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  1. sony are fuckwits (adds little to the conversation, but I think it sums it up!)
  2. I have yet to get my 360 (my local video store, just had them back in) but I will get it sometime today. Please explain how to obtain disc or update? thanks!
  3. Can anyone answer a quick question for me please? Does Pro Evo 5 work with the 360? Thanks!
  4. I was just wondering if you had a direct link but I will google it
  5. Thanks for the reply! where can i download them from?
  6. I'm after some software that will rip the audio from dvd into mp3 anyone help me? and let me know where I can download it from Obviously I would prefer a free program as to shareware, spyware etc Also I have just got a second hand cd writer, although I have no software with it, again can you guys help me out with some software?
  7. I used to own all the colours of N64 controllers Can't decide if thats good or bad?!
  8. Its an oppurtunity for Microsoft to make a bit of cash for very little expense so yes I think we will see "Rare" games on Revolution
  9. for me it has to be Mario RPG from the SNES, I would stump up the cash to buy it from ebay but I am little tight!
  10. I tend to use walkthroughs just on games I want to acheieve 100% completion
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