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  1. Just now, LazyBoy said:

    Yeeeeeeessss!!!! Thousand year door is one of the greatest RPGs of all time (not opinion, fact), so I'm ecstatic to see turn based battles return. I see from that little clip that audiences are back, and there are lots of flashes of story, so this looks to be the closest to TYD of all the games since then.

    Any word on what studio is making this?

    Completely agree (hence the avatar!!)

    Super stoked for this, love that there is still some surprises on the horizon too! 


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  2. 25 minutes ago, martinist said:

    ah thanks. Will go great with my giant xylophone I also have no space for.

    I Need two more fossils before my exhibit is complete! If anyone has an Ophthalmo Torso or a Spino Skull do you mind sending any extras my way?

    Ive definitely got a spino skull you can have. 


    Have you added me? Maybe I can't send you post yet????

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