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  1. Rayman Raving Rabbids Thread

    Thank you soooo much for that heads up, mine was not responding on the game and i was getting SOOOOOO annoyed with it! thought my Wii Remote was starting to brake! I'll have to switch the TV and do the game so i can get the 100% as apposed to the 97% Just to add my 2cents to the topic, i think the game is very fun indeed, i can sit there for 2hrs at a time playing it! Only it's a bit too short, i started it yesterday and completed it this morning. But i suppose it can only be a certain length before it gets too repetitive, and i don't wanna do all that High Score stuff, so it's gonna be sold on having given me about 6hours of fun! EDIT: looks like i can't go back to the games, but oh well at least i know it wasn't humanly possible for me to have completed it (without turning it off and trying again)
  2. I have a few games that need playing, but not that many that i play for a while, and then just toss tot eh side when a new one comes out, because i just end up buying games and not playing them as i just get them when they are at good prices weather i need them or not. Having said that, i do have a few titles i need to go back and complete: Pikmin POP:WW Halo 2 (if i can be bothered, 1 player doesn't exactly captivate me) COD2 (been playing on veteran, stopped playing it because of oblivion, and now i can't even do it on veteran now!) Majora's Mask (i keep playing through it, and then losing interest - probably will never get completed as i have to many games to play!)
  3. Pandora.com (try this shit out)

    : peace: Metallica Radio! : peace: great find
  4. What counts as completing a game?

    personally, i feel a game is completed when i've done the final boss of the whole game, for instance wind waker, or when he storyline is complete. Obviously there are extras to do but for example, i could feel content with doing the missions on a GTA game and not get all the packages or what not to get 100%, but still feel like i had completed it - because i had done all the missions
  5. Ocarina of Time

    I had started the Master Quest after completing totally the 64 OOT (every item and bottle and heart5 piece and even Gold Skullita ect - sorry but that is one of my favorite gaming achievements) I started the Masster Quest ages ago, but i feel i may have to replay it, to say that i completed the Master Quest as well. I stopped because of the the Water Temple - i hate it sooo bad!