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    In bed
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    Not many! Videogames is one of them, I guess.
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    Actually, the toilet is currently available. Ha HAAA! Humour.


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    Which ones have I NOT owned? Oh yeah, Virtual Boy...
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    Playbox 360 and Xstation 3. Is that right? I have others too...
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    I do like that there Super Smash Bros. Brawl Game.
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    Professor Layton. Critical Thinking is the Key to Success!
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  1. One of my current worst nightmares is having a baby, but I enjoyed the sense of urgency you convey! In what way would it alleviate your urge to send me/"us" a card?


    Reminds me of the dream thread, I guess that got buried. But I've N-E dreams before, though I don't know what you look like so you've never been featured in them! Please continue having crazy N-E dreams :D