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    In bed
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    Not many! Videogames is one of them, I guess.
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    Actually, the toilet is currently available. Ha HAAA! Humour.


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    Which ones have I NOT owned? Oh yeah, Virtual Boy...
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    Playbox 360 and Xstation 3. Is that right? I have others too...
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    I do like that there Super Smash Bros. Brawl Game.
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    Professor Layton. Critical Thinking is the Key to Success!
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  1. Don't excuse yourself, that message was genuinely entertaining to read :D I hope the baby was cute! >:D


    Well, you make a great impression whenever you post your drawings, definitely! You should post more in the general chat forum, I and many others, I'm sure, would love to get to know you better! Do you post more in other parts of the forum (I have no reason to go near the gaming parts)?


    Your rambling is cute, you should blog!!