can actually cancel his Up-B. After you press Up B (Up and to the Right preferably), to cancel it, quickly tap in the opposite control stick direction. If you succeed it will be very noticeable, just keep practicing because this is one of those things that will take time to master. Dodge/Sidestep: Same as the roll, dodges but stays in the same place. Done by tapping down on the joystick and L or R. Double Jump Cancel (DJC): Basically this can only be done by Ness, Mewtwo, Yoshi, or Peach (kinda). During the second jump you can cancel it with any attack. While you can attack during your jump with all characters, only these two can manipulate the second jump (I.E. You will STOP gaining height). Most characters have to attack on a set path based on the jump (unable to adjust the height), Ness, Mewtwo, and Yoshi can interrupt the jump in order to attack (and DI accordingly). Edge/Ledge Guarding: The term for what you do when your opponent is off of the main stage and is trying to jump back, and you try to keep him off. Edge/Ledge Hogging: The term used when your opponent is knocked off the stage, and you hold onto the ledge causing them to not be able to grab on. (It helps to WD onto the ledge for quickness) Extended Grapple: Samus can extend her grapple by pressing back and forth (up and down) on the D-Pad and pressing the Z-button while her grapple is extended. If done successfully her grapple will be 2-3 times longer and have the ability to Hone in on enemies by pressing the L button, to grab, you must press Z again as it lands on the enemy. The process of extending the grapple can leave you open, so it helps to jump into a grapple to make things less easy on your opponent. Also, the grapple resets each life. Fake Turnip Throw: This move is executed by Peach to fake opponents out. You can actually throw a turnip downwards as you’re landing from the air (Preferably from an auto-cancel) and you will perform about half of the throwing animation frames, but still keep the turnip. Fast Falling: This really isn't an advanced technique because it falls along the lines with teching (But since that is included, I'll also include this). Basically this is instinct oriented. All you need to do it press down after reaching the peak of your jump and you will fall faster then you would have if you had not pressed anything at all. Float Canceling: While L-canceling is usually best to shorten the delay after performing an air attack, peach has the ability to Float Cancel her aerial’s. Float canceling is a pretty simple technique, basically do an attack while floating, when you hit the ground after the attack you will have NO recovery time. See, simple. "Fox Trot": With some characters, including Fox, the initial dash animation is faster than actual dashing. You can dash faster than usual by tapping then waiting a second then tapping again. You can also dash-cancel your dash but then immediately dash again. Frame: 1/60th of a second. To indicate precision in describing events, most people will refer to frames. Gimp: Alright, Gimping is just slang for something that is pretty annoying. Like when a fox shine spikes you are 15% and there is little you could have done to avoid, you've just been gimped. Grab/Throw: Press Z or R+A or L+A to attempt to grab your opponent. After you grab them you can attack them with A, and then throw them by tapping the joystick in the direction you want to throw them. Eventually, they can wriggle free (faster by pressing buttons and moving the joystick) so you can't just attack them with A forever. A grab is the only move that is unaffected by shielding. Hitbox: The area that an attack covers and can deal damage. Not really a box shape, but you get the idea. IASA (Interruptible as soon as): All moves have IASA-frames. After performing a move, you can perform ANOTHER move (and most often, a jump or a dash) before the 1st move actually ends. The best example of this is Marth's Dtilt. If you Dtilt and try to jump, you have to wait for the full 49 or so frames until the move is over. However, if you Dtilt and try to follow up with ANY attack (C-sticked smash for instance), the Dtilt will stop after 20 frames (its hitbox will have come out) and go directly into that move! To do an IASA-cancel, you just have to perform something within the frames during which the IASA of that move have begun and the frame it ends. Initial Dash (ID): Basically just the first dash performed by a person. Done with a flick of the control stick in either direction. Item Grabbing: On the ground, you can pick up items by pressing A. In the air, you can pick up items by pressing Z. You can use the Z button to pick up items in the air and not have to wait and stop on top of the item to use A. You can grab hearts as they float to the ground. Very useful. Watch out item grabbing with the Links or Samus in the air. They will send out their grappling beam/hooks and if you are moving toward the edge you might fall off and be unable to recover. Item Catching: Same as item grabbing. When someone throws an item at you, you can catch it by pressing A right when it's about to hit you (on the ground) or Z (in the air). A safer way to air catch is to air dodge and press Z when the item is passing by. It will still catch the item even though you're dodging. I don't know if this works with ground dodging too. John's: A John is just an excuse someone uses when they lose. For example H2YL's motto is "Good Stuff, No John's". If you fight someone and they lose and they say you were being cheap or gimping or they were tired or something just say something like "no johns son". Juggling: A term for continually hitting your opponent up in the air so they don't get to land. Jump Canceling or JC (Definition #1): When dashing, you perform something called jumpcancelling. For instance, if you dash and hit Z, you will perform a dashgrab. However, by hitting jump right before hitting Z, you will jump-cancel into a standing grab. You can also jumpcancel into an upsmash and into a standing item-throw. Jump-cancelling is dependant of character. If your character has a slow 1st jump, you have more frames between when you hit jump and you input the attack. Bowser, for instance, has 8 frames. Sheik has 4. Jump Canceling or JC (Definition #2): Fox and Falco can cancel there first jump or there second jump by using there shine move. This is helpful in many different ways, but in particular edge guarding is helped quite a bit. L-Canceling (LC): This is a tactic to reduce the recovery time of air attacks. Right before you hit the ground, if you're in the middle of an air attack, press L (or R, or even Z) to decrease the recovery time. Most noticeable on an attack like Link's aerial Down-A or Bowser's aerial Back-A, so practice first with those. Ledgehop: Ledgehopping is purposely falling off of a ledge, followed by double jumping onto the level. People usually use an attack on the way up to ensure they are not hit off of the level when landing. To fall off of the ledge, you can press "away" or "down". Most people press away since pressing down risks you fastfalling, which usually prevents any hope of you coming back if held for too long, resulting in an SD. Luigi’s Ladder: To perform this trick you need two Luigi’s. Get close enough to each other so that your up B’s will hit, but