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  1. Mario Kart League 2016

    I would still like to play, let me know if we can get people interested
  2. Mario Kart League 2016

    Have we finished our Mario Kart League?,
  3. Mario Kart League 2016

    Got Disconnected on 3rd race of 3rd GP, was in second place coming into last couple of corners, typical, you had already started last race.
  4. Mario Kart League 2016

    Hi guys, might not be back from London in time on Thursday, will try my best
  5. Mario Kart League 2016

    What is the GP,S for tonight
  6. Mario Kart League 2016

    Thanks for waiting for me tonight guys, what happened, a 3rd then a 2nd for me in the GP's,2 firsts in the races, did you all take pity on me lol.
  7. Mario Kart League 2016

    Hi Guys, sorry for late post but I'm not feeling very well so will have to give tonight a miss, see you next week.
  8. Mario Kart League 2016

    Hi Guys, just to let you know i will be in Mexico on Holiday for the next 2 Thursdays, will be back for the Mario Kart league on 14th July.
  9. Mario Kart League 2016

    NOT LIKING THE MOTION CONTROLS, so count me out of this week, see you next week
  10. Mario Kart League 2016

    OK will give it a go, thanks Yes, you can use either the Gamepad's Gyro controls (turn it on via the pause menu) or you can use a Wii Remote (with or without the Wii Wheel).
  11. Mario Kart League 2016

    Does the wii u have Motion controls?, i don't have my old wii controllers
  12. Mario Kart League 2016

    [ Not Used Motion Controls Before,so not liking this theme, bad enough trying not to be last anyway, so unless you change it I'm going to have to pass this week, sorry QUOTE=RedShell;1806288]Next theme (courtesy of [MENTION=19435]Glen- i[/MENTION] & @Dcubed): So yeah, be sure to blame those guys if you don't like it. Basically, the idea here is that we (as in those of us that normally play using traditional controls) are going to use motion controls, while Glen-i (who always uses motion controls, in case you weren't aware ) is going to use traditional. I suggested a similar theme way back in the early days of the league, but it didn't go down so well with some of the people that used traditional controls. So with that in mind, it is not compulsory to use them in this theme. However I will be, and I hope everyone else will too for a laugh. This is just a one-off, so you might as well. : peace: The IN! list: The Mole Kounan punio75 Brian58 BowserBasher Bullet Will RedShell Wii Glen-i Dcubed Nicktendo Who else is IN? *EDIT* BTW, remember to set the copy of that Mii to be a favourite in the Mii Maker, otherwise it might not show up in MK8.
  13. Mario Kart League 2016

  14. Mario Kart League 2016

    Punio should be ahead of me
  15. Mario Kart League 2016

    I'm always in