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  1. 2 hours ago, Glen-i said:

    You know full well that WarioWare is already in there


    You know what though? (and this is kind of weird, but hey, nothing new for me :heh:) I don't always see Wario in Smash as a representative of WarioWare.  :hehe:

    Yeah, I know... his default outfit is the WW get-up. The stages, the music... predominantly WW.
    I guess having played many games featuring Wario long before WarioWare even existed is the reason. ::shrug:

    Also, technically the game doesn't consider him exclusively as a WW rep either, as demonstrated by this:



    Whereas if say, Jimmy T. or 9-Volt *cough* :grin: were to be added to the game, I imagine it'd look more like... *waves Photoshop wand*... this!:





    2 hours ago, Glen-i said:

    and that Chibi-Robo isn't even remotely relevant.

    Why you got to be so cruel? :cry:

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  2. 3 hours ago, Glen-i said:

    The problem with that is, as far as Nintendo is concerned, what's left? ARMS, Ring Fit Adventure and Rhythm Heaven are the only IP's that are even remotely relevant and big these days.

    Don’t forget WarioWare and Chibi-Robo!

    What? I need points in the roster prediction thing. :heh: 

    48 minutes ago, Mandalore said:

    Adding a character from Advance Wars, Golden Sun, 1080 Snowboarding etc. would make these games relevant again.

    Not sure an appearance in Smash would be enough to do that, but yeah, it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

    I also just think it’s really cool when older more obscure characters are brought back into the spotlight, like Duck Hunt Duo for example. :hehe: 

    14 hours ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    The Switch has been a runaway success, bringing in a lot of mindshare and money for the company. Now should be the time for Nintendo to try and revive dead franchises and give lesser known games some representation but instead it seems they are happy to fall back to the things that are tried and tested.

    Absolutely. But to be honest I gave up trying to figure out Nintendo’s strategies a long time ago. We all know that trying to understand why they do things the way they do, or trying to predict their next move is just pointless. There is clearly no logic involved whatsoever when it comes to Nintendo from both the creative or business side of things. They’re an enigma. :grin: 

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  3. 6 minutes ago, Glen-i said:

    Xenoblade 2 is the best selling game in the series. It was weird that it only had some spirits and 2 music rips, to be frank.

    And hey, at least they squeezed 2 characters into one slot. Which means we have 7 fighters in this pass instead of 6.

    I just think when there are still so many options available for great characters from games which are yet to be included in Smash, it doesn’t make sense or isn’t really fair to add even more from a series that already has a presence in the game. I have nothing against the latest character BTW (it’s not like the Minecraft Steve situation :heh:) in fact I think she looks really good (although I definitely disagree with you about the costume changes being an improvement) I just wish Nintendo would try to get as many unrepresented franchises into the game first, and then if there’s still development resources and demand for more content (which, let’s face it, there is :hehe:) think about adding additional characters from the existing roster at that point.

    Let me put it another way, would you rather they add Pyra or Dillon? ;) 

    Now while I reckon I know what your answer to that question will be, I don’t actually have a preference between either of the above choices, however, I’d still prefer the latter purely because it’d mean a character from a different IP being added to the game.


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  4. Well, that was utterly disappointing. :blank: 

    It started off pretty well with the Smash Bros. segment, which I actually really enjoyed, despite considering the character choice to be yet another wasted slot. Seriously, why are they still adding characters from franchises that already have representation?! ::shrug:

    As for the rest of the Nintendo stuff:

    Famicom Detective Club - Definitely very cool that this is happening, but it’s not my cup of tea unfortunately.

    Mario Golf - After getting severely burnt with Mario Tennis I have to be super cautious with this one. It certainly looks to be more substantial, but looks can be deceiving. The speed golf/simultaneous multiplayer thing is nice, but nothing new having already played Everybody’s Golf.

    Miitopia - Great game. Played it extensively on 3DS though, and I’m not going to buy it again just because its got a new hat.

    Animal Crossing Mario Update - The Mario themed items look better than ever, and the added functionality of the warp pipe is amazing! That was actually the best moment of the entire Direct for me, which speaks volumes for how poor this presentation was. :laughing: 

    Hyrule Warriors Expansion - Don’t have the game, so this is meh by default.

    Skyward Sword HD - Nope. Played it on Wii, don’t need or want the new hat version.

    Splatoon 3 - Not sure what to make of this really, seems like a weird choice of game to do a same platform sequel for, as it’s so focused on multiplayer. I mean it’ll basically make Splatoon 2 completely obsolete. I think it would’ve made much more sense to keep Splatoon 3 for the next system. It also looks pretty rough at this stage and the trailer was bizarre, but lots of time left to work on it I guess.


    So yeah, here’s hoping Nintendo have something more to my taste in the next Direct, whenever that may be. But with the way things are going, it’s certainly not looking good. :( I really did think that once they’d got all the Wii U ports out of the way we’d start to see nothing but original content, but now they’re doing Wii and 3DS ports too! :shakehead

    So glad I bought a gaming PC... *goes back to enjoying Game Pass* :D 

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  5. 20 hours ago, Dcubed said:

    There should not be a noticeable performance delta between Handheld & Docked mode (no other first party title has ever had any significant difference in performance between the two modes).  The fact that there is such a delta is proof that EPD built the game for Docked mode without consideration for how it would run in Handheld mode.

    Simply put, they couldn’t be bothered to optimise the game properly for Handheld mode (and it’s not like it even performs well in Docked mode either; 720p is pretty pathetic when Odyssey ran at 900p; and this game isn’t really doing anything that Odyssey didn’t in terms of scope).

    You can make all the hubbub in the world about “oh, the graphics mean that there’s no way that Switch could possibly run it better!”; but at the end of the day? EPD chose to push for graphics here without considering performance (and it’s not even like it looks better than Odyssey anyway).  They could’ve built the game around the Switch’s Handheld mode and then scale upwards, but they chose not to.  They couldn’t be bothered to optimise the game for Handheld mode, end of.

    Yeah, it is certainly uncharacteristic of them. :hmm:

    Almost makes me think that it could even be an intentional oversight to later serve as an additional selling point for the "Switch Pro". Guess we'll have to wait and see if other Nintendo developed titles follow suit.

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  6. Thanks for the game yesterday @Cube & @Kaepora_Gaebora, was good fun. :) I learnt some useful stuff too, like being able to harpoon other players (must be super handy in the arena) and that you can buy keys from the woman outside the pub.

    You guys are definitely more experienced pirates than me, as demonstrated when I blew up our ship while trying to harpoon some treasure but accidentally getting a gunpowder barrel instead. :laughing: Unfortunately I didn't get a capture of that moment (was laughing too much :hehe:) but here's a clip of you two being competent pirates, while I play with my cat: :heh:


  7. 22 hours ago, RedShell said:

    I never seem to encounter those ancient skeletons anymore. :hmm:

    Spoke too soon! :D

    And with that lucky ancient skeleton (plus some of the season reward coins) I'm now the proud owner of a pirate cat named Tingle! :laughing: Do they do anything? Apart from eating your fish and looking adorable, that is. :hehe:  Would be hilarious if they helped out in combat, a la Monster Hunter. :grin:

    Something else pretty lucky happened yesterday actually, I'd just started a session and had set sail when I suddenly noticed a sparkle on the outpost, did a 180 and went back to discover a chest and 2 books inside it! There was nobody else around so I nabbed 'em and cashed it all in. Must have been some good stuff too, as each book unlocked an achievement! :cool:

  8. Aaaaaaand I’m completely addicted to this again! :D Once you really get into the game it becomes unbelievably difficult to stop playing it.

    Had a fantastic session yesterday. Sunk a ghost ship, hunted a couple of those mega shark things, cashed in loads of treasures and successfully defended my sloop from a persistent (not to mention incredibly annoying) invader. So satisfying when you send a player like that flying into the sea! :laughing: Not bad for a solo pirate. :cool: 

    Think I’m on level 38 of the season rewards now. I like how it gives you a few ancient coins in each tier, especially as I never seem to encounter those ancient skeletons anymore. :hmm: Still don’t have quite enough for a cat though... :hehe:

    Controversial opinion here, but I actually think this is one of the best games Rare have ever produced! :o Well, ok... post-Nintendo Rare. :heh: It’s without question one of my favourites anyway. 

    Looking forward to some N-E pirate shenanigans tomorrow evening! Would be nice if we could get 4 players for it, @S.C.G you up for joining? :) 

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  9. @Cube and @Kaepora_Gaebora, I should be able to join for a bit on Friday night. :)

    21 hours ago, Kaepora_Gaebora said:

    I really like the Seasons/ Renown system. Feels like you get rewarded for taking the game on, you literally do get rewarded! And it also encourages you to perhaps think outside the box, do things differently or, like today where I befriended a group of three Portuguese players; drink grog in the tavern til your sick, play sea shanties for 10 minutes just because, help each other out and share all your spoils too! 

    Yeah, it's great. Before this update it was possible to have a really unlucky/unproductive session and it'd feel pretty bad. But now, even if you have a similar session at least you'll have made some form of progress and possibly earned some rewards too. :cool: It's also got me trying different stuff and learning some new tricks.

    BTW, is it just me, or have they buffed the skeletons in the latest version? I seem to remember them being a right pushover before, but now they appear to be much more of a threat. That, or I've just gotten rusty. :hehe: And man, I really hate those damn explosive barrel ones! :shakehead

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  10. 14 hours ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    If you aren't liking the checkpoint system now just wait until you get to chapter 8. That's the point where things get pretty tough.

    At this rate I'll never even see chapter 8! :heh: Have been stuck on 4 for a while now, why does literally everything in this game have to cause damage to your character!? :shakehead And whoever decided those propeller platform thingys should also be out to kill you wants such a slap. :mad: And another thing... 3 bloody boss fights in a row is not cool. ARRRGGGHHHH! This game is making me crazy! :laughing:

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  11. 1 minute ago, Cube said:

    See, my main issue is that it has the gimmick which could be interesting but doesn't seem to actually experiment with gameplay. Doesn't seem much different to other games that let you see alternate worlds or hidden stuff. 

    I just think the fact you’re controlling the same character across two versions of the environment simultaneously is really cool (not to mention super impressive from a technical standpoint :cool:). And I’m still confident it’s going to do more with that mechanic going forward.


  12. 7 hours ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    There are times where you will be overwhelmed by enemies and some checkpoints seem to spread  out a little too thinly.

    Up to chapter 4 and this is my biggest issue with the game so far, having to redo such large sections over and over starts to get quite annoying. I also keep trying to duck, which inexplicably isn't a thing in this game. :hehe: Other than that though it's pretty good.

    1 hour ago, Cube said:

    Started The Medium but not feeling it at all. Has some interesting ideas but doesn't seem to do anything interesting with it. Puzzles are really dull, and the action/stealth sections just make me want Quick Time Events... which is definitely a bad sign. Probably won't return to it.

    Just started playing this today myself, I'm really enjoying it though. It's like classic Resident Evil on acid. :heh: The split screen and out of body sections have been pretty straightforward so far, but I imagine they'll be used in more complex ways as the game progresses. Really unique game mechanics regardless, and it's nice to play something that experiments a bit more with gameplay.

    1 hour ago, Cube said:

    The inability to pet the cat at the start was probably a bad omen.

    :laughing: That was indeed disappointing.

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  13. 2 hours ago, Glen-i said:
      Final Boss (Hide contents)

    I used the Super Sword of Light immediately. I mean, you spent the last portion of the game making the damn thing! It'd be silly if it ended up being unnecessary.



    I was using it... As a weapon. The problem was not realising it had to be used as an item. :heh:

    1 hour ago, Ike said:


      End game (Reveal hidden contents)

    This game has post-game post-game content. If you complete all the Tickington stuff there’s some extra super bosses.



    Damn. Yeah, not sure if I'm ready for post-game post-game content! :grin: Might come back to that later on.


  14. Spoiler
    11 hours ago, Ike said:

    Are you doing the post-game? :cheeky:

    That was the post-game, wasn't it? :hehe:

    You mean there's still more!? :o Does this game actually have an end? :heh:

  15. 2 hours ago, Ike said:
      Final Boss (Reveal hidden contents)

    Use the Super Sword of Light as an item. Not the Supreme one.




    Yep, that did the trick. Cheers! :)
    Is it actually possible to defeat alien bug dude without doing that? :hehe:

    Anyway, the real final ending was cool, although the characters look so damn weird in that "realistic" rendering style that the pre-rendered cutscenes use. :heh: They should've just stuck with the simpler real-time models for those scenes as well I reckon.


  16. 5 hours ago, Josh64 said:

    If anyone has advice on how to fix drift then that's also appreciated but I'm generally pretty terrible when it comes to any sort of repair so I do think it's likely I'll just have to shell out for another joyCON

    Courtesy of @Londragon:

    Have done this several times myself and can vouch for its effectiveness.

    It's not a permanent solution, but it is the easiest and cheapest way to alleviate the problem. :)

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  17. So I've got everyone up to level 99 (it's unbelievably quick in this game thanks to those 2 pep skills! :cool:) and also have what I assume to be most of the best gear, but the final boss is still absolutely impossible! :shakehead Had about 5 or 6 attempts at it now and the best I can do is...


    make a little crack appear on its face. :heh:

    It seems massively down to luck. :hmm: Sometimes I can survive for quite a long time, other times he'll wipe out the entire team in the blink of an eye! :o Not really sure what else I can do at this point, what with grinding no longer an option. ::shrug:

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  18. On 25/01/2021 at 7:29 PM, Hero-of-Time said:

    You ain't seen nothing yet.  ;)


    Man, you were not kidding! :D 


    Absolutely mind blowing what has happened since “finishing” the game!!!! :o Not sure what the devs were smoking when they decided to put this content after the credits though, insanity! :blank: 

    But yeah, the whole time travel thing has been incredible. It’s something that has been done in so many games but I don’t think any have ever done it quite as well as this, they really make you feel it. :cool: I was actually pretty effected by the scene where you leave everyone behind to go back, amazing stuff. :bowdown:

    I’ve now reached the point where I have do some trials. Attempted one last night which involves beating a tough encounter in under 25 moves or something, but got seriously messed up! :heh: More grinding needed I guess... 

    Or perhaps I should experiment a bit more with the team lineup and weapons. Was thinking about trying some of the other types, like axes. Think I might need to re-unlock a bunch of skills again for some of the characters actually, so should probably do that too. :hehe: 


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