will not hit with the fire part. Then, both just continuously press Up B over and over and you will be able to climb into the air indefinitely. This tactic can be used as a stall in team tournaments and is usually banned. Meteor Canceling: If you jump at the exact moment someone is Meteor Smashing you, you will recover quickly and jump and there will be a little flashy graphic. It only works on spikes deemed official "Meteor Smashes" though. Meteor Smash: Many characters have a Meteor Smash. This is basically a smash that sends your opponent downward and is designated by the game as a special move. Meteor Smashes, while powerful, can be meteor recovered. Missile Canceling: This is a Samus technique, but it is also much like Falco Short hop lazers. Before you land on the ground from jumping, fire a missile, the landing will cancel the missile animation and reduce normal missile firing lag. So from there you can either go into another attack, or fire a second missile. You can also cancel missiles with bombs. Drop a bomb, DI away, drop a second bomb, DI back to the first bomb, It will explode and propel you up (fire first missile), DI toward second bomb which will explode and propel you up (fire second missile), then the second missile is canceled cause you land on the ground, after landing fire the third missile. Needle Canceling: This is very similar to Samus’ Missile Canceling technique. The only difference is that this move uses Sheik and her ability to cancel her lag created by releasing her needles in the same fashion that Samus cancels her missile lag. Phantom Hit: Phantom hits occur when you BARELY hit the opponent. It's more like you should have missed, but didn't than you should have hit, but didn't. The one on the receiving end will only receive half of the damage they normally should have received. Pivoting/DA DASH: This is a hard and somewhat new technique (discovered summer 04, correct me if I'm wrong, by a member of the Deadly Alliance). The easiest way to get a sense of the technique is to watch the DD of Marth or Shiek. You'll notice that there is a frame during the DD that the character seems to be standing upright. Well now here comes in the Pivoting idea. At that upright frame you may perform ANY move from a neutral position. So, this could be QUICKER then WDing back, where instead you could dash back just a bit and Pivot into an attack. Powershielding/Shield Reflecting: If you press the shield button all the way down within 3 frames of you being hit, you will block the attack without putting up your shield and be able to retaliate immediately. The computer does this frequently. If the attack is a projectile, you will reflect it back at your opponent. It is extremely difficult and nobody seems to be able to do it consistently in a match. Priority: A lot of people are confused about priority. If two attacks come out at the exact same time, they will clank, no matter if it's a jab against a jab, or a jab against a smash. Even if one of the moves is disjointed, they will both clank. The only thing priority is based upon on the ground is that certain attacks reach out much further than they look like they should reach out. The same goes for aerial priority. If two aerials hit at the same time, the one with more priority will override the other. The lower prioritized person will suffer a hit while the higher prioritized person doesn't. But only if the higher prioritized isn't in range. Aerial priority is all about range. Let's take Peach's Bair against Captain Falcon's fair, for instance. The reach Captain Falcon's fair has is pretty much his knee itself. Peach's Bair's reach is her butt and then a large piece of air around it. In order to hit CF when he's fairing, you only have to hit his fair. In order to hit Peach while her bair is extended to its utmost ability, you have to hit her butt. But wait, Peach's bair has a great priority when it's fully out because the bair will hit quite a distance around her butt! So in order to hit Peach while she's Bairing, you have to make it so that the hitbox of your attack makes it inside of that big circle around her butt without your own hitbox making it inside of the circle. If both hitboxes make contact with attacking hitboxes, both will get hit. Reset: Canceling the opponent’s tumbling or stun animation by hitting them with an attack with relatively low knockback. Useful for mixing up different setups. A very easy to see example of this is down throwing with Fox or Falco and immediately jabbing them. If they do not tech, you will “reset†their position and be and be able to follow-up with other hits, grabs, etc. There are two different reset states. One where you hit your opponent while they’re lying on the ground (only if you use a move with low knockback; forces them to get up and be vulnerable after the invincibility frames) and another if they are standing or air borne. To see that type of reset you can try down throwing with characters like Samus or Falcon and then jabbing. Rising Pound: JiggyPuff’s pound can give horizontal distance with almost no loss in vertical height. To perform it, do the pound, then slide the control stick upward, the effects are quite obvious if it is performed correctly. Roll: A moving dodging move done by tapping the joystick to the left or right and pressing L or R. Newer players rely on it a bit to much, but it is still very useful on a high level, so don't always count it out and WD instead. "Sex kick": The name given (By MattDeezie's crew) to the neutral-A (meaning A without a direction) air attack of some characters. It is defined as a kick that sticks out and still hits people even when the foot is no longer moving. Some people use it as a term for all neutral-A attacks, even the non-kicks but technically it doesn't, according to MattDeezie at least but nobody cares about him. Shieldhitstun: When you hit a shield with an attack, you will suffer shieldhitstun. During these frames, you can't do anything. Shielding: Shielding is complex. If you press L or R lightly, you will put up a big, light shield. The harder you push it down, the darker and smaller your shield will be. The big shield will make you slide more from attacks, and cover your entire character, and deteriorate slower, but the small shield will protect better against powerful attacks. You can also put up a very big, very light shield by holding Z. This will unfortunately attempt to grab and then put up the shield, so it isn't always feasible. This is called "Z-shielding". A very important part of shielding is the possibility of the "shield grab". You can do certain things straight out of your shield. Some examples are jumping, double jump canceling, or doing smash attacks (This does not apply to Yoshi). Shieldstun: When hit by attacks while shielding, you will lag for a number of frames during which you can't do ANYTHING. The number of shieldstun hits varies depending on which character hit you with what, not on who you are. Shield Grabbing: An essential technique that tends to separate good players from newbie’s more than any other tactic. Because grabbing is done by L+A or R+A, you can grab immediately out of your shield by pressing A while shielding. This is a major defensive move and eliminates a lot of options for your opponent if you can use it well. "Shine"/Reflector: Fox/Falco'z reflector is commonly referred to as shine. Fox has a Shine Infinite where you Shine-WD-Shine-WD-Etc. Falco also has a Shine Combo (Shine, double jump, spike, FF, LC, Repeat), but it not as effective because it can be DI'ed out of. Short Jumping/Hopping (SH): If you tap the jump button quickly, you will do a shorter jump than usual (first jump only). Short hops actually come out faster than full jumps as well. This is very useful in quickening the pace and removing vulnerabilities in your character. ShortHop-FastFall-L-Cancel (SHFFLC): Advanced term used when doing certain aerials. This is essentially the fastest passable combination to perform an Arial with a given character; it is usually abbreviated like SHFFLed/SHFFLing of shuffle. ShortHop Blaster/Laser (SHB/SHL): A common way to tell a newb falco player from a skilled one is whether or not they SHL. This eliminates the recovery time from firing a laser and is just as fast as pressing B-B-B over and over. To see this move performed the correct way go on DC++ and download them from Dave (Ik_Ghost), he is one of the best Falco'z in the US. SmashFest: SmashFests are held by players just looking to play smash with other people (and maybe make some $ from Money Matches). To find out if there are any fests/tournaments near you check the Tournament section of this forum. Fests are usually held by high Level players or there respective teams. There are also events known as Biweeklies (Bimonthlies) which commonly lead up to Large tournaments in an effort to raise more fun for a better gaming experience (The TG Franchise). If you want to get your name out there and become more known in the smash community, Fests are the way to do it. Spamming: Pretty much self-explanatory. The repetition of any one move is usually considered spamming, quite common with characters such as Samus and Link who spam projectiles, or Falco who can spam SHBing. Spike: The term most people use to refer to an attack that sends your opponent straight or close to straight down, allowing you to get kills at a very low percent if your opponent is off of the edge. This is different from a Meteor smash in two ways. First, a Spike cannot be recovered from, so it is much more effective. Second, it is almost always a characters Down-A (unless it is already a Meteor Smash). A good example of the difference is Marth. His Down Ariel is a Spike, and it cannot be recovered from. However he also has a Meteor Smash (On his third B in the Sword Dance press down). Super WaveDash: This move can only be performed by Samus, it is pretty hard to learn but once you get the timing it becomes easier. To perform it, Lay a bomb, then hold the controller in one direction, just as you land from the laying the bomb quickly press the control stick in the other direction. It's important to note the move has nothing to do with the bomb; instead, it has to do with the morphball state, which you can only get to by laying a bomb. If you perform it right you will go a very far distance (about as long as FD), however it is important to release the control stick after you perform the move, otherwise your distance will not be as far. For more indepth details, go to the Samus forum and look at the Super Wavedash Sticky. Teching/Wallteching/Techrolling: The name given for instant recovery techniques. When you are sent flying from an attack, if you hit L or R before hitting the ground or the wall (or ceiling), you will recover instantly. On the ground, you will stand up, on the wall you will stop bouncing around. If you hold to the side as you do it, you will recover in a rolling dodge. If you hold up as you walltech, you can jump off of the wall. Tiers: See bottom of this post. Triangle Jumping: Similar to wavedashing, except you dodge after you've actually jumped off the ground. This is very useful against characters like Marth in avoiding the attack (sword) while getting close enough in proximity in order to attack. Turnip Canceling: Similar to Samus’ Missile Cancel, except this technique involves Peach canceling the lag from pulling out turnips. To do this, just pull out a turnip and while standing on a platform followed by immediately dropping through it as you begin to pull the turnip from the ground. Vidjodrop: Since Peach can float, can has an unique ability to utilize the IASA-factor, known as the Vidjodrop. Much like everybody else, she can also use IASA. For example, she can end the nair 6 frames before it actually ends. She can end her dair 3 frames before it ends. If you're holding something in your hand (item/turnip) and are floating, you can do an aerial of your choice and then hit A or Z. Hitting A will make you cancel your float and throw the turnip and hitting Z will make you drop the turnip but keep on floating! WallBombing: Peach has the ability to perform the WallBomb by pressing Forward+B while next to a wall. If you Smash F+B then the Bomber will actually raise you up a tiny bit. Repeat the process and you can actually climb any wall in the game. This move could also be used as a stall, so forms of it are banned at most tournaments and it is only allowed as a recovery. Walljumping: With certain (more agile) characters, you can jump toward a wall and then tap the joystick away from it to jump off of the wall. This doesn't use up any jumps and is useful for getting out of pits like in Fourside. Wall of Pain (WoP): Jiggy’s general strategy is usually focused on the Wall of Pain. This is the repetition of Jiggles high priority air moves, such as her Bair. Perform and air, then land, and repeat. Wavedashing: The name of a certain unorthodox movement technique. It is done by jumping and then immediately air dodging toward the ground diagonally so that your character will slide along the ground. It can be done by holding the joystick down and forward (or backwards) and then pressing X~R~X~R~X~R quickly. X to jump, R to air dodge. You need to test with your character to find the exact timing. While wavedashing, you go as fast or faster than a normal dash, can attack with any attack out of your dash, and can switch directions very quickly. As good as this sounds, it's not THAT useful to most people. Luigi's is the easiest to see because he slides so well. Tier List Intro: Alot of people ask about the tier list, so here it is. Just for a note though, do not make topics regarding the tier list, they will (99% of the time) be closed (For new people especially, PM me if you have any questions). Trust me, if you have a problem with this list (say the Ice Climbers placement), it is already known. If you think tiers in general are false, go to gamefaqs, cause that arguement will get closed here for sure. Ohh, and the link to the topic from March 19th, 2005: Tier Topic Top Tier Sheik Fox Marth Upper Tier Peach Falco C. Falcon Samus High Tier Jigglypuff Dr. Mario Ganondorf Mario Ice Climbers Middle Tier Luigi Link Roy DK Pikachu Zelda Lower Tier Ness Young Link Yoshi Kirby Mr. Game & Watch Bowser Bottom Tier Mewtwo Pichu
  2. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    Mr resetti would own. Maybe his special power would be to stop people quitting the game in the middle of a fight:D.
  3. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Final fantasy music>all
  4. Your current "I need to get back to" List

