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Status Updates posted by RedShell

  1. Hahaha! If we do Halloween name changes I'm definitely using that. :hehe:

  2. Zombie RedShell thanks you... :)

  3. Baby Face is most pleased. MPface.gif

  4. You should play online more, yes. :)

    It's a shame you're not taking part in the league too. :(

  5. Yeah, that was a very nice surprise indeed. :hehe:

    Good games, BTW.

    : peace:

  6. I did indeed. :)

    Not sure why it has disappeared. :hmm:

    Anyway, I will check to see if I still have it on PC, don't get your hopes up though.

  7. Hey, Glen-i.

    Sure thing, I can sort that out for ya. :)

    Will PM you.

    : peace:

  8. Hey, darksnowman. You back from your gaming/N-E hiatus? :hehe:

    Think there's a QR code in the Mii sharing thread. :blank:

    BTW, have you got a Wii U?

  9. Sorry if I got your hopes up there, but I was actually referring to the same patch :heh:



    No idea when/if it'll ever be finished, I just decided to get a copy of Captain Rainbow anyway. :hehe:


    Now that I know you're also waiting for it though, I'll be sure to let you know if I see it's been released.


    : peace:

  10. No worries. I'll be paying AC online a lot anyway, so we'll bump into each other eventually. :)

  11. OK great, I'll keep an eye out for you tonight then. :) Once we best friend each other it'll be easier to arrange visits in-game.

    : peace:

  12. Thanks! :)

    Hey, we still need to hook up on New Leaf sometime. When do you usually play online?

  13. Thanks man. :)

    I hope that you're still loving Beat the Beat too.

    : peace:

  14. Oh my word, that is absolutely sublime!! :yay::bouncy:

    Thanks for sharing. :bowdown:


    If that track isn't part of the DLC for Theatrhythm then Square Enix have officially lost the plot. :o

    It makes me wonder how many other fantastic tracks there are from the FF series that won't be in the game? :hmm:

  15. The conditions with the roof on seem to benefit big servers, no wind to mess with the ball toss/serve trajectory.


    How about a Spain win tomorrow followed by a David Ferrer win next Sunday...? ;)

    Yeah, that sounds better. :grin:

  16. Yeah man, that Rosol guy was crazy!! :o Soooo much power and confidence, will be interesting to see his next match.


    As for the football, not happy Italy made it to the final. The aftermath will be bad now, whatever happens. :heh:

    I just hope it doesn't go to pens, definitely can't handle any more of those! :shakehead

  17. Happy Birthday mate! :yay:


    : peace:

  18. Cheers, man. :)

    Yeah, you should stick around. Oh and how about joining the MK7 league?! It's every Thursday at 8:15pm (9:15pm CEST). Check out the details here:


    And join up if you can.


    Take it easy.

    : peace:

  19. Nope. :heh:


    *Arnie voice* He'll be back...

  20. No, I didn't notice actually. You see I only follow important sporting events. ;)


    Speaking of which, are you getting Mario Tennis Open? :heh:

    Me thinks there will be lots of online fun to be had with that one. :hehe:

  21. Mr. Modesty... Fresh? Hahaha! Yeah, about 10 years ago. :heh:

    Seriously, when is that guy gonna retire already? It's getting embarrassing. :laughing:

    Perhaps another thrashing from Nadal tomorrow will finally give him a wake up call. ;)

  22. Cheers, I've added you back. : peace:

  23. Will be on at 8pm. :)

  24. So how are you liking MK7, amigo? :smile:

    We'll have to get a few races in today!


    : peace: