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  1. Wii U eShop Thread

    Ha Ha! Not a chance. They do the bare minimum with these games.
  2. Yoshi's Woolly World (June 26th)

    Yoshi’s Woolly World Wii U Japanese Nintendo Direct HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Y600Gu_wik
  3. Why are people buying these amiibo at ridiculous prices? http://www.ebay.ie/itm/SPLATOON-Inkling-Squid-Amiibo-UK-stock-New-Sealed-In-hand-now-Wii-U-PAL-/251976462713?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_205&hash=item3aaaf7b179 That went up early on Friday afternoon and what's worse someone paid €40 for it. The bundle of game plus amiibo was €55. And it was the same with Greninja and Jigglypuff. Within hours of being for sale they're up on sites for €40 each. People are obviously buying these to try and nearly triple the price in less than a day. It's disgusting. "Make some more you f*cking retards!"
  4. amiibo (NFC)

    Iwata took to Twitter today and had the following to say regarding amiibo. http://nintendoeverything.com/iwata-says-hes-not-done-with-nintendo-directs-again-apologizes-for-amiibo-shortages/ https://mobile.twitter.com/Nintendo [TWEET]604976863333642241[/TWEET]
  5. Monster Hunter Generations

    That could be argued is different. The people that buy MK, Smash, Mario already own the system. Chances are if you buy Mario, you'll buy MK. Monster Hunter is a different monster altogether. It could attract a different kind of consumer. There are benefits too to a home console version of Monster Hunter.
  6. Splatoon

    What happens when you tie in Splatoon?
  7. Monster Hunter Generations

    What benefits? It's relatively easy money. The game has sold well in excess of half a million Wii U copies. You may say that's bad but remember it's an expanded Wii port and was in competition against the 3DS version Push the system visually, give it an exclusive and it could sell really well. I'm sick of of having to say this, Monster Hunter moves systems.
  8. Wii U General Discussion

    This mornings Japanese Direct in full. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUxgnYVD_-Q http://nintendoeverything.com/iwata-says-hes-not-done-with-nintendo-directs-again-apologizes-for-amiibo-shortages/ https://twitter.com/Nintendo https://mobile.twitter.com/Sab_Mas I don't believe the reasoning for Iwata's non appearance in todays Direct.
  9. Monster Hunter Generations

    Not as far as the Wii U is concerned, no.
  10. Football Season 2014/2015

    It was a Spanish Champions League/Europa League winners double last year. 2 Spanish teams in the Champions League final. It's most likely going to be a Spanish Champions League/Europa League winners double again this year. Barca in winning the Champions League the last 3 times have beaten English teams in the final. $h1t league indeed.
  11. Monster Hunter Generations

    Capcom have gone overboard with milking this franchise. There was 2 new game announcements today for the 3DS. Give us a Wii U version of MH4U instead please.
  12. Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash

    It reminded me very much of Bionic Commando with its abilities.
  13. iPlayer

    Yes. We talked about it in the Wii U general discussion thread a few days ago. http://n-europe.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1756642&postcount=10887 It's region locked so it's of no use to me even though I'd to use it.
  14. @/nando/ This game may have killed off your hopes of getting a new Mario Strikers game.
  15. Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash

    I've updated the video. GameXplain have taken down most of the Japanese Direct videos for some reason.
  16. amiibo (NFC)

    Better quality photo of the Chibi Robo amiibo.
  17. amiibo (NFC)

    Chibi Robo amiibo for the new game. It may take some time but it's got to arrive here at some point. Both game and amiibo.
  18. Project Treasure

    A brief clip was shown of this game during the Japanese Direct. It looks fugly as hell. Nintendo Direct 2015.5.31 出展映像 Project TREASURE(仮称)
  19. Wii U eShop Thread

    Mario Galaxy has just been announced to be coming to the Japanese Wii U eShop. Expect a rest of world release soon.
  20. Football Season 2014/2015

    I'm sure I could find stats that prove the exact opposite. The World Cup isn't the barometer of success anymore. First World Cup didn't count and he did help get them to the final in the last one. Barca are on course for the domestic treble. It's only been achieved once before in La Liga history, Barca in 2009. Messi was at the heart of that feat. It's a rare feat in any country. Only once done by a Premiership team.
  21. Wii U General Discussion

    Just a reminder that todays Japanese Direct starts in just over 20 minutes and that you can watch it in the link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDDwZ7A4QIk
  22. Football Season 2014/2015

    It doesn't need a caption or words, just watch and enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRXbYf5qZRg
  23. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iga/bloodstained-ritual-of-the-night/posts/1248002
  24. I was watching Jimmy Carr on Channel 4 this evening and this bit reminded me of the amiibo situation. Obviously just substitute some of the words like rolls with amiibo.
  25. Splatoon

    Ranked battles may be unlocked very soon going by the half full tank. [TWEET]604532132329852928[/TWEET]