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  1. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    Nah, that's just me pissing about in Photoshop. Sorry should have made that clear.
  2. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    Here's what the logo looks like on the system:
  3. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    I can't stop laughing! That name is mental. But why announce this now and not at E3?
  4. Animal Forest (Crossing) modified screens

    That is actually a very good theory, but I reckon it's more likely that the developers just needed a quick texture for the signpost and decided to use those symbols as it was the first thing that came to their mind. Maybe it's the Japanese equivalent of squiggly lines to represent alot of text?
  5. GameTrak interview

    That video is hilarious! If they really believe that crap is better than the revolution controller they're seriously messed up in the head. The power glove is better than that GameTrak shite.
  6. Animal Forest (Crossing) modified screens

    Those aren’t modified screens, those symbols are on all of the animals houses in the N64 version of the game. (they changed it on the GCN game to text). Although it's a lot easier to see on the N64 version, you can just about make them out on the DS too (as it hasn’t been changed like the GCN game) if you look at the sign as you enter a neighbours house, when the camera zooms in it makes it a bit easier to see for a second or two. As for the reason behind it, well I don't think it's supposed to be any sort of reference to PlayStation, as those symbols actually have common meaning in Japan: http://www.japanesetranslator.co.uk/portfolio/playstation_symbols/ They were around in Super Mario Sunshine too if I remember correctly.
  7. I really don't think that's French, I think he says: Ubisoft of France game (he pronounces it gam), Red Steel. Release, July 2006. System, Nintendo ??? (the only word I can't make out) wave. ??? sounds like red. Redwave?
  8. Pilotwings sequel confirmed by EGM

    I hope it's more like the SNES original rather than the N64 version. Pilotwings on the SNES was such a great chill out game, mainly due to the fantastic soundtrack, which they really ruined on Pilotwings 64 with that cheesy music. But 64 did have some nice ideas, I liked flying through the Little States (it was way too ambitious though) I remember the borders took up like 40% of the screen and even so the frame rate was still pretty bad. Anyway, a new Pilotwings game is long overdue. Can't wait for E3!
  9. Gamecube - Best possible picture

    I think the digital av out was disabled on the PAL Gamecube and eventually removed altogether. I’ve got it on my Cube (that I bought on release day) but I've never used it. Got mine going trough the official RGB scart lead via the analog av out and it looks great, mind you I've got a pretty standard CRT TV so I'm not too sure about all this HD stuff. Anyway that cable can be found on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Official-Nintendo-Gamecube-Component-HDTV-Cable-NEW_W0QQitemZ8262557834QQcategoryZ20389QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Guess you should find out for sure if it'll work / improve the picture first as its pricey! :shock:
  10. GameCube controller shell for Revo remote :/

    That's what I was thinking too. I don't reckon it does, you can point most TV remotes anywhere and they still work, plus isn't the whole point of the shell that it will be an alternative to using the movement of the FHC? Oh and by the way those images are to scale, well according to the paper mock-up thing from the new Nintendo mag, I just compared it to my Gamecube controller and it looks the same size as in that image.
  11. Chibi Robo

    Cheers, not too much then. I can’t remember the actual amount of space I’ve got left on the card as it’s been so long since I’ve played my Gamecube, but I’m pretty sure it’s 20+ blocks so I should be alright. Thanks for the tip, but seeing as its only 6 blocks I won't need to get a new card, unless Twilight Princess decides to take up a lot of space. Even so I'd probably just delete my OOT save as I've got the N64 version anyway.
  12. Would anyone make me a sig?

    Made a couple:
  13. Would anyone make me a sig?

    OK I made a few... Doesn’t work too well though, mixing the art from all of those games: Slightly better with the in-game graphics: But overall I'd rather just stick to a single theme: Anyway, hopefully you'll like one of them.
  14. Chibi Robo

    Chanser or Owen, how many memory card blocks does this game require? I've not got much space on my 251 and seeing as this and (possibly) Zelda :wink: will be my last Gamecube games I really don't fancy buying a new card.
  15. Timesplitters maps!

    Same here, partly because I got really annoyed with the map maker as it kept crashing my Gamecube every time I reached a certain point in my custom maps. I haven’t played FP, is the map maker more stable in that game?
  16. Chibi Robo

    I only just found out about this game recently when I read the review on IGN, I downloaded some of the vids and I think it looks fantastic so I'm definitely going to pick this up when it comes out over here, shame we have to wait until May though.
  17. Innovation and PSP in the same sentence....

    Ok, once you play the game be sure to post your evaluation, I look forward to reading it and seeing how wrong I was in judging this game.
  18. Innovation and PSP in the same sentence....

    Quite easily, I mean do you think playing Nintendogs without the stylus and mic would be fun? Because let’s face it that’s what this PSP game will be, Nintendogs minus what made it so good in the first place. And that is why I assume it will be inferior. :wink:
  19. Wario Ware Revolution

    I'm really looking forward to a Warioware game for Revolution, I made a thread about it and some mock-ups a while back, quite a while back actually but it's still about: http://www.revo-europe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=399 Maybe they'll show something at E3, hope so anyway.
  20. Yeah, when you put it like that it does seem a bit weird and I have to admit that I've not really given much thought as to how Zelda on multiple disks would work, but I'm sure Nintendo will find a way to make the transition between discs as seamless as possible. That or like you say it's been held back for the Rev. But do you really think they would hold this back to be a Revolution launch game? Just can't see it myself. Anyway, whatever it’s coming out on I just hope we get some more info soon!
  21. Same here. In fact I think that's pretty much guaranteed. And considering the standard GCN cases can only hold 2 disks, hopefully that will mean we get it in a nice special edition pack!
  22. Themes.

    Cheers Caris, but I already found a version of it and I've decided to stick with the Tiger theme set to graphite.
  23. Themes.

    Oh I see. Anyway, cheers for the info.
  24. New NOM

    So let me get this straight, no one from the previous NOM team is in any way, shape or form involved with this new version, right?
  25. Themes.