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  1. i doubt it to, that means nintendo would actually have to spend money on getting developers to write the necesarry code into the firmware, cant be doing that now, eats into profits, hey maybe there add it to da Wii channels and we can all buy it. seriously though, that could be a hoover board from back to the future, its massive
  2. good point mate, why any of u say this is a good thing i dont know, so now we have no dvd player, no 5.1 sound and now unless you get the wii early you have to pay for something that should also be thrown on on a profit system. that really is so stupid, who is going to have wifi without internet, im getting more and more dissapointed with the Wii every press release... i thought this would always be free as standard, i was such a big fan of the wii selling it to all my mates, now im just drifitng away from the constant let downs. and how long til they make the remove with a Li-on battery? i bet you they have already made one, give them about a year they will release with a slight name change and scank us all off.
  3. Computer Graphic Course

    where are you doing your course?