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  1. Splatoon

    Just seen and accepted your friend request. Got up to level 6 in about an hour. I'll go back online in maybe half an hour.
  2. Star Fox Zero

    Online, right now is not a consideration. “So, we’re really prioritising getting this new game playing at 60 frames-per-second. In previous Star Fox games we had focused a lot on dogfighting, but here we’re really focused more the single-player experience. “Of course, as we continue on and once people get a feeling for the game… as the process continues if we find that we do think it’d be really good we’ll definitely consider it, but right now we’re not.” - Shigeru Miyamoto.
  3. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    That was their way of stringing us along. It was more a muppet show than a puppet show.
  4. Splatoon

    I'm going online at 7:30 PM to play some Splatoon and forget about that appalling E3 Direct. If anyone fancies playing, give me a shout.
  5. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    Remember this day. The day Wii U died. 16th June. Time of death ~ 5.00p.m. 2 and a half years. How are they going to convince people to buy the NX? People are wary of Nintendo consoles now. The burnt Wii U owners are going to be reluctant too. I certainly will be. They never even tried.
  6. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    Summed up perfectly.
  7. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    I won't be watching Treehouse this year. What's the point? I'm genuinely shocked, I set the bar low but honestly I never expected that, it's enough to nearly make you cry.
  8. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    We have a new contender for WORST E3 EVER!!!
  9. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    F*ck! I feared this was coming. I was only interested in golf not tennis. I said earlier. F*CK OFF amiibo!
  10. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    That's what's worrying. 40 minutes in and I'm still waiting for a new interesting Wii U game.
  11. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    Well at least they're not in a wool shop this time. Nintendo what the f*ck have you done? This is an absolute embarrassment.
  12. Xenoblade Chronicles X (4th Dec)

    Not sure if it's a simultaneous launch in Europe and the U.S. but the game is down for a release on 4th December.
  13. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    What's a Wii U? This is so bad. They'll probably try and rescue it with a big tease at the end.
  14. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    They do realise their presentation is less than an hour long right? This is bad so far and we're 20 minutes into it already. Wii U news please!
  15. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    Starfox looks rough. And Skylanders now. WTF??? Is this a joke?
  16. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    Here we go mo fo's!
  17. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    I predict 100% that you are right and I'll hate them even more than this useless, annoying wagon by the end of the Direct. I lie. I already hate them more than Fi.
  18. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    Games I don't want to see but unfortunately have a possibility of turning up on Wii U. Nintendo Land 2 SNES Remix Animal Crossing Wii U amiibo game Mario Sports title(with the exception of gollf) another 2D platformer I'm not mad about Starfox either. I need to be convinced about that game given its past. Miyamoto should have some new franchise announced today. He's said for years he's been working on something new so maybe today will be the day, though given he's working on Starfox, maybe not. I would like to hear that Projects Humpty and Dumpty had an unfortunate accident and had a great fall of a wall and nobody even batted an eyelid to put them back together again. My biggest wish would be for a new Metroid game. More Other M style than Prime would be preferable. The perfect marriage would be a combination of the two styles. Even 2D would be welcome though then it would probably be more suited to the 3DS.
  19. Splatoon

    Belated congratulations Darren on the birth of your new baby. Was it a boy or girl? I presume a boy with your suggestions of Bowser or Toad in another post. It was nice knowing you. :p
  20. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Glad to see Roy return. He was my favourite in Melee. The pricing is OUCH! Not buying this. €30+ for both bundles, with a lot of dross filler like the Mii Fighters costumes. I haven't enjoyed this version as much as the others. Maybe I have Smash fatigue. Ryu has no place in Smash Bros. I love Street Fighter but Capcom can go hang themselves from a tree as far as I'm concerned when it comes to the Wii U. Who paid who for this to happen? Who does it benefit? Been over this before but we haven't had a main series SF since the SNES. That said it looks like they've done a great job in incorporating him into the game. There needs to be a season pass and a much better price for me to bite.
  21. Splatoon

    Seeing as I'd no online for the past couple of weeks. I got to play and complete some games, including this one. I thought the single player was alright, nothing great. On a scale of difficulty from 1-10, I'd say it was about 2-3. The only difficult bit was the last boss which was maybe an 8. Good luck to the casuals beating him. That was a big spike in difficulty. The music is very limited and repetitive and the scrolls were easily found. Took about 10 hours to 100% it taking my time collecting all those little orange blobs. Only had ink firing rate, tank size on level 3 by the end with everything else on level 2. I've no incentive to ever play it again, the single player that is. Now hopefully the real fun starts when I get into the multiplayer. The graphics were nice and the credits were cool for the single player campaign. Some of the music was great but some was extremely grating.
  22. Super Mario Maker

    Super Mario Maker comes with some pre made courses on the disc. [TWEET]610607476086558720[/TWEET]
  23. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    http://nintendoeverything.com/nintendo-digital-event-expected-to-be-an-hour-or-less/#disqus_thread http://www.twitch.tv/nintendoeurope