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  1. Wii U General Discussion

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  2. Splatoon

    Nintendo's official statement regarding sales passing 1 million. “Nintendo has hauled up its nets, tallied its catch and crossed another milestone. Sales of Splatoon, the new squid-based game for Nintendo’s Wii U home console, have crossed 1 million worldwide, according to Nintendo’s internal figures. That figure includes more than 476,000 physical and digital units sold in the Americas, more than 368,000 sold in Japan, more than 230,000 sold in Europe and an additional 20,000 sold in Australia and New Zealand. “Ever since Splatoon launched on May 29 in the United States, we’ve seen thousands of people go online to have fun in this colorful, chaotic competition,” said Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime. “This milestone puts us in a nice position as we prepare to launch 11 more exclusive Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games before the end of the year, plus amiibo, digital offerings and games from our third-party partners.” I would have expected better sales in Europe than Japan.
  3. Wii U General Discussion

    Sorry that it's inaccurate. I was thinking about games like Super Metroid and other VC games. Remember when they were 30p. They must have sold ridiculous amounts but would they count towards this list? There's a couple of other Wii U games that might make the list before the generation is over, e.g. Lego City Undercover should and maybe ZombiU.
  4. Wii U General Discussion

    With Splatoon having reached the 1,000,000 mark, I thought I'd have a look at the list of Wii U games to likewise do so and threw in the competition by way of comparison. Wii U Million Sellers List- 10 in total; Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Land New Super Mario Bros. U Super Mario 3D World Super Smash Bros. for Wii U New Super Luigi U Wii Party U The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Hyrule Warriors Splatoon Playstation 4 Million Sellers List - 4 in total; Killzone Shadow Fall Bloodborne InFamous Second Son The Last of Us Remastered Xbox1 Million Sellers List- 5 in total; Titanfall Call of Duty: Ghosts Battlefield 4 Dead Rising 3 Forza Motorsport 5 Not bad for a console that's severely lagging behind the competition in terms of hardware sold. The Wii U is also the only console to have more than one 2,000,000+ seller(MK8 and Smash Bros.).
  5. Splatoon

    Japan showing they can be just as horrendous as the Yanks in making a Splatoon advert song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoX-CzW32fU Splatoon had something most other Wii U games lacked. Advertising.
  6. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    Maybe it was the Wii. The GOTY Just Dance 2016 is coming out in October and it's trending everywhere. Someone should break the bad news to Ubisoft about wi-fi.
  7. http://gonintendo.com/stories/236834-reggie-more-amiibo-on-the-way-different-form-factors-considere http://www.polygon.com/2015/6/23/8833453/fils-aime-nintendo-loves-its-amiibo-but-video-games-will-always-come More and more amiibo. Don't sort out the issues with previous waves, just keep spilling amiibo onto the market, make them rare and keep demand up. It doesn't matter if people can't get them because there'll be another new wave out after that. Is there even 1 game left that doesn't have amiibo something in it? XCX, but then it's not really suitable as the characters are unknown, there's no main protagonist and most of that audience I'd say would tell Nintendo to f#ck off, myself included. So now sites are starting to cotton on that Nintendo care more about amiibo than software. I said there were 18 new amiibo at E3, I was wrong, it's more. And of course there'll be Starfox amiibo. This focus on amiibo crap could come back to bite Nintendo in the @$$. It happened with the Wii. I hate these things with a passion. They're a scurge on GAMING.
  8. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    E3 SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYSIS SHOWS LITTLE WII U CHATTER DURING E3. This chart is from social media monitoring outlet, Synthesio and is broken by platform. http://www.adweek.com/socialtimes/synthesio-e3-mentions/622166
  9. Wii U General Discussion

    Kirby, 90%+? Not a hope. I'd agree with the review scores. Though I haven't played it yet, only Yoshi I'd say might deserve higher. Splatoon is good but it's not outstanding.
  10. Wii U General Discussion

    The Wii U is likely to go a year without a AAA game. Smash Bros. being the last game. Xenoblade Chronicles X, which I can't wait for but isn't everyones cup of tea will probably be the next game and possibly the last if Zelda doesn't come out on Wii U. All the games in the interim have averaged 80% or less. Starfox I can nearly say with confidence won't be a AAA game. Fatal Frame will probably be an 80 something game. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - 81% Mario Party 10 - 66% Mario vs Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars - 70% Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush - 73% Splatoon - 81% Yoshi's Woolly World - 79% Seems like they're just going through the motions. Did I miss a game? I don't think so.
  11. Yoshi's Woolly World (June 26th)