    My resident evil 4 pro file. God damn its driving me insane
  5. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    Are you insane? Take out jiggs? She's one of the best characters and the ultimate n00b killer! They should put in clefairy. Her B moves can be just random B moves from other characters. She wouldn't be a proper character but it would be hilarious if you press down B and fluke a rest to KO ur opponent.
  6. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    It wouldn't really make sense to make mew stronger than mewtwo. It defies the laws of videogames: the bigger guys are always stronger and slower. They will have to make mewtwo stronger if they want to put mew in. Anyway since we're talking about pokemon, what pokemon do you want to see in brawl? I think they should put in hitmonlee and hitmonchan, although i dont think they will be put in because they arent popular enough.
  7. most annoying enemy ever

    I find event 51 funny... use jiggs to keep resting giga bowser and hes dead in less than a minute!
  8. Zelda: Twilight Princess Discussion (SPOILERS: BEWARE)

    Original but would never happen. Anyway rather than just have the one death mountain, death mountain should be in a massive mountain range where all the gorons live (like in oracle of ages). Traversing between all those mountain would be sweet as.
  9. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    Same, you can never have too many characters. Out of the 26 melee characters, i find that i only really like to use 6 or 7 of them. I would like to see at least 40 characters including the ones from melee (i remember back to the n64 version where there was only 12 characters). I dont really mind clones as long as they play a lot differently to each other, and their moves differ in their effects (eg falco's reflector sends foes upwards while fox's sends foes sideways/downwards).
  10. NGC magazine

