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  1. The matchmaking is not fair. The last match I(level 20) was in a team of level 17, 12 and 7. I was the top scoring member, the only one with more kills than deaths and the level 7 player was 0/9. And we were up against four level 20 players. You just know before some matches that you're not going to win and I'm constantly leaving the lobby to get rid of these players on my team.

  2. I know we get Sea Snails but how many? Is it for just the winning team? Will we get more for having a higher rank? I think the winning team gets one, that's incredibly stingy. I'm aiming for the top rank. I hope it's worth the effort.

  3. You said "tell someone who cares". If you don't care, don't respond. And if you don't care (your own words) why would you care about a thread ban. There are plenty of ways you could have responded to that message ("not of interest to me, I was just posting that news") but you went for the most aggressive and snide.


    And I'd appreciate if you didn't assume our mod team just sprung into action because someone complained. They're able to make decisions themselves.


    If you want to stick around this place you need to stop with the middle school renaming of everything you dislike and need to stop responding so angrily. Yes you're goaded at times and that's being dealt with, but if this place is to become more harmonious it needs work from everyone. Nobody is perfect.


    Yep. Launch day so don't expect much. That's why I didn't post about it.


    That's what he wrote. Now, there's 2 sentences there. The second one is what I have a problem with and what I was responding to. I don't need to be quoted from the self proclaimed know-it-all telling me they already knew it before I did, but of course he knew it. He knows everything. Why does he need to say he already knew it? I refer back to the italics in my previous post.


    There are plenty of ways you could have responded to that message ("not of interest to me, I was just posting that news") but you went for the most aggressive and snide.


    The "most" aggressive? The was not aggressive, not even remotely. I could have wrote a million things worse. Nor was it snide, I told it straight.


    My comment was about him, not the subject of the thread title. So how does that get me banned from the thread? I know what Serebii's like. I bet he made some remark in PM's about "crapping up threads". Well where's the crap in the thread? I bet he just hates it that someone else posts news about his beloved "precious".


    Must I write everything verbatim so as to avoid any confusion? Tell someone who cares Serebii that you already knew that information.

  4. <Greetings to Media Friends from Valhalla Game Studios>


    Dear Media Friends,


    We’ve been asked many times about Devil’s Third for a long time and we’ve felt sorry that we couldn’t respond to such requests.

    Thank you very much for your patience and waiting for our game.


    The time has finally come.


    Now, we're ready to answer to questions from you and your readers.

    So, please send us your questions to the following E-mail address.


    [email protected]


    Itagaki will try to provide exclusive information to you if you promise to never cut or omit his words to be featured in your article.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.


    Valhalla Game Studios



  5. I literally came across a teammate crawling in squid form on dry land. He's up to level 8 somehow and got 1 kill in the match along with a handful of deaths. And we still won despite him. Cost us in the very next match(0 kills) so I was out of there.

  6. Rock has this Splatfest in the bag. I'm constantly over the 1,000 points in a match but getting crucified by useless teammates. There was one match earlier where 3 of us beat 4 of them which at least was satisfying as we came from nowhere to win at the last second.

  7. what's the highest rank? Not going to be able to play this tomorrow.. got upto charismatic, do I get more if I fill 99 points to get to the next rank?


    also.. the pop teams seem to be really poor... is everyone else finding this?

    400p = 2 points... does that scale? like 800p = 4 points? I hadn't really paid attention up to this point...


    Definitely found that to be true and they're supposed to be my teammates.

  8. There are some games I think that use a keyboard. MH3U is what comes to mind. A mouse? No, not that I know of.


    I guess you can use a mouse and keyboard on the Wii U.


    Mouse and keyboard controls on Wii U!



  9. That was uncalled for. It's a valid point he made.

    There's more to this story than this video.


    Oh there's more to it alright. And I'm not talking about this post. I don't want any of his quotes clogging up my notifications. I've a fair idea what he's doing behind the scenes. Probably reported that post as well for writing the word dribble.


    And my post was quoted but he removed it.

  10. To be fair, it's not the higher ups at Nintendo who are the point of contention. From what I understood, it's the Japanese people they put in charge of NST.


    We are also only hearing one side of the argument here. There's bound to be more to it.


    Don't quote me in future. I'm not interested in your dribble.

  11. If someone quotes your news story telling you useless information about why they didn't post it but yet felt the need to tell you they already knew that because, of course their arrogance, position on the internet and their Mensa sized head wouldn't allow it to go unnoticed. They are afterall the foremost knowledgeable person on the subject in the world. Their words, not mine. But don't reply with "Tell someone who cares.", literally that's all I wrote, because you'll get an infraction for insulting them. Especially when that said member probably reported you for it. Sad! Sad little man! Oh and a ban from the thread because they do practically own the franchise don't you know and I should know better than be in there. I haven't mentioned any names.

  12. So you can only play the Splatfest in multiplayer whilst it's running...


    Yep. Didn't realise it was like that but meh. Servers have crashed a couple of times on me so far. Right at the results on one of them.

  13. I can't fathom Nintendo releasing another underpowered console.


    It would be absolute madness trying to sell a console that can't produce graphics of consoles older than the NX.


    I don't think you meant NX.


    I don't believe there'll be a hybrid. Nintendo won't put all their eggs in one platform. That rubbish they spouted about supporting the Wii U and the 3DS after the NX launches is exactly that, rubbish. There'll be 2 systems. They'll share the same OS, cross platform play will be possible, maybe improving how a game is played on the home console similar to how the New 3DS improves things over the regular 3DS. You'll be able to design armour(Monster Hunter) or design furniture or a village, receive mail, updates(Animal Crossing) while on the go and send it back to the home console or to a cloud service.


    If the next home console doesn't at least match the PS4, I'm probably going to leave it because they're obviously still not listening and 3rd parties won't want to know about it. They should be changing their attitudes now about certain things not just waiting for the NX to launch to turn a new leaf. Improve online, put in voice chat. Show people now, not next year when it launches. Start convincing people now. And if Nintendo launch a paid online service, oh boy, good luck with that after their track record.


    This is all on Nintendo's shoulders. Things didn't have to be like this but years of bad management has brought them to this point and it's a mountain they have to climb.