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  1. Themes.

    It worked without a hitch for me, now I've got this as my theme: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/27686055/ : peace: Caris or Mr_Odwin, can you post a link for that theme please? It looks cool.
  2. Themes.

    Cheers Mr_Odwin, I'll give that a go then.
  3. Themes.

    I wouldn't mind getting a new theme too.Do you just need to copy and paste a hacked uxtheme.dll over the normal one to install it? I've got a uxtheme.dll and a uxtheme(3).dll in my Windows folder?? Would I need to update both of those?
  4. wallpaper update

    Wow! Those are really good. I like the DK evolution and the Fireball one a lot, but your latest one is great, in fact, I’ve been looking to get a new wallpaper so that's goin' on my desktop right now. Cheers.
  5. Errors and Problems With Forums

    Yep, same here. Slooooooooooow. I couldn’t actually log in for a while too.
  6. Looking for a VGA box

    Good point. How about this one?:http://www.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?TabID=1&criteria=VGA%20box&ModuleNo=48739&doy=31m1
  7. Looking for a VGA box

    Yeah, I think if you let them know that you're only using the TV for Videogames / VCR / DVD ect... it's ok. But you should find out for sure first.
  8. Microsoft handheld?

    Yeah, who'd have thought, I mean Nintendo fans on a Nintendo Forum, Shocking!
  9. Microsoft handheld?

    If they did make one it's bound to be big on tech making it expensive, plus it'll probably end up being the size of a brick, instantly ruling out any form of success in Japan.
  10. Request Free Professional Sigs.

    Tut tut, please don't bump old threads.
  11. Adjust 'No. of Levels' and 'Edge Simplicity'. If Edge Simplicity is set too high i.e. 10, it will make the image pretty much disappear.
  12. Photography A Level

    Indeed, and if there's any nice lookin' girls in your group well... "Whoops I was trying to find the scissors!" :wink:
  13. Photography A Level

    Yep, and they stink too! I did photography at college for a bit as part of my Graphic design course, (but only for a few weeks) it's cool developing your own pics and all that sort of stuff. Removing a film from your camera and transferring it to a container for developing while in complete darkness is pretty damn tricky, not to mention very amusing the first time you try it. Anyway good luck, whatever you decide to do.
  14. Did this in Photoshop: The procedure: Change image to Grayscale. Use Posterize and Cutout. Change image back to RGB colour. Use brush tool (set to colour) and paint on top of image. The original:
  15. Sig, Avatar requests.

    How's this?:
  16. Dragon Head i just Drew

    *Flicks magic light switch* Wow I like it!
  17. Would anyone be kind enough ...

    OK I slowed it down a bit: Can’t change the text though as I'd have to completely re-do it.
  18. Would anyone be kind enough ...

    I didn’t realise the limit was 50kb, anyway I managed to compress it down to 48kb, with some noticeable frame reduction but that's the best I could do: The program I use is called GIF Movie Gear.
  19. Would anyone be kind enough ...

    Here you go: Any good?
  20. WOW! :shock: :shock: I'd like to know how much that's all worth.
  21. Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Although it's very samey throughout the game I still thought the visuals were really good, plus its got some of the best cut scenes ever and all done with the in-game graphics.
  22. Mario Kart Double Dash!! I loved the visuals in this game (more than the game itself! ) it's all so crisp and vivid. There's a nice depth of field effect that blurs everything in the distance which I thought was cool. I also loved the animation of the characters and the fact it always held its frame rate too.
  23. Favorite Starfox Character?

    Peppy! Well in the SNES version anyway. I love the noise he made in that game when he spoke. I'm not a fan of the new OLD peppy though.
  24. New NOM

    True,but if only every edition of Edge was like this one: Then I'd always buy it.
  25. Kirby Power Paintbrush

    I imported too, it's shocking how long they've taken to get this out over here and to add insult to injury they go and release it on the same day as Mario Kart DS, seriously fucking stupid N.O.E! I agree with you Mike it's a shame as this is a great game, but I do believe that this is now going to get lost amongst the crowd. The pre-order charts kind of confirm that too: 10 on Gameplay: http://shop.gameplay.co.uk/webstore/plat_shop.asp?platform=NDS 28 on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/tg/browse/-/13821501/2/ref=br_lpsp_pg/203-5448500-5122361?