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  1. General Retro Discussion

    I didn't even know what it was (or had completely forgotten about it ) until just now, so I didn't order one... I think. Looks sweet though! Very cool idea indeed.
  2. General Switch Discussion

    You mean Mario Kart 10: Sorry to remind you of MK Tour, I know how much you hate it. It's actually improved quite a bit since the horizontal mode update. But yeah, that would certainly be an impressive launch line-up for Switch 2.
  3. General Retro Discussion

    We need a new F-Zero game dammit! Hell, even a remaster of GX with added online play would be great. The way Nintendo continues to sit on this franchise is so frustrating.
  4. WarioWare Get It Together! (10th Sept)

    Hahaha! That’s brilliant. But I can’t be the only weirdo, surely? Someone on the WarioWare dev team is also a fan at the very least. Fingers crossed that it does.
  5. Hopefully we'll be seeing the official version of that soon.
  6. WarioWare Get It Together! (10th Sept)

    Is it also true that... Thinking I was right to give this one a miss, at least at launch. If it ever sees a reasonable discount then I may still pick it up in the future, but at the moment if I ever have the urge to play some WarioWare I'll just jump back into one of the old versions.
  7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    That ending on Keep your eyes open! N-E Smash Bros. Hall of fame moment right there. Cheers for the laughs @Glen-i & @BowserBasher.
  8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Yeah, I also loved the one with Inkling’s bomb. Oh- and when I got pushed off stage by a “barrel” as Cloud! Shame I don’t have my capture stuff set up anymore, was some great highlight material in those games.
  9. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Rage 2: Enough time had passed since the traumatic experience of playing Doom Eternal for me to want to check out another FPS, and this was it. Didn't realise it was also an open world game, which felt a bit weird at first, but I really grew to enjoy it. The combat in this game is just ludicrously fun! And it manages to be fast-paced, exciting and challenging without being completely OTT (i.e. Doom Eternal ) so I was actually able to keep up with everything that was going on. Traversing the world outside of missions was a nice change of pace too, and the environment (despite being mostly wasteland) is really beautiful. Game has an absolutely insane colour scheme though, at times it was like watching old American TV with how oversaturated it can be. Certainly gives it a unique look though. Control: I actually started playing this earlier in the year, but was so unbelievably confused by literally everything that I dropped it after a couple of hours. Decided I would give it another chance though, and this time around (while still very confused ) I managed to delve deeper into the game and eventually it kind of clicked. I still found myself getting lost a lot (this game has one of the most unhelpful maps ) but as I progressed and unlocked more fast travel points it got easier to figure out where I was or where I needed to be going. One thing that didn't get much easier to understand was the story, it was confusing at the beginning and it was still confusing at the end. But I'm still very glad that I came back to Control, some of the stuff in it (especially towards the end of the game) is really impressive... Yeah, the visuals were a big help in keeping me interested, there are some amazing sights to behold in this one, particularity with ray tracing enabled. Not to mention how cool the environment destruction system is, the attention to detail there is just crazy! Thankful for the inclusion of DLSS though, no way my PC could run the game at that quality level+60fps without it. Quick mention on A Plague Tale: Innocence, I gave this game a really good go and wanted to see it through, but the "paint by numbers" stealth gameplay is just so rigid and unforgiving that I simply do not have the patience for it. A shame, as everything else was very cool indeed. Anyway, that's my diary up to date. Next update with probably only feature 1 game as what I'm currently playing is, a biggie...
  10. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Yep, my DKR themed stage is ready to roll! It turned out pretty well for a quick stage build. I've also downloaded some custom stages from Smash World that are a good fit for tonight's theme, so I shall be the custom stage DJ.
  11. General Retro Discussion

    Crazy stuff! I remember being very surprised by the news of that insanely expensive Mario 64 a while back, but didn't really give it much more thought at the time, well, other than wishing my own copy of Mario 64 was still factory sealed.
  12. WarioWare Get It Together! (10th Sept)

    Yeah, I agree. I think the multiple character/controls across all microgames concept is pretty cool and also well implemented, but the increased focus on co-op play is somewhat concerning for me. Get the feeling this could even join Mega Party Game$! as the other WarioWare game that I don't purchase. Will be tough to resist though as WarioWare's zaniness is just so damn appealing! And damn, those D.I.Y vibes in the music... sooooo good.
  13. Pokémon Legends: Arceus

    Pretty good at conveniently dismissing the hundreds of other elements in BotW that also required animating, yeah. Including these non-human models. But hey, any chance to pooh-pooh BotW somehow has gotta be taken, right? Anyway... As for this game, while it appears to have improved ever so slightly since the previous trailer, the visuals are still looking very ropey indeed. Having said that, I re-watched the video on my mobile and it looked quite a bit better on the small screen, I'm guessing the same is true for the Switch's screen as well. So yeah, while all Switch games have to be built primarily around the portable specs, I think that's very much the sole focus for Game Freak with Legends: Arceus. I also imagine that a sizeable chunk of their target audience will only be playing the game on Switch Lite, so even if it were possible for them to improve the presentation for docked play it probably wouldn't be worth the extra work involved to do so.
  14. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

