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  1. was fun this year! cant wait to see who wins next years challenge #teamchris
  2. Minecraft!

    Check this out Looks very interesting.. i cant stop watching the videos that guy has made playing this.. im even considering giving it a go myself you can get it here http://www.minecraft.net/ but you have to pay for it
  3. The first gears game was the best by far I can almost remember the layout of every multiplayer map
  4. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Agreed its a crime to own an xbox one and not own titanfall
  5. Xbox One Console Discussion

    How many gamertags have you had! I've added you to my list.. Again lol
  6. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Ah! I hope I played with some style ! It was the very end of the game, I loved every second of it.
  7. Xbox One Console Discussion

    make sure you guys add me to, my gamertag is nintenchris also if you do add me, let me know so I can add you back
  8. Sunset Overdrive

    The game is nothing short of amazing. Its the first open world game i've played that i've enjoyed every second of going from point A to point B
  9. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Makes for a hostile environment
  10. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Each to there own. You won't ever catch me in the ps4 thread talking shit tho.
  11. Xbox One Console Discussion

    See this is the reason why no one posts , not because the Xbox one is bad
  12. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Maybe you guys should join us on the Xbox one
  13. Flameboys wedding day!

    What a day it was! One of my personal highlights was mikes moves on the dance floor !
  14. Trials Fusion (PS4/360/Xbox One/PC)

    dontcha worry, if ya beat my scores im gunna be coming right back at ya!
  15. TitanFall (Xbox One/360/PC)

    Check put my Titanfall clips, I've shot a few outta the air while ejecting myself. Flameboy has an awesome clip too!
  16. TitanFall (Xbox One/360/PC)

    Yep we had some awesome games tonight! Can't believe I'm nearing level 50 already
  17. TitanFall (Xbox One/360/PC)

    Gears of war Those were the days!
  18. TitanFall (Xbox One/360/PC)

    You'll have to play some with me a flameboy at the weekend!
  19. TitanFall (Xbox One/360/PC)

    Best game I've played in a very long time.
  20. TitanFall (Xbox One/360/PC)

    If you wasn't excited, you should be now
  21. TitanFall (Xbox One/360/PC)

    How is no one talking about Titanfall on here, the beta was incredible!
  22. Xbox One Console Discussion

    ive added you too V. Amoleo
  23. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Yeah I wasn't talking in terms of performance
  24. Xbox One Console Discussion

    I cant wait for novemeber 22nd reasons why i want the xbox one over the ps4 xbox live the xbox controller the fact that microsoft will pay for big exclusives But thats just me, none of the crap that was supposed to happen but didnt doesnt phase me one bit. As i see it right now, besides the price point the PS4 and Xbox are on equal ground.
  25. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Most likely means nothing but Went to my local ebgames to pre-order There was 9 guys there before me, and they where all there for the Xbox one Strange thing all but one of them knew what they where getting and what the ps4 is offering