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  1. 43 minutes ago, Dcubed said:

    but only exclusively on our own PC launcher

    Absolutely hate this trend on PC, so stupid. :angry:

    I already have Steam as it's where the majority of my games are, Xbox for Game Pass stuff, Epic Games for the freebies and GOG Galaxy because it actually offers some cool features and is attempting (at least) to unify things.

    But I have zero desire to install EA, Ubisoft, Rockstar or any other superfluous launcher on my PC. I'd actually prefer to just not play their games. :blank:

  2. Been a while since my last update and I've re-subbed to Game Pass since then too, so got quite a bit to add. :grin:

    Slime Rancher:

    A game where you go around vacuuming up various slime creatures (and their poos) in order to expand and upgrade the storage for even more slimes and consequently... more slime poos. :laughing: Yeah, weird game, but it was all very cute and also reminded me of Eledees on the Wii which I loved. Nothing spectacular about it really, but a nice game to relax with.


    Psychonauts 2:

    This one was a very nice surprise indeed. :o I'd previously made several attempts to play the original Psychonauts but struggled to get into it, no such problem with the sequel though, it was an absolute joy to play from start to finish!  :bouncy: Amazing presentation, very funny (it actually had me in tears at some points :laughing:) and the gameplay was really enjoyable too. Enjoyed it so much, in fact, that I even stuck with it post-credits to get all of the collectables for 100% completion. Wouldn't be at all surprised if this were to end up being game of the year.


    Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales:

    My addiction to Gwent continues! :heh: Yeah, I thought it would be cool to play a single player story based game built entirely around Gwent battles, but unfortunately I didn't do enough research before buying this, and it turned out that the gameplay was quite a bit different to standard Gwent. :blank: A lot of battles were actually puzzles to solve and even the standard games were confusing due to cards having the same appearance but changed abilities from the multiplayer game. I ended up playing through on easy and skipping a lot of battles as a result, but I got the game on sale and it unlocked lots of stuff for Gwent, so it wasn't a complete let-down. ::shrug:


    The Forgotten City:

    This caught my attention when browsing what was available on Game Pass one day and while not really my kind of game in terms of genre, I did still quite enjoy it. Managed to get 3 out of the 4 possible endings, but despite the developers streamlining the process whenever you restart, things just got too repetitive for me to go for the 4th. Very impressive how this game was made by a handful of people though. :bowdown: It is a bit rough around the edges but considering the nature of the game it's a fantastic achievement for such a small development team.


    Zombie Army 4: Dead War:

    Originally my Halloween game this year was going to be Back 4 Blood, which I did start playing but after a few missions in both single player and co-op I wasn't really enjoying it all that much. :hmm: Then I discovered this game and well, let's just say I never looked back. I found Zombie Army 4 to be infinitely more enjoyable, the style of the game is just so much better, the zombies, the humour, the way it plays, everything about it was super entertaining. It's like RE4's Mercenaries mode but on steroids! Really fun game. :cool:


    Forza Horizon 5:

    And last but certainly not least, Horizon 5, which I have been absolutely glued to recently. Initially the wow factor wasn't quite there, as it all felt very similar to Horizon 4, but the more I played, the better it got, and I have to say this is undoubtedly one of the best racing games ever! Super exhilarating stuff, I frequently get goose bumps during the more intense races! :eek: The sense of speed is frankly insane, the visuals are stunning and the gameplay is spot-on. It feels so good just to drive around.

    The amount and variety of cars on offer is also truly impressive (500+ I believe) and I was not expecting to see things like the DMC DeLorian or the 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am of Smokey and the Bandit fame! I particularly love how every car is potentially viable too thanks to the custom tuning system, you can even soup-up a Reliant Robin three-wheeler so it does over 200 Mph! :DJust good luck keeping it on the road.

    It's not all turbocharged three-wheelers though :p there are some annoying bugs here and there, plus various issues with online play, and for a game set in Mexico an alarming lack of Mariachi. :angry: But yeah, everything else is just so great that it's easy to overlook the few negatives. I'll be playing this game for quite some time I reckon. :hehe:


    Quick word on the Animal Crossing New Horizons v2.0 update, which has got me using my Switch and checking in on my island on a daily basis again. Such a fantastic update! There is so much new stuff to experience that it actually feels like paid DLC. Have been loving it. :love: As for the actual paid DLC (Happy Home Paradise) well I've not picked that up yet, but with how much there already is in the 2.0 update anyway I'm more than happy to wait a while. :)




    1.     Tetris Effect: Connected (PC)
    2.     Doom Eternal (PC)
    3.     Dragon Quest XI (PC)
    4.     The Medium (PC)
    5.     Yakuza 3 Remastered (PC)
    6.     UnderMine (PC)
    7.     Ring Fit Adventure (Switch)
    8.     Levelhead (PC)
    9.     Superhot: Mind Control Delete (PC)
    10.     Sea of Thieves (PC)
    11.     Doom (PC)
    12.     Monster Hunter Rise (Switch)
    13.     World of Demons (Apple TV)
    14.     The Wild at Heart (PC)
    15.     Just Cause 4 (PC)
    16.     Rain on Your Parade (PC)
    17.     Game Builder Garage (Switch)
    18.     Little Nightmares (PC)
    19.     Part Time UFO (Switch)
    20.     Pokémon Unite (Switch)
    21.     Rage 2 (PC)
    22.     Control (PC)
    23.     The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition (PC)
    24.     Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE (Mobile)
    25.     GWENT: The Witcher Card Game (PC/Mobile)
    26.     Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PC)
    27.     Slime Rancher (PC)
    28.     Psychonauts 2 (PC)
    29.     Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales (PC)
    30.     The Forgotten City (PC)
    31.     Zombie Army 4: Dead War (PC)
    32.     Forza Horizon 5 (PC)

    Played for a while:

    •     Cyber Shadow (PC)
    •     Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair (PC)
    •     Yakuza 4 Remastered (PC)
    •     Wreckfest (PC)
    •     Taiko no Tatsujin Pop Tap Beat (Apple TV)
    •     Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker (Apple TV/Mobile)
    •     Clap Hanz Golf (Apple TV)
    •     Dragon Quest Builders 2 (PC)
    •     The Swords of Ditto: Mormo's Curse (PC)
    •     Darkest Dungeon (PC)
    •     A Plague Tale: Innocence (PC)
    •     Yooka-Laylee (PC)
    •     ReCore (PC)
    •     Back 4 Blood (PC)
    •     The Good Life (PC)
    •     Unpacking (PC)

    Older games that I'm still playing regularly:

    •     Mario Kart Tour (Mobile)
    •     Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)


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  3. Well, so far I've purchased the best (most hilarious) looking car I could find, tuned it to a ludicrous level of performance considering its appearance, and found an excellent spot on the map to drive it off at insanely high speed:

    So I'm pretty happy with the game. :heh:

    Oh yeah, messed about with the custom livery thing a little bit too...
    Pay attention to my custom number plate before and after that jump.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Sheikah said:

    @RedShell it looks Like The Tomorrow Children is being revived. I seem to remember you were into this back in the day. I did play it a bit and thought it was a shame to see it shut down - really surprising to see that it will be coming back.

    Holy shit! :o That is fantastic news, thanks for the heads up. :)

    Really hope with Q-Games having the rights back they will bring it over to PC now as well.

  5. Top-notch video @Glen-i & @Dcubed! :bowdown: That Sudden Death montage. :laughing:

    Great comedic timing and nice use of camera angles too. I'm always impressed by stuff like that, knowing how cumbersome the editing feature is in Ultimate. Just the fact that you need to manually convert replays to video was enough to put me off ever really using it. :zzz: No rewind either, which obviously doesn't help. And worst of all, no custom stages allowed.

    I do hope they keep the feature in Smash Bros. going forward though, just with a lot of improvements. :hehe:

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  6. I didn't get FP2, so half of these opinions are based solely on playing against the 2nd set of characters and stealing their abilities as Kirby. :p Previous rankings in italics:


    11. Steve - Wrong on every level. :mad: I don't care how bloody popular Minecraft is, aesthetically it is absolute garbage and therefore completely out of place in a highly polished game like Smash Bros. Ultimate. On the plus side, whenever I'd encounter the character online I had fun continuously destroying his little workbench thing. :laughing:

    10. Byleth - Too Much Fire Emblem! Seriously though, there was simply no need for another Fire Emblem character, not when the Fighters Pass was such a golden opportunity to further expand the Smash Ultimate roster with still unrepresented video game franchises. Fun to play as, sure. But the same (or similar) moveset could have been used for a more deserving character I reckon.

    9. Sephiroth - No history with this character and I really don't think Smash needed another Final Fantasy rep (unless it was a Chocobo :grin:) while there were still completely untapped franchises out there.  

    8. Pyra/Mythra - Nothing in particular against these characters but again, Xenoblade was already featured in Smash, so I would've preferred a new 3rd party (or a less recognisable/safe Nintendo) choice instead.

    7. Sora -  Not familiar with this one, but I get that it was a big deal for many people and also a significant challenge for the Smash Bros. team to acquire. Having said that, from my perspective this is basically a third (non-Chocobo) Final Fantasy character which Smash didn't need. :heh:

    6. Joker - I have no history with the Persona series (outside of a spinoff that I played briefly on PS+ one time) so yeah, this character also meant nothing to me. But at the very least he is a true newcomer to Smash, so fair enough.

    5. Min-Min - A sensible 1st party choice for once! Obviously a natural fit for Smash and from a previously unrepresented game to boot! She's probably the most unique of all the DLC characters too.

    4. Terry - Finally, a character I'm at least familiar with! Would've far preferred the SNK rep to be Mai Shiranui, but what can I say... I'm not a good boy. ;) 

    3. Kazuya - Wouldn't have been my personal pick for a Tekken rep (I'd have chosen Law or Hwoarang, even Panda :hehe:) but it's cool to see the series join Smash regardless. His Final Smash and 10-Hit combo probably still need a serious nerf though! :laughing:

    2. Hero - Although Dragon Quest isn't a series I've ever been massively into, I have played a few of the games here and there, and I definitely understood the desire for DQ representation in Smash, it's a huge deal after all. Not overly fussed personally, but at the same time I can't/wouldn't complain about this choice.

    1. Banjo & Kazooie - This was a solid choice for the Fighters Pass. Lots of people wanted them and they have history with Nintendo, so yeah, a great addition to the roster. The best reveal trailer too. :D


    11. Minecraft World - *vomits profusely*

    10. Garreg Mach Monastery - Too Much Fire Emblem.

    9.  Northern Cave - A lot going on in the background of this stage, but to be honest I just find it distracting.

    8. Mementos - Pretty boring stage I think, in both layout and presentation. The occasional cat meows are actually the best thing about it.

    7. Hollow Bastion - I imagine this is really cool if you're familiar with the source material, but I'm not, so it ain't. :heh:

    6. King of Fighters Stadium - +1 point for the breakable walls. But loses 2 points for not featuring Mai. :laughing:

    5. Mishima Dojo - Definitely prefer this stage's take on the breakable walls thing, them being visible before impact helps make it all the more spectacular.

    4. Spring Stadium - Spring-loaded edges, item delivery drones and the possibility of getting meteor smashed off the ceiling! :D Good stuff.

    3. Spiral Mountain - It looks nice and it spins around, not bad.

    2. Cloud Sea of Alrest - It looks really nice, and it has a dragon thingy that can completely mess up your recovery just by turning its head. :grin:

    1. Yggdrasil's Altar -  It looks really, really nice. I love the little treasure chests that appear too, and how they can sometimes be traps. And anyone that's played my custom stages knows just how much I like stage elements that can be unpredictable, or "fight back". :hehe:


    11. Minecraft - Admittedly not as much of a mess as its visuals, but not far off. Completely generic and uninspiring all the same though.

    10. Kingdom Hearts - Nothing really stands out for me with these tracks, pretty forgettable.

    9. Fire Emblem: Three Houses Soundtrack - Too Much Fire Emblem.™ :heh:

    8. Final Fantasy - Weak sauce. Considering how much amazing music there is in the Final Fantasy series, what they ended up with in Ultimate is so disappointing. :blank: Where the goddamn Chocobo theme at!? :mad:

    7. Dragon Quest Series - Fantastic music, but crappy implementation.

    6. ARMS - Somewhat repetitive but I quite like the ARMS soundtrack. Simply cannot forgive the omission of this though. :shakehead

    5. SNK selection - Quantity over quality really, still some great stuff in there though.

    4. Banjo-Kazooie & Tooie - Upbeat and fun, lots of remixes as well which is always appreciated.

    3. Xenoblade 2 - Some phenomenal tracks in this set! :o Almost makes me want to check out Xenoblade 2, which after getting so severely burnt with Chronicles X, is no mean feat. :heh:

    2. Persona Series - Wow! Amazing. Absolutely amazing! :bowdown: The first track alone is enough to win it. I just love funky Acid Jazz! :bouncy::yay: There are some major duds in there too, but the good stuff is just way too good. Could only be topped by the miracle of Ulala somehow getting in on the Vol.2 Fighters Pass for some Space Channel 5 goodness. Or...

    1. Tekken - Surprise surprise, a long-running fighting game series has excellent hype generating music that fits Smash Bros. like a glove. :cool: A generous amount of tracks too.

    Looking back now I'm really glad I didn't purchase the 2nd Fighters Pass. And while it is a bit of a shame to not have the complete version of Ultimate, I'm happy with the base game and some of the DLC at least.

    Speaking of... shout out to the only DLC announcement (other than Stage Builder) for me to ever get excited about during a Smash Ultimate Direct, the Goemon Mii costume! :D


    Gutted that it was only a Mii costume (no music track either, which is just crazy!), but I guess understandable given the current (and very unfortunate) circumstances of the Goemon series. :sad:
    The Bomberman and Cuphead costume reveals were cool moments too, but seeing "Goemon" finally arrive in Smash Bros. made this old fart very happy indeed. :)

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  7. 24 minutes ago, Julius said:

    With the Expansion Pack going live tomorrow, is there anyone here who plans on picking it up?

    I might have actually been tempted if the Animal Crossing DLC was included as a bonus that you got to permanently keep, but as it stands I'm in no hurry to subscribe to Switch Online again, Expansion Pack or standard. :blank:

    It is interesting how no online retailers appear to have codes available for the expansion though, what with it launching so soon now. :hmm: I wonder if Nintendo has delayed distribution on purpose in order to maximise their initial profits? :heh: As if they won't be making enough profit with that ridiculous price increase! :indeed:

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  8. 10 minutes ago, Glen-i said:

    It's also easily in my top 3 Dragon Quests. (Granted, I've not played the first three or 10 yet) You don't see RPG's on this scale very often these days.

    Ever get around to doing that 3D mode playthrough you were planning?

  9. 1 hour ago, Mandalore said:

    Almost finished with Yakuza 7. After all the Dragon Quest references, I'm curious to try a game in the series. Is this a good one to go for if I've never played any before? And am I better off getting it on Switch or PS4/5?

    Can't say for sure if this one is the best starting point, although I'd only ever played 1 of the mainline DQ games before playing this and I enjoyed it just fine. :)

    As for where to play it, well if portability isn't a big deal for you then I absolutely recommend avoiding the Switch version and getting it on PS4/5. The Switch version is very good, but again, unless you specifically want to play it on the go, then having a crisper image, smoother frame rate and possibly faster load times too (they were lightning fast on PC :cool:) is much nicer.

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  10. That was a great newcomer party, cheers everyone! :) 
    Shame it’s the very last one for Smash Ultimate, but they’ve all been a lot of fun. :cool: 

    Glad people enjoyed my custom stage too. :hehe: The fact that it kills all players at the end (making it a lottery as to who wins) is harsh, but undoubtedly amusing. :laughing:




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  11. Ok, Vampire Waluigi is the greatest thing since London bus driver Waluigi. :laughing:

    This almost makes up for him being snubbed by Smash Bros.
    Tell you what though, if he ever makes it into a future version of Smash then they are absolutely set for alt costumes. :heh:

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  12. 4 minutes ago, Glen-i said:

    You don't need New Horizons to play Happy Home Paradise.

    Really?! That's weird. :blank:

    So anyone with the digital version of ACNH that also gets HHP will be downloading loads of duplicate content to their Switch? :hmm: Or is it only a standalone thing if you don't have ACNH, and DLC otherwise? ::shrug:

    I'm also still confused about what happens with those extra design features that HHP unlocks in ACNH if you "purchase" HHP via the sub. :confused:

  13. Wow! What an update. :)
    I shall definitely be spending some more time with Animal Crossing again soon. :hehe:

    That Happy Home DLC is super tempting too. Lottie is back! :love:

    Anyone know what the deal is with it being included as part of the new online sub though, is it that you can only use it while subscribed, or does it get permanently added to your account?
    I mean it seems like you can eventually bring those new design features to your own island home, so if someone were to play it via the sub, what would happen after leaving the service?



    If you do not renew your membership for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, it’s not possible to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise unless it has been purchased separately.

    So the HHP stuff in your New Horizons house, does Tom Nook come and remove it all if you don't renew? :laughing:

  14. So I just had a quick go on the demo for the PC version.
    While Capcom haven't really done anything much to improve it visually, the natural increase to both resolution and frame rate definitely give the game a different feel.

    At 4K/120fps it's as if you're playing it on a Switch emulator. :heh: Having spent so much time with the Switch version at 30fps, the motion seems absolutely ridiculous on PC! :o It's like the game is in fast forward! :laughing: No doubt this is actually how it's supposed to run, but it would definitely take me a while to get used to, if I were to continue playing on PC... but I'm not (because of the lack of cross-save) so it doesn't really matter. :hehe:

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  15. egwvmZK.jpg


    I wonder if the issue here is simply Nintendo not allowing Capcom to implement it, perhaps thinking that it might have an undesirable effect on eShop sales of Sunbreak and potentially Switch online subscriptions too. :hmm: I mean there's no doubt that some people (myself included) would definitely jump ship to PC if cross-save/play was an option.

    I struggle to believe there would be a technical reason preventing it from happening, especially when there are already many games that have managed it. ::shrug:

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  16. 1 hour ago, Glen-i said:

    Well, here we are. The final stop on our prediction hype train and it's time for everyone to pay their fines for their awful choices. Bringing on uninvited passengers is not allowed, after all.

    Now obviously, I've already docked points for any characters that were relegated to Assist Trophies or Mii Costumes. No, this one last humiliation conga is for all the characters that were still in Limbo before the Smash door was thoroughly locked.


    He gets in, and then immediately makes sure no-one else can follow him. What a jerk!

    Release the Avalanche of Crushed Dreams!

    @Glen-i - Paper Mario, Dixie Kong, Yarn Poochy, Decidueye, Chorus Kids, Rayman (Minus 6)

    @markderoos - Rabbid, Qbby, Solaire (Minus 3)

    @Mandalore - Sami, Mia, Qbby, Kat & Ana, Ricky Winterborn, Professor Yazoo Jr, Rabbid Peach, Yooka & Laylee, Goose (Minus 9)

    @Jonnas - Twintelle, Dixie Kong, Decidueye, Captain Toad, Sami, Muddy Mole, Rayman (Minus 7)

    @Ugh first aid - Crash Bandicoot, Frisk, Wart, Cranky Kong, Decidueye, Marx, Porky (Minus 7)

    @Nintendo Fan - Fire Emblem Villain, Decidueye, Cranky Kong, Impa, Chun-Li, King Boo (Minus 6)

    @Fused King - Paper Mario, Professor Layton, Cranky Kong, Rayman, Captain Toad, Decidueye, Amaterasu (Minus 7)

    @Dcubed - Rayman, Chorus Kids (Minus 2)

    @RedShell - Tingle, Birdo, Drake Redcrest, Judd, Jimmy T, 9-Volt, Karate Joe, Ulala, Hatsune Miku, Kazuma Kiryu (Minus 10)

    @Julius - Decidueye, Captain Toad, Professor Layton, Rayman, Noctis (Minus 5)

    @Nicktendo - Ribbon Girl, Eevee, "Dapper" Bowser, Rabbid Peach, Qbby (Minus 4)

    @Vileplume2000 - Decidueye, Funky Kong, Olberic, Musashi, Solaire (Minus 5)

    @S.C.G - Paper Mario, Rick (Minus 2)

    @Ashley - Rick (Minus 1)

    Hah! 7 people, all guessing Decidueye. I wonder what idiot convinced them that was a good idea...


    Stupid Ivysaur...

    But here we go, the final results!

    14th= Artmediocre, RedShell, bob, Ashley - Minus 30 points
    13th - Aperson - Minus 28 points
    10th= Nicktendo, Jonnas, mandalore - Minus 27 points (0 stages)
    9th - Nintendo Fan - Minus 27 points (1 stage)
    8th - Vileplume2000 - Minus 26 points
    7th - Dcubed - Minus 25 points
    6th - S.C.G - Minus 24 points (1 stage)
    5th - Glen-i - Minus 24 points (2 stages)
    4th - Ugh First Aid - Minus 21 points (0 stages)

    Sorry @Jonnas, you guessed way more than 3 stages for the tie breaker, so you're disqualified from that aspect.

    It was a close fought battle in the top 4! Almost non-existant gaps all round!