    Seeing as you asked, I went looking. http://www.gamespot.com/reviews/yoshi-s-woolly-world-review/1900-6416168/ How is that a negative, @Serebii?
  12. Yoshi's Woolly World (June 26th)

    Well if they'd matched Shopto's delivery it could have arrived here by Friday. Thegamecollection said why they wouldn't send it out earlier because it was "to avoid games being leaked early". It's hardly leaked early when it would be in transit somewhere over the Irish Sea. Where I live isn't the problem. It's their delivery policies that's the problem.
  13. Yoshi's Woolly World (June 26th)

    I cancelled my order with thegamecollection. I told them if they can't have it here by Friday then I want my money back. I'm not having another Splatoon on my hands. That didn't arrive until the following Tuesday. I said they treat international customers badly, sending games out on the same date as UK orders knowing full well it takes longer to deliver. Here some of ye again are going to have the Yoshi's Woolly World tomorrow when thegamecollection won't send it out until Thursday. I'll get the amiibo bundle from Smyths instore on Friday. Sure it's more inconvenient and expensive but it's just one of the many joys of being an Irish consumer.
  14. Wii U General Discussion

    Luigi's Mansion was great too but I didn't buy it for a couple of years after that. Heard it short and it was. I'd love another Luigi's Mansion on a home console. There'd been rumours of porting the 3DS game. What about that arcade game? Again, much like Fatal Frame, the Wii U gamepad could have been put to good use.
  15. Wii U General Discussion

    If that rumour is true then it also means Miyamoto lied in subsequent interviews about F-Zero. We can argue over what's the best launch game but it's undeniable that Rogue Leader showed the Gamecube was a little graphical beast. I bought it at launch instead of Luigi's Mansion and loved it.
  16. Star Fox Zero

    This is what happens when you've a budget of about tree fiddy and development time under 2 years. Starfox isn't one of my favourite franchises but if it was I'd be more peeved off about the lack of respect or effort being shown.
  17. Anybody else think Nintendo are as interested if not more so in amiibo than they are in the Wii U? There's barely a game that comes out that doesn't have some sort of amiibo interaction or its own range of amiibo. Nintendo showed 18 new amiibo at E3. That Animal Crossing/Mario Party game seems like it was a brain fart just to sell the 8 AC amiibo. They're even now making amiibo for Skylanders. Don't be surprised to see Mario Tennis amiibo. Their E3 Direct focused a large part on amiibo. That section about the Yarn Yoshi amiibo got more attention than the actual game.
  18. Yoshi's Woolly World (June 26th)

    A reason for its mixed reviews is maybe some people are tired of 2D platformers on Wii U. Super Mario Maker may escape that wrath because he's Mario, it has some online features and if the levels are bad it's because you suck.
  19. Monolith Soft are working on their next game, hopefully for the NX. http://venturebeat.com/2015/06/22/xenoblade-chronicles-xs-director-on-building-an-rpg-for-multiple-audiences/
  20. Project CARS

    Ye mightn't know what the NX is but I do. It can handle it. Isn't that already the case? It may be easier to port to the NX than cutting and limiting it so it can run on the Wii U. They've previously expressed a desire to running the game on Nintendo's next console. We've seen absolutely 0 assets from a Wii U version and the game's been out over a month on PS4/XB1.
  21. Project CARS

    That's because it'll be on the NX. I'd say the first game in in the dumpster as far as Wii U is concerned. We might get a double pack for the NX instead.
  22. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    The last bit made me laugh so much. "This is like when your grandad starts f*cking p1ssing his trousers!"
  23. Yoshi's Woolly World (June 26th)

    IGN's main site review. http://ie.ign.com/articles/2015/06/22/yoshis-woolly-world-review
  24. Star Fox Zero

    I'd remove the blue lines from the cockpit view. I don't like them, there's no need for them and they're off putting. I've said it before but I think the graphics will be cleaned up but all looks a bit minimalistic and nothing in. The game needs online multiplayer. I can't see Nintendo spending a whole pile of money on this game. I'd say they'll shove it out the door, saying "you wanted Starfox, you've got Starfox." The sales the game will likely get in Nintendo's mind won't warrant them breaking their back over this.
  25. Splatoon

    I had problems last night with the servers. Haven't played today.