    Hell yeah!
  15. Pokèmon Prèsents 18/08/2021

    *Mick Dundee voice* That’s not harsh… THAT’S harsh! Anyway, will we finally hear something about the most eagerly anticipated Pokémon tittle of all time during this event?… Pokémon Sleep!
  16. General Switch Discussion

    Rocket League and Mario Kart 8 definitely use it, there are a few more that I've seen as well but can't remember now. I guess at some point in the development of Switch Nintendo were planing a robust online system where that information would've actually been useful. Do any games even use that invite system that they patched in a while back?
  17. A full-on remaster/remake of GTA Vice City would be absolutely glorious.
  18. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    I know how clued-up you are when it comes to Shulk (well, and most characters in the game ) so figured my best chance was to do something completely unexpected/weird to try and confuse you and it seems like not using a single Monado Art in that fight worked out pretty well. Oh, and thanks for allowing custom stages again.
  19. Ah, so just connecting directly to a TV is never going to be good, a transceiver with this low latency malarkey is required. Hmm, that makes me somewhat more likely to just put up with tinny sound. At least for now. Thanks for the info though, appreciate it. I really don't get why wired headphone connections keep getting the chop though, if wireless audio isn't up to the job yet. Unbelievably stupid.
  20. So I had to get a new TV recently and while I'm pretty happy with the picture on it, the sound (as is often the case with TVs/monitors these days) is rather unimpressive. To make matters worse, it seems there's no headphone connection on it (seriously, what is it with tech companies and that? ) so I'm now looking at the possibility of getting some wireless speakers or headphones. Preferably headphones. At the moment, my only experience of Bluetooth headphones is with some pretty old and very budget ones that I used on my mobile phone. They're fine for listening to music, but watching a vid or playing a game reveals a shocking amount of audio delay! Yep, they're absolutely unusable for those purposes. I paired them with my TV yesterday to test and sure enough, it was awful. I'm assuming, however, that the technology has moved on a bit since then. And also that Bluetooth 5.0 significantly improves, or perhaps even eradicates any noticeable delay? Can N-E one confirm/offer some recommendations? Cheers.
  21. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Not played that much since my last post in here, thanks to Game Builder Garage. But still have a few titles to add to my list... Little Nightmares: I loved this, short but very sweet. The creepy vibe and super weird creature design is so good, and the atmosphere... wow! Absolutely superb. Control-wise it was a bit annoying, especially in the early stages where I would find myself falling off stuff at an alarming rate, but once I got used to how it played I started having a blast! Even the stealth gameplay was fun! I can see this becoming one of my traditional go-to games to play at Halloween. Definitely want to check out the sequel at some point too. Part Time UFO: This was a bit of a surprise for me, the surprise being that I didn't enjoy it anywhere near as much as I was expecting to. I can tell it's a solid game and the presentation is also wonderful, but ultimately I found the gameplay increasingly frustrating. As a result I'm not that interested in returning to it for the additional challenges/content, which is a shame. Also disappointed that they didn't do much to distinguish/enhance it from the mobile version, thought they would've got HD Rumble in there at the very least. Pretty glad I got it on sale in the end. Pokémon Unite: Not really something that can be completed (I think ) but I've put a few hours into it already and well, I haven't deleted it from my Switch yet. I imagine it'll end up being one of those games that I come back to every so often for a battle or two. I've never been into MOBAs (in fact this may be the first one I've ever played ) but they got my attention with this one due to the Pokémon skin. Also, Pikachu is an absolute beast in this, unlike the mainline Pokémon games. And finally, the game appears to be perfectly playable without making any purchases (I've been doing OK without them anyway) so that's good too. I also put a couple of hours into Darkest Dungeon. Now there's a game that I really wanted to like as the presentation is super cool, but unfortunately the gameplay didn't click at all. It no doubt fits the style of the game very well, but it was just too confusing and monotonous for my liking. If they ever make a real-time game in this style though, I'm there!
  22. PC Gaming Discussion

    Chucking a Steam Deck in your pocket:
  23. PC Gaming Discussion

    It does indeed look awesome, but man... TOO BIG. Someone wake me up when the Steam Deck mini exists.
  24. Game Builder Garage

    So I think SNES Pinball might have violated the GBG term and conditions due to flashing lights (and I already got in trouble for an "inappropriate" custom Smash Bros. stage, so I'm not taking any chances). Have re-uploaded it with those effects disabled: It's easy to enable them again though, just make the following connections: All of those Nodon are under the SMK sprite so they're easy to find. I believe they will already be on screen when you open the code anyway.
  25. Game Builder Garage

    Well, I finally made/finished something: Here's some gameplay: There are definitely a few bugs in there still which I unfortunately just couldn't seem to squash. Some of them are the fault of GBG's wacky physics/collision detection though. It also plays much slower/floaty than I would've liked, but the Nodon limit has been reached so I'll leave it at that. Anyway, I hope those of you with access to the game will check it out. Oh, and yeah... there's a Baby Face cameo to look out for too. Naturally.