    In 3rd place, we have @markderoos, with minus 21 points and 1 stage prediction! His most spectacular prediciton was easily Banjo & Kazooie. See what blind faith can sometimes get you? Majestic!

    In 2nd place, we have @Julius, with Minus 20 points! He also guessed Banjo & Kazooie, but was just that little more accurate with his other guesses. Even if 5 of them turned out to be Assist Trophies. You should celebrate by actually playing Banjo-Kazooie when it gets released on NSO, you philistine!

    But the ultimate Human/Genius is @Fused King, with Minus 19 points! Unlike the other two, he didn't predict Banjo & Kazooie. Does that mean he truly won in the grand scheme of things? Yes, he did. Because he got more points then everyone else. And that's how you win.

    Boy, that went on a lot longer then anyone dared to imagine, huh? But we've arrived at the end of Ultimate's roster. 30 characters that weren't in the previous game. We've laughed, we've cried, we got angry at another Fire Emblem character even though it was painfully obvious it was going to happen and you really should've grabbed that easy point!

    But no matter how you feel about how off-base you were, there's no denying that Smash now has the greatest fighting game roster of all time, and I'm sure some of us will be Smashing each other's face in for years to come. Like me, tonight, at 8pm.

    Well, I predicted something at least...

    On 12/03/2018 at 3:42 PM, RedShell said:

    I look forward to achieving last place in this prediction competition.


    1 hour ago, Glen-i said:

    14th= Artmediocre, RedShell, bob, Ashley - Minus 30 points

    Although admittedly I didn't expect anyone else would be joining me. :laughing:
    High five to my joint last place comrades. :heh:

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  17. Well, by this time tomorrow...
    All will be revealed. :eek:
    Looking forward to finding out who they've chosen to end this. :D
    Ultimate has seen so many characters join already...
    It's not going to be easy to please everyone. :heh:
    Good luck to all in this roster prediction competition though.
    I can't wait to see who wins. :hehe:


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  18. 2 hours ago, Glen-i said:

    Saw an option for "Platform Exclusive collaborations". Interesting. Kinda scared that by that, they only mean PC exclusive. I hope not...

    I wonder if for Capcom it's a choice between doing platform exclusive collaborations, or enabling cross-platform functionality? :hmm:

    Shouldn't have to be though, I mean Psyonix managed to do both perfectly fine with Rocket League. Whenever I played on Switch I could use/see the Mario and Metroid themed cars, but over on PC they would simply revert to the default vehicle.

  19. 56 minutes ago, Agent Gibbs said:

    Annoyingly since then not much has captured the same feeling for me

    Yeah, most of my favourite Switch experiences were early on too.
    In particular, Zelda BotW and Mario Odyssey, which was just the most phenomenal combo for launch year! :cool: I don't expect to see two games with that level of quality released in such quick succession from Nintendo ever again.

    There have obviously been many other enjoyable moments since, but for me there's also no doubt that the appeal of Switch has been steadily dwindling over time. :( Nintendo's output became way more reliant on ports and remasters than I was expecting, and since getting a gaming PC last year, there has been no desire or need for me to purchase third-party games on Switch. I made an exception for Monster Hunter Rise, purely because of the timed exclusivity and to play online with the N-E hunting crew.

    But yeah, when there's not much that I'm interested in from Nintendo themselves, and third-party games are better experienced elsewhere, the Switch suddenly loses a lot of its appeal. :hmm:

    Sorry for being a bit of a downer, not the purpose of this thread I know. :heh: So I'll end with another positive Switch experience in the form of Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
    That game actually remains my most played on the system by far, and has provided so many laughs, both in single and multiplayer battles. :grin: The inclusion of stage builder was also a very big factor for me having played the game so much, and that's even with it being so simplistic and limited. Had it provided better tools/customisation I imagine my Switch might have disintegrated from overuse! :laughing:

    Anyway, it's been nice to read about other people's fave Switch experiences, keep 'em coming. :peace:

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  20. 4 hours ago, Mokong said:

    Capcom Survey about TGS and Monster Hunter.

    One question asks what would make you more likely to buy PC version, multiple choice select all that apply options. Two options are Cross Play and Cross Save with Switch version.

    They are basically checking if we want cross play...everyone get on and tick that box :p



    Cheers for the heads-up, Mokong. :) Have done my part.

    Here's hoping lots of people request both cross-play and cross-save so it does indeed happen.

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