    I hope so too, it would be annoying if they start at issue 1 again and stop everyones subscriptions because its a "new magazine". I also hope they change the font for their logo... it was really ugly.
  11. The terms of smash

    I did. .
  12. The terms of smash

    I'd rather be an "elite idiot" than an ignorant n00b.
  13. The terms of smash

    Your win ratio may be slightly higher but I will never concede in saying that you're better than me. You just wait till smash bash 3. I'll put you in your place.
  14. The terms of smash

    It annoys me too, but i cant change it now, and at least i can track my posts fairly easily.
  15. The terms of smash

    True, but if you lost all the time it wouldnt really be that fun now would it?
  16. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    The one clone they got perfect is falco. He feels very different to fox but both are very good solid characters with neither really being that much better than the other, only a matter of preference. It would be funny if they make a mewtwo clone for brawl
  17. The terms of smash

    So true. There was a time when i beat everyone (the pikachu is>you era) and i found it very fun (pikachu has about 1500 more KOs than he has falls ) but i was shocked when everyone improved an it became competitive. I still beat most of my mates though now i use falco, and its always competitive when i play goron3. The way i see it is if you r better than ur mates, then you're having fun beating them. If youre as good as ur mates then its very fun because its competitive. If youre not as good as ur mates then you can either sulk and not play anymore or you can get better to make the game fun for yourself again.
  18. The terms of smash

    No idea i dont read the letters, i only just received the results of my test a few months ago.
  19. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    Sorry to have mispleased you my lord Banning me is a bit totalitarian dontcha think? Anyway knocking them into it is rather kool, something that i have done a lot in team battles with the falcon/warlock punch . I also like to grab someone and hold them so my teammate can hit them with the baseball bat.
  20. Football Season 05/06

    I'm a dedicated oxford united supporter. During my life i've seen oxford relegated 4 times and they are now in the conference, when only 20 years ago they won the league cup and were going to go into europe (until english clubs were banned from europe thanks to LIVERPOOL). I just thought i would express my sorrow, but i will of course go and watch them next season when they storm the conference. Oxford TID
  21. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    Well i hope they keep it for comedy value at the very least!
  22. The terms of smash

    Lol its not a shame. Thats one of the reasons why smash is so great.
  23. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    No shit sherlock! Tell us something we dont know!
  24. Mario Kart Arcade

    Your town aint that bad. Theres no exploding oil depots in where i live
  25. The terms of smash

    Thank you at least you're my friend... well i copied and pasted it off this site: http://www.smashboards.com I suggest you explore this site and I promise that you will improve your game. These guys know their stuff.