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  1. Thanks. :)

    Smoothie Time is the microgame that I'm most proud of, everything worked out really well on that one.

    I've not had much time to make any new games recently, but I really love WW: D.I.Y, so some new stuff will definitely appear in my storage crate eventually.

    : peace:

  2. That is a fantastic picture! :bowdown:

    I love the expression on your cat's face. :laughing:


    Not sure about the online for Walk With Me being down or not, it was fine on Sunday though, which is the last time I connected to it (I only go on WWM once a week these days). There have been some WFC problems recently for Jam With The Band and supposedly a few other games too though. :hmm:


    As for Wii Music, getting the bass to match up with the drums (or any of the parts to play well together for that matter) can be tricky. So yeah, I just continually overdub parts until I get 'em to sound right, a good tip though is to slow the tempo down, that can be quite helpful for keeping a good rhythm sometimes.

    Check out these tutorial vids by Kazumi Totaka:


    : peace:

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if people are cheating, to try and speed up the space walk. :hehe:

    My best ever day was around 21,000 steps, so there you go, another little challenge for you. :heh:


    By the way, did you try putting the AM on your cat yet? :grin:

  4. Yeah, Balance Board drumming is the only way to go. It can take quite some time to master, but it's so satisfying when you do. If you can pass all of the lessons though, you'll be more than ready to put together some good beats. :smile:


    It always makes me laugh actually when I think about how so many people shrugged off Wii Music as being overly casual, yet obtaining gold crowns on all of the drumming lessons is without doubt one of the most difficult things to achieve in any Wii game. I'd love to lock all of those "hardcore gamers" in a room and say "right, you can't leave here until you either fully complete all drumming lessons, or you admit that Wii Music is awesome". I guarantee around 99% of them would have a change of heart. :laughing:


    By the way, these are great rechargeable batteries to use for the Balance Board. Quite pricey, but they last for ages. And they don't discharge very much at all when not in use.

  5. Excellent. icon14.gif


    I look forward to receiving more Wii Music Vids from you in the future then. :smile:

    Got one from / nando / the other day, so he's still playing too. Us three should do a collaborative song sometime, 2 parts each. :hehe: What do you reckon?

  6. Don't know if it's just the euphoria of Spain having won the World Cup, or if your attempts to brainwash me have worked, but something strange is going on...



  7. Yeah, I read that this morning.


    Unless Tingle 2 makes a miraculous appearance, it looks like that's it for the DS now. Well for me anyway, lot's of stuff still to come for the RPG fan, right? :heh:


    It's been awesome though, got 50+ titles in my collection and finished on a massive high with WarioWare D.I.Y!! :awesome:


    Bring on the 3DS! :bouncy:

  8. Wim... ble... don?


    What's that? :D

  9. I bloody knew there was gonna be a message from you about that! :laughing:


    Yep, that was really quite painful to watch. And I've gone and lost my voice after 1 game, not good. :heh:

  10. Oh- I thought you had it. :blush: I seem to remember you being well and truly on the RS2 hype train you see. :heh:


    Yeah, £15 is a good deal. But I obviously wouldn't be able to play it right now anyway. Plus, I get the feeling it might drop a little bit more over time, so I'll wait and see I think. :hehe:

  11. Liking Mambo de Chocobo too. :bouncy:


    As for DSi Ware, the last thing I downloaded was Photo Dojo. Not really been following the DSi shop scene since then though, so I'm not sure if there are are any new must haves. ::shrug:

    Can't say I'm too interested at the moment anyway, what with D.I.Y. being welded to my DSi! :grin:


    By the way, I'm still keeping an eye out for deals for Red Steel 2 (aka Welsh Gamer's posts :heh:). But keeping in mind that I wasn't particularly fond of the first game, do you reckon I'd like the sequel? :hmm:

  12. This, in my opinion is the best thing about Final Fantasy:


    And probably always will be. :laughing:


    So, what's next on your gaming agenda then?

    Galaxy 2 for me I reckon. :smile:

  13. Not any time soon, that's for sure. :heh:

    In fact, with the amount of fun I'm having with WarioWare D.I.Y. at the moment, I might never need to play another game ever again! :laughing:


    Here's a bit of trivia for you though:

    Did you know that I own Final Fantasy II for the SNES?! Yep, still got it too... somewhere. :hehe:

    I never completed it either and thinking back now, it might actually be single-handedly responsible for my "love" of the RPG genre. ;)


    So now I have a question for you.

    Are you planning on getting WarioWare D.I.Y. or D.I.Y. Showcase?


    Don't disappoint me, amigo. :grin:

  14. Thanks. :)

    And yeah, sounds like a plan.

    Although I must inform you that I'm not into the whole "serious" training thing where you like, do calculations and stuff in order to make super powered Pokémon. :heh:

  15. Indeed it is. :)

    Pokémon is exempt from my feelings toward the RPG genre though, because it's just so easy to get into. That, plus I really love the whole vibe / humour of it. :grin:


    The Pokéwalker is pretty cool, the retro GB style visuals and SFX on it are sweet. :love:

  16. Thanks for the heads up. :smile:

    Have already been enjoying that art.


    And yeah, a WarioWare: D.I.Y. sig is on the way too. ;)

  17. Nice one! Thanks. icon14.gif

    If it is around though, can you try to find out about the region locking thing we were discussing in the game thread? That's what I'd most like to know about, after the release date, obviously. ;)


    Anyway, have a great time mate. :smile:

  18. ExciteAni.gif


    Just in case you forgot. ;)

  19. Sure thing. :)

    Will add you to my game later on too! : peace:

  20. Ah good stuff, cheers for that.

    Looks like we'll get the best of both worlds then. :)

  21. I guess it'll all depend on how many people buy the game, don't think Nintendo are going to do their own puzzle packs this time though. :hmm: By the looks of things they will only be sending out packs that feature user created puzzles, selected from differently themed Picross 3D competitions.

    Probably for the best that they leave it up to us, the players. More chance of it getting done that way. :heh:


    I still really enjoyed Picross DS, despite Nintendo's laziness on the DLC front. And Picross 3D looks great, so I'm sure it'll be lots of fun anyway.

  22. Hehehe! What can I say, I :heart: Mario Kart.

    And yeah, we'll easily hit 400+ by this time next year I reckon.


    Man, talk about value for money ey? :cool:

  23. Would like to, but I don't have the ability to record anymore. :weep:


    Oh well, at least I was able to get this beautiful moment captured forever:




  24. You'll like this.


    : peace: