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  1. Stars Catalogue/Updates

    I have 750 stars and I will not be able to use it, so can I just transfer it to someone?
  2. I made my own time challenges in Super Mario World. It was interesting how as a kid I could do a short game (the challenge) 100 times in a row and it wouldn't be boring.
  3. General Gaming Sales/Charts Discussion

    Thx for the info, I have just sent my nephew to buy it for me (I really have great nephews ).
  4. Wii U General Discussion

    OK, thx then, don't need to worry about it anymore. Btw. We were talking about the pad. My first impression is good, but I am only playing Super Mario Bros and have already used it as a handheld, so I think it will help me a lot. I played some demos and it took me about an hour to get used to the position of the second stick (above buttons), but while using it it feel more natural to me than the XBOX or PS stick, which are to the side, the only thing I had problems with was bumping on the stick while switch from buttons to stick and the buttons maybe could have been placed a bit better (can't explain it, but it was easier for me to use the XBOX and PS buttons, then the ones on the pad). Anyway, I think I am going to like it .
  5. Wii U General Discussion

    Hi guys, me again . I managed to connect everything (the German eshop is expensive ), but I am not able to connect my club Nintendo account with the Wii U. I registered the products first on club Nintendo, later I have registered an Nintendo ID (I couldn't use the same username as in club Nintendo) and now I don't know how to connect it (I have only 750 stars but still....)? Is there a way to do it? Thx.
  6. Wii U General Discussion

    So, the Wii U finally arrived . Now, I've got some club Nintendo card for registering, but it says that it only is available for certain countries. Does it mean I have to be in one of these countries to register, or is it like the eshop, where I can just choose a country? Also, I plan to register Germany for my e-shop, hope It's not going to be a mistake . PS OK, it looks like it's working, but have to wait to switch the Wii U on to do the updates.
  7. Wii U General Discussion

    Just to give an example of prices in Bosnia: Super Luigi costs 63,5 euros and that's the only game next to Nintendo Land I can buy here, while tje rest I would need to order and wait for it. There are some cheaper games on equivalent to ebay for Bosnia so you can find new copies of Super Mario Bros for 40euros, Mario Kart for 50+ euros, Mario 3D a guy sels for 80euros (I think that you can get it cheaper), some older games for 20-30 euros, but they don't sell games like MH3U, Lego City Undercover, Legend of Zelda, Bayonetta, Caotain Toad, Donkey Kong, Resident Evil and many other games. You can order it, but it is expensive and you have to for about 10 days. PS It was cheaper for me to buy the game in Germany, let it transport it via DHL to Croatia and then transport it to Bosnia and Herzegovina, then pay the money via bank (so money plus provision) to the friend who bought it for me, then to buy it here (I saved about 50 euros). You can browse something, but I couldn't find Mario Cart, none of the games I have mentioned in the post above, so was a bit afraid that I will not be able to get it.
  8. Wii U General Discussion

    My Wii U is one day away, at least I hope so :D. PS I am searching through the eshop (on my web browser obviously) and I can't find a lot of games. Are all the games also available on eshop, or are there games you can only but at a retailer?
  9. Forum User Photos

    Me and my daughter: [ATTACH]3817[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]3819[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]3820[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]3821[/ATTACH]
  10. Wii U General Discussion

    This is brilliant . I don't mind the pixels it just should be sharp, so I can play it, as I said the Wii games are just to dark, blurry. So I imagine it's similar to Shovel Knight, where the graphics are old style, but everything is sharp and clear. Also, I am happy with the N64 news. I liked that console, but didn't have many games (you couldn't get them where I am from) so it will give me a chance to play some games I have missed and on good resolution .
  11. Wii U General Discussion

    Then MH3U it is and I am happy about it at it looks really good . Btw. I know there is no leveling, but you improve your armor and weapons, plus learn how to fight and I am perfectly happy with that . Question about virtual console, how does it work? I know what it means, but do I have to pay for it to have it, or I just pay for the games? Also, what graphics is on the games? I don't mind if it's not HD, as I prefer the gameplay more, but my problem with the Wii is that most of the games look to dark together with the not the best graphics for HD TV's, so at the and I only played Super Mario, Mario Galaxy 2, Mario Kart, Kirby and some other few games (some sport games with friends, were the graphics really doesn't matter ) and nothing else. Do they improve the games on VC for the Wii U, or it's stays the same and it's better to play it on the pad or you just pick up games which look a bit better. Sorry about so many questions, but I have a huge window I have missed .
  12. Project CARS

    Of course, it's not hard, I just hope that they don't make the mistake of launching something at the same time, not even a DS title.
  13. Project CARS

    I just think that Nintendo shouldn't release anything around the time this game comes out, because if they do release something big (like Starfox, or Zelda - I know they won't release that but just something of that magnitude) I think that Nintendo fans (including me) will first go for the Nintendo title, which will decrease the sales of third party games and if it's a game which can be played for a long time it could make people forget about some games (like Project CARS - OK, they don't have proper racing games, so CARS has an advantage). I honestly think that the big number of very good Nintendo exclusives is sometimes a problem for third party games (for their sales).
  14. Wii U General Discussion

    It's on the way, finally , have to wait some 10-14 days to get it (I hope at least). After that I will need max 1-2 days to see how it works . One question . I will get the Super Mario Bross and Super Luigi game, after that I will probably get Mario Kart 8 (for family and friends), but the third game should be some action/RPG game and this is he list of games I have so which one should I get in your opinion: 1. Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate 2. Resident Evil Reveleations 3. Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker 4. Bayonetta 2 5. Lego Undercover 6. Huryle Warriors 7. Batman Arkham City 8. Deux Ex Human Revolution 9. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 10. Splatoon (OK, this one is on the list and actually high up, but I know one has played it yet) Now, the first 5 games are top on the list, without any specific order (actually MHT has my biggest attention) + Hyrule Warriors, everything else is there just in case . After the N64 for I didn't have any Nintendo console till Wii, but I got it last year and most games don't look good on HD TV's, so I didn't play them, so the only game I know from the list is the Zelda series, plus I did play old Resident Evil Games, that's why I am no familiar with the other staff and am asking here . Thx.
  15. Wii U General Discussion

    I know, but I meant something new to bring new people in, something with "wow effect". I agree that it is probably different with me, but still the pad should be a plus, even if you don't use it to much.... I will use it more than most people probably, so maybe I am not the best to judge this. Also, I thought that the Pad works up to 10m away from the console. If there are some problems with that, obviously it's a problem (in my case not a big one as I can move the console to the bedroom, but we are talking about new buyers). I will have to wait to see how it works. I hope that I will like it as much as you do .
  16. Wii U General Discussion

    To include my self into the discussion. I am still waiting for my Wii U (I've got it for 250 euros in Germany - Mario and Luigi bundle and it did sell out in a few days from the shop who was selling it), but the thing I am probably looking most to is the game pad, as I will be able to play it away from TV. Don't get me wrong, I prefer to play it on TV, but because of a specific situation, I usually only have time when I go to sleep (so can play it in the bed for half an hour or a hour), or when my daughter is a sleep and she often sleeps in the TV room, so I can't use the TV. The pad is almost like a second console and I don't get it why is it a problem for people (I didn't use it yet, so maybe I'll find out). Also, I think that Nintendo needs 2-3 more big games, shooting games (Splatoon could be the one, Starfox), RPG (Xenoblade Chronicles X could be that one), or a horror game (they need something for that), while they really have a good collection of other games (Mario bros, Super Luigi, Mario 3D, Mario Kart, Smash Bross, Zelda, they have some shooters nice shooters, Lego City Undercover, Bayonetta 2, Monster Hunter Ultimate, Batman Arkham City, Pikmin, Donkey Kong, Rayman, Captain Toad, Kirby, Wonderfull 101, Hyrule Land, some popular "old" games, lots of indie games and they also have some sports games but not the newest ones) and when the 2-3 games are out they should start again a massive advertisement with nice prices (nothing to low) as people still think that there are no games for the Wii U. I am sure a new marketing campaign would sell a good number of consoles as now they do have enough games they can show (and they have to show it during the marketing campaign).
  17. I am planning to get that game and voice chat isn't something I really need. I have played some online games with VC and most of the time it was language I couldn't understand and it was mostly used after the "fight", so didn't really help. After that I used to turn it off. I am not against it, as there are people who like it, but I don't really care about it.
  18. Wii U General Discussion

    Thx, I finally managed to fined an OK deal, as I had to borrow money .
  19. Wii U General Discussion

    Nintendo just improved Wii U sales, I have finally ordered my Wii U :D, but have to wait about 2 weeks to get it .
  20. Wii U General Discussion

    To give a longer answer. I know that the e-shop is usually more expensive, but in my country the retail prices are usually higher than in rest of Europe, so the e-shop should be cheaper at the and.
  21. Wii U General Discussion

    Thank you a lot for the answer .
  22. Wii U General Discussion

    Hi, I am new here and need some help . I am in the process of getting a Wii U (hope there is an Easter offer), but, my plan is to get it in Germany, while I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina - not EU, but Europe ). My question is am I going to be able to use the e-shop without restrictions and also, on what country should I set it (I've read that it could change the games I can buy)? Also, because I would probably buy all the games from the e-shop (as it is cheaper then buying it here) do they have most of the games on e-shop, especially the first party ones? And the last question for now, my friend is going to test the Wii U before he sends it here, so will it be a problem for me to set it up again, is there a reset option, or is he supposed to set it up the was I am going to use it? I hope everything is clear with the questions and that somebody is going to be able to give me some answers . Thx a lot in advance .