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  1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed the vid. :)

  2. Cheers. :)

    I still play the Wii version, but very rarely these days, usually just go on when there's new DLC up for grabs. But yeah, I didn't complete the museum on the Wii game, the problem is I spent so much time with the GCN/DS versions, (as you can no doubt tell from my Wild World vid on YouTube ;)) that I just didn't fancy doing it all over again for a 3rd time. :heh:


    Was AC on Wii your first experience of the franchise?


    New MK league vid highlights are now up by the way. :)

  3. Sorry, subtlety is not a strong point for me. :heh:

    So, are you gonna be MK'ing it up with the rest of us tomorrow night? ;) I really hope you can make it, the theme this week is a good one. :D

  4. Cheers amigo. : peace:

  5. Indeed I do. :heh:

    Who doesn't like them? ::shrug:



  6. Cheers. :)

    It'll be back soon, hopefully next week. ;)


    But for now... Super Tingle Pose! :heh:

  7. I know! What the hell is going on!? :shakehead It must be you sending out negative vibes. :heh:

    I might end up having to support Murray soon! :laughing:

  8. I had a feeling that message was coming. :laughing:

    Anyway, only 22 days to go before we can settle the debate of Nadal v Federer once and for all! Hopefully I won't be playing for hours the day before, while you have a nice little rest. ;) ;) ;)

  9. Thanks mate. :)

    I've done some freelance stuff in the past, but it's more of a hobby these days.

  10. Not to worry, Nadal took care of Djokovic for him. ;)

    Even did Murray a favour too. :heh:

  11. Speaking of Mario Kart, why don't you join us on Thursday? :smile::


    : peace:

  12. Federer? Pfft. :indeed:

    Man, I can't wait to destroy him/you at Grand Slam Tennis. :laughing:

  13. Check out 09:09 on this vid, I think you'll like it. ;)

  14. I have no idea how I didn't realise that you'd already bought Order Up! from that post. :blush:

    Must have got confused after reading what you said about not having enough space in the fridge for saves, because the game only requires 1 block of memory. :laughing:

    If we were talking about Blast Works, (which I got today) well that would be a different story. It uses 128! :eek:


    Anyway, cheers for the recommendation of Henry Hatsworth, will be sure to keep it in mind for the future.

    : peace:

  15. I don't want to risk the Blast Works thread becoming the Order Up! thread, so I'll reply to you in here. :heh:


    Basically, H-o-T summed the game up perfectly with his impressions.


    It is essentially like Cooking Mama, but with more purpose and a lot more pressure. Can get slightly repetitive but that's to be expected with a game about cooking. :D

    Really though for a tenner you can't go wrong, but this

    should help you decide if it's going to be your cup of tea or not.


    : peace: