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  1. Oi, Hannah, stop bein' such a wuss with your illnesses and whatnot. =P


    (Hey. Nice to see you're, y'know, alive and all that.)

  2. Pssst.


    I see you lurkin'. =P


    Good to see you're still, y'know, alive and stuff. Don't be a stranger! (I guess if I catch you too late today, this'll be a nice(?) surprise when you come to lurk next time!)

  3. Sprout

    Ahhh I forgot to reply to you and now I feel very bad about ittttt! Belated thanks for the Birthday wishes, pal! Sorry that I didn't reply to you sooner...


    Hope life is going well for you and whatnot. And as always, I'm always up for some Brawls if you're ever in the mood. =P

  4. Maybe someday. I'm fine with playing with a group of people (I always prefer playing with four players in Brawl for example), I just don't like keeping score. To tell the truth, the Super Smash Bros. games are probably the only games I'm actually decent at, so if we were going to play other games online, I don't think I'd be a very good opponent! =P

  5. Sorry dude, but whilst I'm aware that the N-E League is just a bit of fun I'm afraid that I'm not into that sort of thing. I simply don't like playing in a a competitive environment with rankings and such on the line. I guess you could say I have a Sakurai way of thinking about that sort of thing. =P


    Thanks for the offer though!

  6. Aye. My brothers were never very enthusiastic about playing, though. We would only play 1 vs. 3 because there was too big of a "skill" gap between us. It didn't get played that much within the family because of this.


    That was about four years ago... so it's been a long time since I've been able to play extensively locally. And people don't really play much online anymore. It's a shame, but that's life. I'm sure when the next instalments arrive that there'll be a lot of popularity online once more. If you want to play Brawl though, you should do your best to actively hunt down players. Maybe with enough pestering you could convince some to play again. =P

  7. Before I went to university I used to play a lot with friends and my three brothers. Since then, however, I don't really have anybody to play with. Which is a shame, because I really enjoy four player Brawls, heh. But to answer your question, no, I don't really have anybody to play with locally. Sadly not many people to play online with, either. =P

  8. Ehhh, it didn't take too long. It's mainly a case of playing until your mind and hands readjust to a new button layout (so for me the hardest part was the A, B, X and Y buttons). Just keep at it and you'll get used to them in time. It might be a bit harder for you, since judging by what I saw last night, you seem to have attempted to learn a select few characters and the "competitive" techniques they're capable of. I've never tried to learn the characters, heh. But I'm sure you'll be able to learn again with enough practice.


    But all that said, if you intend to learn the Wii U Pro Controller, keep in mind that you'll probably have to learn to adjust yet again due to the different button placement. But that's just how gaming on Nintendo consoles is, what with the company changing the controllers all the time. =P

  9. Oh, hey. No, I don't use a Gamecube controller. Not anymore anyway. I switched to a Classic Controller Pro some time ago. Think it was to get used to something I could potentially use for the next instalments in Smash Bros., heh. It can be hard to switch controllers with different layouts, but practice makes perfect! Good games last night by the way. Sorry, I must have forgotten to reply in the thread.

  10. Ah, um, thank you for the compliments! The baby in the dream was adorable, and you certainly looked happy to have her. Even if Ashley was apparently the father. =P


    And I don't really post anywhere often, really. I think I prefer to simply read other people's posts than make my own. Other members have told me to post more on N-E over MSN, but I guess I believe that I don't think I have anything of worth to say. But I do appreciate your kind words!


    I certainly don't think I should blog, though. I fear my rambling can get quite annoying to others when they have to endure it on a regular basis. But I'm glad in this instance, you've found it entertaining! If you actually want to hear more for some reason, as mentioned, I do have MSN, heh.

  11. Oh, well it's just how I am really. I have a tendency to think about things too much. I think I just had to get it off my chest, otherwise I'd have been constantly thinking about this imaginary baby! I believe now I've shared my dream with you my mind has calmed down a bit, so I guess the card probably won't be necessary. But hey, if I could do something nice for you sometime, let me know!


    And yes, I suppose it would be hard to dream about someone if you didn't know what they looked like! I don't exactly post much/stand out around here, so I guess you could consider me a background character at best, heh. I enjoy reading everybody's posts though, and I guess you in particular must have made an impression on me, hence why you were in my dream (I did always want to say I thought you were great in the Ace Attorney Mafia, pal)!


    ...I, um, also have a tendency to ramble. My apologies! I'll, just, er, go back to not posting and let you get back to talking with sane people, heh.

  12. Last night I had a dream where Ashley was telling everybody on N-E that he and you had just had a baby. And since I’ve woken up, despite acknowledging that this was a dream, I still feel like I need to send you a card to congratulate you. Can I do that? Can I send you two a card? I don’t think my mind is going to be at rest until I do. If you also want to get an actual baby involved somehow to make the scenario more authentic then that’s fine, too.


    I don't know why I'm even saying all of this. And yes, I do realise that I appear to sound like a mental nutcase. Ignooore meee! =P

  13. I don't think taking a beating at Brawl again is the cure for your agitation, but if you want it that badly, mention the time you want to do it. Perhaps do so in the meet-up thread to get some activity in there.


    The stage you're talking about WarioWare, Inc., I'd recommend that as a stage for four players with items on to get the most out of it.

  14. I don't really care about my skills Beverage, I've always just been a guy who wants to have fun playing his games, and any sort of skill is merely coincidence. Anyway, I can probably play at any time, no need to wait that long. Preferably before Zelda and Mario hit on the 18th.


    I also had no particular reason for browsing the MK thread.. I don't even remember doing it. It was probably because I like Mario Kart, and that's about it.


    And, er.. well I know you like your smacktalk and you think that we have a rivalry, but it really makes me quite uncomfortable, especially when you get all sexual. If you could tone it down, at least when talking to me, I'd appreciate it.

  15. Well, I'm also doin' fine, third year of uni's almost done, and I still play Pokémon. Also, don't feel weird! You should do what I don't and post more often, haha. =P

  16. Ah! Hey you, how ya doin'?

  17. "HUAH" to you too. =P

  18. Well, umm, you can always send me a private message if you don't want others to see. But if it can wait and you need to get ready, that's okay. I should have my computer back by the 2nd, so I look forward to you getting back. ;P

  19. Aww, Kayla... I've missed you a lot too. *huggles* But hey, I'm really touched you went to such lengths to find me, and I promise we'll talk at great lengths very very soon. And enjoy Otakon, I'm sure you'll love it!


    Oh, and Tammy says hi~

  20. Well, I technically finished the year late May, but I was home around early May (I'll tell you the whole story when I get my computer back if you like, Kinda hard to write on the DS =P)... so months is about right, heh.


    Oh, by the way, I have a program that can convert your Brawl snapshots into JPEG files on my computer. I think it was called "bin2jpeg", if you just wanna try googling it. I can send you the program when I get my computer back if you prefer, though.

  21. Ah... I'm afraid I've been unable to obtain those. They're at my uni apartment, and I'm... not. I've tried to convince my parents to get my things, but they've been too lazy (though my rent runs out in a couple of days, so we HAVE to soon, heh). So I've had to get my internets from my DS alone. I'm really sorry... I've been wanting to get my stuff back for months. >_>;

  22. This is news to me... I'm glad you care enough to try and find me. =P

  23. You found me? You were looking for me?

  24. Fiine. Let's get this over with. Third times the charm and all that.

  25. Har har har.


    Again, I'm online now. Hopefully you haven't run away to watch another football match or something. =P